Why You Should Spend A Little Extra On Ethical Jeans: An Article To Discuss The Value Of Ethical Clothes
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Why You Should Spend A Little Extra On Ethical Jeans: An Article To Discuss The Value Of Ethical Clothes

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The fashion world is incomplete without jeans. From all ages, styles, professions, status, and the way of living, we always intend to have at least one pair of denim jeans in our closet. The production of cotton for jeans tends to need many insecticides, pesticides, and massive amounts of water, energy, chemical components, etc. 

These things are very harmful to both the environment and soil and cause severe health issues in humans as well as plants and animals. This makes jeans one of the least eco-friendly clothing that we greatly admire. Using sustainable jeans is crucial to saving our mother Earth.  In spite of these environmental issues, we are not stopping from buying jeans or using them regularly. 

While the Earth is doomed and we all are struggling with the demands of freshwater, inequity in health issues, and other things, the price of jeans is increasing day by day as it takes almost 1500 liters of water to produce a single pair of jeans.    

What Are Ethical Jeans?

The term 'ethical fashion' denotes fashion where the main goal is to prevent damage to the environment. So, ethical jeans are eco-friendly and sustainable jeans for building a better environment, fewer health diseases, and water and energy shortages. Jeans made from eco-friendly materials are organic, pesticide-free, and don't contain genetically modified cotton. Such an approach aims to avoid materials that are carcinogenic, toxic, and have a high level of detrimental chemicals.   

Importance of Using Ethical Clothes

The Value Of Ethical Clothes and Ethical Jeans

We are inclined towards fashion. The usage of ethical jeans can reduce further damage to our environment. By producing and buying ethical and sustainable jeans, we can support positive, uplifting, and ethical working practices around the globe.

  1. Ethical clothes are more durable and unique

Ethical clothes are not produced in massive numbers. This is because they are more durable. Moreover, being produced in fewer numbers increases their likelihood of being unique. It's also true that ethical clothes are slightly costlier than regular, non-sustainable clothes. But their longevity ensures that we buy them less often, thus reducing our expenditure in the long run.

  1. Ethical clothing is the best for us and the environment

Taking responsibility for the environment is one of our goals. So, it fulfills the needs of jeans and simultaneously takes care of the environment and, ultimately, our health. 

  1. Ethical clothes give us a feeling of happiness and pride

Knowing that the clothes we are wearing have come from sustainable practices and the people who were involved in making them weren't left 'unhappy' in any way makes us happy too. 

Brands That Offer Ethical Fashion

These are a few eco-friendly clothing brands that believe in sustainability from the core:

  • Levi's

In 2010, Levi's launched an initiative that professionally helps farmers use fewer pesticides, water, or energy during the harvest of the cotton plants. More than 20% of the kinds of cotton are used in sustainable jeans. Sustainable and ethical practices reduce the quantity of cotton used and while also enhancing its quality.

  • Afends
The Value Of Ethical Clothes and Ethical Jeans

The fashion industry has been the second-largest polluter globally, and reducing such issues is the ultimate goal of the Byron Bay-based brand, Afends. Hemp clothing and jeans through innovation are the main assets of this brand. Combining hemp and cotton in everyday apparel is their USP.

  • MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans is another eco-friendly ethical denim brand. These classic items are from 40% post-consumer recycled cotton and 60% organic cotton. Every sophisticated item is recycled from an old item, and that's one of the signature assets of MUD Jeans. The offered jeans are made from 100% natural materials, organic and recycled cotton. 

  • Kuyichi

Kuyichi is the first organic denim brand that came into existence in 2001. This brand uses a high proportion of organic cotton to make clothes to reduce carbon emissions by 60%. This eco-friendly and sustainable Dutch ethical denim brand is a prestigious member of the Fair Trade Foundation, and that helps the workers and employees create fair work conditions.

  • Asket

Asket is a raw eco-friendly jeans brand that is the innovation of highly qualified engineers. From the first thread to the last button, everything is carefully maintained by the professionals. Moreover, Asket envisions a world with less clutter, smoke, waste, and mirrors.


Eco-friendly sustainable jeans bridge the gap between sustainability and traditional unethical fashion. Ethical clothing is a remarkable approach towards a pollution-free world. You can start your ethical jeans collection today by sourcing it from Fashinza!


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