Top Trending Fabrics for 2022 Based on Global Sales Data

Top Trending Fabrics for 2022 Based on Global Sales Data

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Fortunately, the latest fashions are seldom put on lockdown. Having an R&D centre that can see beyond the difficulties of the present and predict future trends is critical for industry leaders. 

As recent history has shown, fashion never stops, not even in the event of a worldwide epidemic, and it has also demonstrated its remarkable capacity for self-reinvention. New fabric trends in 2022 are particularly significant since they mark a transition from the past to the future. With the help of new fabrics and hues, fashion is undergoing a metamorphosis.

Everyone's eagerness to dress up with excitement, to put on some new, fresh, creative garments is embodied in the fashion trends. Texture and unusual designs are big this season. The chilly weather won't hinder this year's blooms; thus, the overall look of the year will be more profound with earthier blossoms, as well as a burst of neon. There is great enthusiasm among the crowd for the eclectic mix of designs that will emerge this season. 

Fashion trends change every year. For an industry as dynamic as the fashion industry, clothing manufacturers and retailers should keep up with the upcoming trends to stay relevant in the market. Most of these use global sales data to check on the buying pattern of consumers around the world.

Top Trending Fabrics

Here is the round-up of the top 5 trending fabrics for the season based on global sales data.

  1. Faux fur 

According to reports, the sales of faux fur is expected to rise by 18% in the coming years. This makes it the most trending fabric of the year. Last year was a huge one for the fashion industry, as a large number of well-known designers announced that they would no longer use actual fur in their designs. ‘Modern luxury involves being socially and ecologically responsible,’ stated Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti in a statement. Designers like Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Coach, and Michael Kors are using more ethical and ecological alternatives to fur. 

Most of this fabric will be used to manufacture apparel and upholstery, which will remain in trend for a few years to come. 

  1. Floral prints 
Trending Fabrics\n

Who said flowers could only be worn? People enjoy the floral twist on everything from clothes to bandanas to scarves, and there is no doubt this fashion trending fabric will take off! A global sales report suggests that the demand for printed fabrics, such as floral prints, is expected to grow by nearly 8.7% in the coming months. This season focuses on arty twists and making fancy appear and feel enjoyable, from whimsical and quirky designs to brilliant, lively colours. Fashion enthusiasts can expect to see a wide variety of luxuriously printed silks in various formats. A deeper and more earthy tone palette of flowers is expected to flood the market this year, though they are often associated with spring and summer. 

  1. Denim

Denim fabric is the most in-demand fabric and has always been synonymous with the youth, as it represents a young and carefree attitude. This fabric is also preferred by people of all age groups. The versatility and comfortability this fabric offers make it an ideal choice of clothing among people. Apparel made of denim fabric has always been in demand, which is only going to increase in the future. In fact, the global denim market is expected to increase by a whopping 5.8% in the coming year. 

In today's world, it's tough to fathom life without jeans, particularly since they've been accepted even in the most formal workplaces. The utilisation of optical illusions and traditional motifs such as the diamond has given denim a new appearance and made it more versatile.

  1. Leopard print 

Leopard print will be more prevalent when the seasons change and the temperature drops. The demand for these prints is expected to increase by about 4.3% by 2026. These prints are back, and this time it's larger and better than before. In recent years, fabric mills have made softer, synthetic fur materials to match the current winter leopard print trend, thanks to technological advances. Evening gowns have begun to include the iconic leopard and cheetah prints that dominated Victoria Beckham and Dolce & Gabbana's designs. For the evening, this design adds a dash of elegance and femininity. This trend will certainly be something to look forward to.  

  1. Embroidered weaves 

Embroidery has been around for a long time, but it's enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the year 2022. It's a bohemian trend taking over this year's embroidery designs, with flowery and delicate organic patterns in feminine colour schemes dominating the market. This trend is expected to grow by 3.3% in the coming years. Therefore, a high quality embroidered piece of fabric will continue to stay in trend for a long time.

There are many different kinds of textiles that may be used for embroidery. For example, it may be a show-stopping highlight piece if one can choose a detailed embroidered design for a roman blind.

Upcoming Fabrics

These were the top 5 trending fabrics that will rule the runways and grace the pages of fashion magazines. But the fashion industry is vast, and new trends emerge daily. While the top 5 trending fabrics may rule the fashion charts for a while, here is a round-up of other trending fabrics that fashion houses may want to take note of. 

  1. Check pattern

No one can forget about the all-over check pattern that appeared on the runways of Michael Kors and Versace this season. Versace, after all, is renowned for its vibrant and unusual designs, and this season they didn't disappoint the fashionistas. Checkered overcoats in suede are a classic and will stay in trend for many more winters. Sweatshirts in checked prints are also back in vogue.

  1. Neon glints 

Fashion enthusiasts can expect to see more fluorescent highlights in clothing this season, which will transport people back to the 1990s. The incredibly festive bright colours and unique architectural styles that have been chosen for this season are sure to bring youth and electronica back into vogue. A burst of colour can be added into the wardrobe this season without going over the top, thanks to some of the trending designers, such as Balmain, Balenciaga, and Prada. People are always looking for something bright and cheery to wear.

  1. Classic tweed 

Tweed cloth has been a popular choice due to the popularity of handicrafts. Tweed fabrics include lighter natural and neo fibres and materials. With the right mix of colours and patterns, it can transform the look of a room into something more stylish and exciting.

  1. Lace and organza
Trending Fabrics\n

In fall 2021, the lace fabric was reimagined in a new manner. Transparency heightens the style's sensual and romantic undertones. The lace fabric is all about its light but ethereal elegance this season. Crafts of many kinds are utilised to create a more calming and romantic atmosphere. Gauze is commonly paired with lace and embroidery, which is spectacular. Lace lingerie will continue to remain a cult favourite among women, who use it as a symbol of self-love. Pretty organza dupattas and shirts in dreamy cuts have been quite in demand over the last few months. 

  1. Shiny leather 

Leather fabric is expected to continue its pace. Patent leather and granular reflection are combined with vibrant colours to create a luxury but airy fashion feel. Shirts, dresses, coats, outerwear, and pants may be made from this fabric because of its smooth texture and sophisticated look. There's definitely something about leather that spells chic and class.

  1. Ambush of metallic glow

Textiles will focus on survival and protection in the post-urban environment. Active metal properties that are antibacterial, thermal, and protective are woven into futuristic A/W textiles to provide security and a gorgeous metallic sheen. Fabrics dyed with metal pigments take on a new, dynamic style as they represent the luxury, high-tech feel of the material. Applying reflective granular or coloured film with an electroplated look to foil materials is ideal for night-time safety clothing and eye-catching fashionable products.

  1. Tye & Dye 

The rise of this trend can primarily be attributed to Instagram Reels of people trying to DIY their own clothes using this dyeing method. It uses an all-over distressed or water-washed procedure to get a naturally faded look that works well with street and cotton-linen fabrics. T-shirts and sweatshirts may also benefit from tie-dyeing and halo-dyeing. 


Forecasts of upcoming trending fabric in fashion have a significant impact on the choices of fashionistas all over the globe. Colour palettes, patterns, and other design elements used to create the new visions of this season's fashion inspire people to be ready, whether they do so by purchasing or by crafting something from scratch. 

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