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Fashion Design Predictions for 2022

For all the fashion enthusiasts, a new year can only mean one thing – New fashion trends. With every new year, the internet and fashion magazines are filled with information about fashion trends forecasts for the year. Consumers often lap up this information quickly to stay ahead in the fashion scene. 

For apparel business owners, the new year is an opportunity to introduce new apparel in the market to increase sales. This is the right time, as consumers are enthusiastic about the start of a new year and are typically willing to buy clothes that are predicted to be in trend for the year. With health experts predicting the end of the pandemic, there is bound to be something called “Revenge buying” in the apparel market. With people cooped up inside their homes, they will be eager to make new purchases once the restrictions ease. This is a great opportunity for fashion brands to cash in on the trend as sales will soar high.

As consumers are always looking for trendy clothing to fill their wardrobes, it makes sense for fashion brands to stock up on items that are predicted to be trendy this year. Here are the top 10 fashion trends that fashion houses can include in their clothing lines this year- 

  1. Pantone’s color of the year – Very Peri: Every year, Pantone predicts a color that will dominate the fashion scene. The color of 2022 is “Very Peri”, a purple color, and shades of it will be in great demand throughout the year. Fashion-conscious people may prefer apparel in this color. So fashion houses can make sure to include this shade extensively in their clothing line. Interestingly, the color goes well with other colors and is quite easy to incorporate in both Indian and western wear. 
  1. Low rise bottoms: This famous trend of the early 2000s is going to make a comeback with a bang this year. With high-rise jeans and trousers ruling the roast for quite some time now, this trend will serve as a refreshing change. Everything low rise from jeans, skirts to trouser pants will be the trend of this year. Waist hugging and torso revealing bottom wear will be in great demand throughout the year, so fashion houses should stock up on them for increased sales.
  1. Regency core: The 18th century in England is known as the Regency era. This year, clothing inspired by this era is going to rule the fashion scenes. Clothing items like tight corsets, fashion designing dresses like empire cuts, long lace gloves and leggings, headbands that are embellished and tweed are going to be popular. Made famous by the Netflix series ” Bridgerton” set in this era, people’s fashion choices will definitely take a regal turn this year. Fashion houses can incorporate clothing items in this trend to attract customers. 
regency fashion
  1. Voluminous clothing: Voluminous and loose-fitting clothes will be in trend this year as well, just like last year. With people giving more importance to comfort over uncomfortable tight-fitting clothes, figure-hugging tops will be replaced by loose boyfriend shirts. Statement sleeves like balloon sleeves and broad shoulders will also stay in trend this year. Fashion designing dress with the loose-fitting and flowy silhouette is something that customers will prefer. Fashion brands must include tops with puff sleeves or balloon sleeves and oversized shirts to incorporate this trend in their collections.
  1. Bra tops: Bra tops will remain to be a popular choice among ladies this year. It will be an ideal choice to pair with low-rise jeans, trousers, or a skirt and layer it with a boyfriend shirt or a blazer for a more polished look. Embroidered or crocheted bra tops or bralettes are in huge demand and are sold out pretty quickly on clothing sites and other social media platforms. Including this in the collection is the best way to boost retail sales this year.
  1. Mod prints: Inspired by mod art, bright, loud, and abstract mod prints are in this year. Be it an oversized shirt in mod print and a colorful palette or a fashion designing dress that is flowy and colorful, the upcoming spring season is all about standing out in loud prints and embracing the different colors of nature. Fashion houses can include an oversized, broad shoulder jacket with an eye-catching mod print in bright colors as a way to hop in on this trend.
  1. Activewear: With WFH continuing well into 2022 and the upcoming rising temperatures, activewear or athleisure is very much staying in trend this year as well. Work-out clothes will be going mainstream as people will be seen wearing their workout leggings and sports bras when they are out and about, on grocery runs, and brunch or coffee dates as well. Most women just smartly pair their sports bra with a blazer for a quick WFH Zoom meeting. With such multiple utilities, activewear will give great sales to retailers this year as well.
  1. Fringes and tie-ups: This year, fringes are going to stay in trend. Everything from fringed tops, shrugs to fringe detailing at the bottom of kurtis, fringes are here to stay. Also, tie-ups in the form of sandals, or tops with halter necks will top the fashion charts. Tie-up and fringed belts and fringes handbags are a great way to include this trend in the wardrobe. Fashion houses can include this trend in their collection by including clothing items such as tie-up tops and fringe handbags or belts. 
  1. Sheer fabrics: Sheer fabrics will make a comeback this year as well. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, clothing with sheer fabrics is bound to be on-demand as sheer clothing is associated with romance and is considered flirty. Loose sheer tops paired with an inner bra top inside make for a great date night outfit. Fashion designing dresses paired with a sheer jacket and a fitted inner is another great option. Sheer fabric in Indian wear is also highly in demand. Organza sarees and dupattas are statement pieces that everyone wants to own nowadays. 
  1. Cut-outs: Cut-outs are another trend that will rule in fashion charts in 2022. Cut-out tops and cut-out detailing in jackets and pants will be in great demand. This is a famous trend among celebrities, who are often seen sporting figure-hugging dresses with interesting cut-out detailing. Fashion houses can include clothing items with cut-out details in their collection to boost sales. 

These fashion trends will stay in demand for the year. Fashion brands can invest in manufacturing apparel according to these trends to attract consumers to their brands and increase profits. However, Fashion brands and retail store owners can try a few tips to boost footfall to their stores and encourage buying even from window shoppers. 

Here are a few ways retail store owners can increase the basket size of consumers visiting their stores-

  1. Including neutral pieces: Retail store owners should make sure to include many neutral pieces along with the latest clothing to encourage mix and match. For example, the latest fashion designing dresses, jackets, or shirts in mod print should be placed beside neutral pieces such as plain bottom wear or inner shirts in a neutral color. This can encourage buyers to pair these pieces along with the bold mod print for a complete look. This is a very useful technique for stores to increase their revenues.
  1. Including add-ons: Retail stores should be designed in a way to provide the consumers with a complete experience. This means including add-ons like jewelry, bags, or shoes. Customers will be tempted to buy more products if it is readily available under one roof. 
  1. Stocking items other than the latest trends: Apart from the latest trends, retail houses should keep a stock of some classic pieces as well for those who do not follow trends blindly. Clothing items such as the little black dress, classic blue jeans, or a plain black/white shirt should always be in stock. While the trendy clothing items may be seasonal, there will always be demand for such classic pieces all year round.
  1. Size inclusive clothing pieces: Many fashion brands make the mistake of not being size inclusive in their collection. With a wide market such as India where “One size fits all” does not apply, the best way to attract and create customer loyalty is to include clothing pieces that are available in a variety of sizes. With increased awareness around body positivity, many women are increasingly accepting their bodies. Hence, it makes sense to give them a variety of clothing items to choose from. Providing the latest trends in all sizes is a sure shot way to increase sales.

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