10 Marketing Strategies That Will Change the Game for Your Clothing Brand

10 Marketing Strategies That Will Change the Game for Your Clothing Brand

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Right marketing strategies can be a game changer in any industry. Particularly in the apparel industry, brands need to follow carefully crafted marketing moves because the industry is a crowded one with major brands dominating the market and new ones entering into competition every day.

Innovative branding and marketing initiatives are crucial for every brand that dreams of distinguishing itself from the rest. We're all aware that digital marketing has dramatically rose to prominence over the past few years, outperforming traditional marketing methods, and that it’s imperative for businesses to embrace the change to stay ahead of the curve. So here's how you can do it right.

Digitize your business

How is revenue increasing for some brands when so many stores are closing due to Covid? The answer is the internet. Consumers are increasingly preferring to shop online rather than visiting brick and mortar stores.

digital marketing

The shift in consumer behavior is a direct indication that apparel brands need to broaden their operations and establish an ecommerce website to complement their physical stores.

Optimize user experience across all platforms

To put it briefly, your brand needs a responsive website that resizes content according to the screen it resides in. Not doing so will lead to subpar experience for the mobile or tab users, which will discourage them from further interactions with your brand.

This is especially important in the fashion industry because many shoppers see things they like as they go about with their day. Think of the number of times you've scrolled through Amazon while commuting or talking to friends. If the consumers happen to see a product they like but can’t load it on your site, chances are they’ll order it from a competitor.

Harvest the power of social media

Social media marketing for fashion brands is an absolute must. Not only can it be used to connect with the audience and build a relationship with them, but it can also be used to flaunt and promote your products.

social media marketing

In fact, you can do business with certain channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, that is, if your audience sees something they like as they surf through your catalogue, they can buy it right on spot.

Consider Instagram's shop feature for instance, which allows brands to integrate their catalogue with their Instagram account. The benefit? When consumers see and like the picture of a dress you post, they can directly order it from Instagram, without having to go through unnecessary steps. The overall user experience is enhanced.

Associate a popular influencer with your brand

Influencer marketing is the go-to solution for all fashion brands right now, and this includes the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Influencers are people niche knowledge who have large followings on social platforms and an incredible power to command attention.

People emulate them and follow their recommendations, which is why they are the "influencers." One of the best ways to promote your clothing line is to get an influencer to promote your brand using their content. 

For brands with limited funds, influencer marketing might seem like an expensive venture, but a bit of research can help you find niche influencers who would be right fit for your project and budget.

Work smart with latest technologies

Chatbots act as 24/7 customer service reps that guide the customers through their journey to checkout as soon as they land on your site. If users have a question, they’re there to answer it. And if they don’t have the capability to answer that question, a human representative can take over.

chatbot customer support

Personalize everything

It's a proven theory, personalization is what ensures the success of fashion marketing campaigns. Personalization does not mean that consumers want personalized messages with their name, but instead they want their entire experience with you to be personal.

They want you to know about their preferences, and if you’re going to promote something, make sure it’s a thing they’re interested in. If you're going to promote an idea, it should be an idea they connect with. Point to be noted, here's where data mining comes into play.

Remarket! Remarket! Remarket!

The beauty of remarketing is that you’re targeting people who have already visited your website in the past.

You’re also increasing the chances of a conversion over a normal ad because you’re showing them something they were already looking at on your website, not a random item they may or may not be interested in.

Remarketing can give you more brand exposure, better audience targeting, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI.

Aesthetics above all

Visual stimulation is an important tool for all brands, but more so for fashion brands that depend on aesthetics to attract and retain customers.

If you upload something that’s meant to be seen, whether it’s an image or a video, make sure it’s of superior quality and appeal.

Always capture as many angles as possible and let your products speak for themselves.

Start a blog

Blogging is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal and the best part is that it costs you nothing. Every blog post creates a new landing page for the audience to discover your business.


Blogs can be used to circulate news or updates you may have, introduce new ideas, or simply to help your audience with some sartorial guides as the seasons change.

Make some noise with contests and giveaways

Giveaways are perfect for fostering brand awareness and growing both your audience and business.

Apart from the buzz you’ll generate around your brand and products, you can have participants enter the promotional lists by signing up for an email newsletter, liking or sharing or following your social page, and so on.

This can give you access to valuable consumer data which can be used to tailor your marketing strategies down the line.


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