7 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on E-commerce Websites

7 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on E-commerce Websites

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Today e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. With the Covid-19 pandemic’s hit, the situation has accelerated dramatically in the retail sector. With a growing market, the competition also increases among the retail brands and stores. The best way to outstand the crowd is by improving customer engagement on popular platforms to attract them to your e-commerce platforms.

Customer engagement and e-commerce

Customers can go the extra mile and spend more on what they want for better service. Customer experience has been emerging as the prime differentiating factor in the e-commerce industry. 

Here are 7 ways to increase customer engagement for your e-commerce business

Define your value proposition

Since customers are busy, they want to know how they are going to benefit from your product quickly. So giving the right reason for them to buy your product can highlight your USP explicitly. In addition, a well-described and written concise content of the product on e-commerce websites can guide the users better. 

Encourage user-generated content

Customers of today demand personalized content, so it is vital to make such content to gain their attention towards your product and brand. A straightforward idea can drive your user to buy the product without even looking at the review and photographs. If you want to engage users, make a point to allow feedback and respond to the comments immediately to make the customers feel heard. 

engage customers

Offer real-time support via live chat

Initiating Live Chat can be advantageous for several reasons, as it is convenient for customers, for generating immediate responses so that the customer can make quick decisions. Not having this feature could leave your brand behind and lose customers too. Modern live chat software has features such as audio, video, co-browsing support and also improves customer experiences to a great extent.  

Use social media to engage better with your customers

As most of the customers are active on social media networking sites today. Social media can be your biggest tool in improving your customer engagements using paid ads, posting engaging social media content, responding to comments, and encouraging users to share products on social media sites. These techniques can keep your customers glued to your products and services.

Retarget using cart emails

Cart emails are the better way to get back to your customers by reminding them of their products left in the cart. You can also include a recent review of the product to give the users piece of broad information to aid purchasing decisions.  

Reward engagement 

If you want your customers to stay loyal and committed to your brand and services, coming up with new reward programs can add great value in more customer engagement. This can also result in getting new customers as well.

engage customers

Know their feedback and ideas

Your customers are the best judges for your products and services. Their feedback and ideas can help you improve your brand drastically. This can also help in establishing good relationships between the brand and the customers which can automatically lead to more customer engagement. 

Take away

The market of e-commerce is constantly evolving according to the customer preferences which you can catch up for better customer engagements. Hope these tips will help you to increase your customer engagement. 


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