35 Eco-friendly Products That Are Sustainable and Green!
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35 Eco-friendly Products That Are Sustainable and Green!

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Summary: A small step can go a long way in changing a future outcome. Making sustainable and eco-friendly products more inclusive has improved access and made them more cost-effective. Here are some fantastic sustainable products that are affordable and come with a reduced carbon footprint. 

Going eco-friendly is good. But adopting a sustainable lifestyle is even better! Here are 35 affordable and easily available sustainable products that have been made from recyclable and organic materials. These green products can cut down on the carbon footprint and save our oceanic ecosystems. 

1. Reusable cloth bags 

Reusable cloth bags 

Cloth bags made from recycled and upcycled natural fibers are one of the surest ways for fashion brands to go green. They can be washed and reused. Moreover, they are biodegradable.  

2. Reusable straws 

Straws made of silicone and metals, particularly steel, are reusable. Since they are not tree-based alternatives, they are sustainable products

3. Bamboo textiles 

Bamboo textiles

Bamboo textiles are being used for making clothing ranges and accessories to compostable packaging. They are 100% organic and biodegradable.  

4. Food wraps made from beeswax 

These wraps made with harvested beeswax and cotton can replace single-use plastic containers. The breathable seal can keep the food fresh.  

5. Organic toothbrush 

One of the best investments in a sustainable product can be a bamboo toothbrush. These compostable brushes can be reused and recycled.  

6. Upcycled home decor 

Upcycled home decor 

Go for home decor items made with upcycled and recycled products. This is a small way of atoning for the sins made by our ancestors. You save the environment while reinventing the look of your home. 

7. Silicone bags and purses 

Silicone bags

Silicone bag is a better alternative to petroleum-based and plastic materials. There is a new range of purses too for environment-conscious women! 

8. Hemp fabric  

Hemp fabric  

These multi-purpose and multi-use fabrics made from plant-based hemp are breathable organics and recyclable. 

9. Reusable storage bags 

A silicone storage bag or a mesh bag made from recycled materials and fibers are reusable and sustainable products.  

10. Menstrual cups 

Reusable menstrual cups are biodegradable and do not get dumped in landfills like sanitary pads. They are easy to use and without any risk of infection.

11. Shoes made from recycled plastic and fabrics 


Adidas, Saola, and Deux Mains are some of the brands making shoes from recycled plastics, rubber tires and deadstock clothing materials. 

12. Anti-microplastic washing bags 

Washing bags made of recycled polyamide catch microplastics from synthetic fibers and prevent them from going into the oceanic ecosystem. 

13. Eco-friendly combs 

Eco-friendly combs

Want to go green in hair care? It’s easy! Just invest in a set of plastic-free bamboo or wooden combs. 

14. Cast iron and earthen cookware

Use cast iron cookware and earthenware for cooking. They’re healthy and sustainable. Unlike aluminum or non-stick options, they do not release toxins into food. 

15. Wool dryer balls 

Wool dryer

Throw out the plastic dryer balls. Woollen balls are not only eco-friendly but enhance tumbling action for quick and easy drying of the laundry. 

16. Reusable coffee mugs 

100 million plastic items get used by Americans every day. Reduce plastic waste by taking your own reusable cup at a cafe or a drive-through.  

17. Reusable hair removal and grooming kit

Reusable hair removal

Remember your dad’s double-sided steel razor? Turns out reusable razors are eco-friendly. And, your options just got better with bamboo razors! 

18. Toothpaste mints 

Say bye-bye to your toothpaste tube. Toothpaste mints are the in-thing. They are like minty tabs which you can chew on and then use your brush to clean your teeth! 

 19. Bioplastic apparel covers and packets 

Bioplastic apparel covers

Bioplastics are made from biodegradable materials such as biomass, cornstarch and flax straws. They are replacing plastic in mobile cases and dress packaging material.  

20. Laundry strips 

Laundry strips do not contain synthesized chemicals. Also, known as detergent sheets, they cut down on plastic packaging and are eco-friendly. 

21. Eco-friendly dental care products 

Whether it is flossing your teeth or using a toothpick, you can choose from plastic-free options that are made of bamboo and packaged in glass jars.  

22. Organic yoga mats

Organic yoga mats

Yoga is for your health. Right? Why promote the use of plastics by buying a synthetic mat? Go for an organic mat made of cotton, hemp, or bamboo that is healthy for the environment too. 

23. Plantable products 

Some daily-use products are being manufactured in a way they can be planted. Plantable goods tags, beauty product packaging, and pencil ends can be planted!  

24. Glass containers and bottles

Glass containers

Glass containers, including bottles, are sustainable products. They are neither toxic nor made of harmful chemicals. And, they are a microwave’s best friend!  

25. Green mattresses

Switch to mattresses made from organic materials such as cotton, wool, and latex. Memory foam and fossil-fuel-based materials clog landfills. 

26. Solar-powered headsets 

Solar-powered headsets

If you are looking to replace your music system or headset, you can opt for ones made from silicone and bamboo. Kill the chemical batteries with solar-powered headphones!

27. Eco-friendly disposables 

Disposable glass, cups, and plates are mostly made of plastic. Switch to bamboo, sugarcane, and coconut-based disposables that are biodegradable. 

28. Reusable masks  

The pandemic has introduced us to mask culture. Use masks that are made of recycled and upcycled cloth material. These are good for your health too. 

29. Compostable bags

Compostable bags

Unlike plastic bags, poop bags are biodegradable and can be returned to the earth without harm. They can be used as waste bags and to dispose of your pet’s poop.   

30. Compost bins 

One of the surest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by investing in a countertop compost bin for breaking down plant-based kitchen waste. 

31. Recycled activewear 

Recycled activewear

Clothing companies are manufacturing activewear from recycled materials such as fishnets, deadstock fabric, and alpaca fibers. Look fashionable while saving the earth! 

32. Silicone ear swabs 

Regular ear swabs are for one-time use and are not sustainable products. New silicone-tipped ear swabs are reusable and biodegradable. 

33. Non-plastic stretch lids  

Replacing your plastic lids and caps with stretchable silicone lids can further your green lifestyle. 

34. Water-conserving shampoo bars 

Water-conserving shampoo

An eco-friendly choice can be shampoo bars. These eliminate water wastage in production and do not use plastic packaging. 

35. Eco-friendly toilet paper 

Cut down on felling trees. Use toilet paper made from bamboo and sugarcane pulp. They are recyclable and sustainable unlike the ones sourced from virgin forests. 

Going Green Is Easy! 

A sustainable product can be life changing for us and the planet we inhabit. Therefore, incorporating sustainable options such as glass, steel, bamboo, and silicone-based products is the true green choice. A product which you can return to earth without harm is a sustainable product. Make a conscious decision in opting for them. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Sustainable products are no longer hard to come by. A wide range of options from bamboo, bioplastics, and silicone options are available. Look for them while making a purchase. 
  • Sustainable products reduce water wastage, carbon footprint, and methane gas production from landfills. Investing in them is a wise decision. 

Planning to make your fashion brand eco-friendly? Fashinza can connect you to suppliers and manufacturers making sustainable products.

Connect with Fashinza for green solutions for your clothing fabrics to packaging. 


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