5 Tricks For Clothing Brands to Start Trending on Instagram!

5 Tricks For Clothing Brands to Start Trending on Instagram!

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We all know that fashion has one of its biggest markets on Instagram and fashion brands on Instagram receive approximately 16,616 likes and 102 comments per post! Can you believe that? That’s around 265 million people. With time, millennials and Gen Z are getting increasingly hooked on Instagram the platform is speedily establishing itself as ‘The Ultimate Marketing Platform for Fashion Brands.’

So the questions that you need to ask are - How do you get noticed, promote your business on Instagram, increase brand awareness and, ultimately, drive sales?

Here are some tricks that’ll work wonders for your brand!


Even if you aren’t a fashion brand, you’ll be expected to produce quality content in your Instagram feed — unfortunately, that’s just the way things roll on Instagram. It's said quality pictures always have the following 3 elements:

Your pictures must be high resolution

Instagram actually means “ Instant Telegram” and nobody really uploads photos using Instagram’s camera function because it doesn’t have the same features that your phone camera has. But even then, phone cameras still aren’t as good as real cameras, which is why every fashion influencer today invests in DSLRs, ring lights, and decor. Nobody will engage with pictures that do not have a high resolution or aren’t aesthetic. So if you want your brand to stand out, get comfortable using a professional camera or at least an iPhone!

Your pictures must tell a tale

Photos that are able to tell a story get the most engagement on Instagram.. A simple picture of shoes won’t say anything to anybody but a picture of a woman wearing the shoes and tying her laces is already a little story because it’s more relatable. It’s not just about the shoes anymore, but the lifestyle it is associated with! 

Your pictures must visually fit into your theme. 

Your photos might be separate pieces, but your whole feed must look like one organic continuum. In other words, this means that all your photos need to have a signature look and be edited almost the same way. Using theme colors, for instance, can help to maintain consistency.


Take the hashtag #love, for example — it’s the most popular hashtag on Instagram. Does it make sense to promote your brand using such a hashtag then? Nope - it’s too broad and your photo will be nothing more than a drop in the ocean. The trick is to use long-tail, narrow hashtags that are also relevant to your brand. Research hashtags the same way you’d research your keywords when you optimize your content.


The next step is to engage with people that use the same hashtags. Like their stuff. Comment on their pictures. Ask for permission to repost. Give them a public shoutout by tagging them and show appreciation — in other words, build a community by engaging with your potential customers. This is a really good way of bonding with your followers on Instagram and creating a kind of mutual trust which will encourage loyalty to your new brand.


Influencer marketing is huge on Instagram and you cannot underestimate the influencing capacities of Instagram celebs! Global leaders like Gucci and LV use influencers to promote themselves, that’s how powerful the influencing culture is at the moment.Just like with hashtags, make sure that the influencer of your choice and his/her audience are relevant to your brand. List 20 influencers, reach out to them, compare the fees and tie up with the one(s) that meets your budget!


As a new fashion brand on Instagram, you might need a little push in the beginning to generate some visibility and awareness. Instagram Ads are one of the best ways to do it. 

Spending money on ads isn’t the only way to promote your growing account though. Give your profile a shoutout on all the other networks you use: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc. In other words, do your best to point to your new Instagram profile as much as possible. With the right promotions, partnerships, and content, you’ll be gaining followers and sales within months!


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