Vogue magazine fashion cover features climate warrior Greta Thunberg

Vogue magazine fashion cover features climate warrior Greta Thunberg

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Greta Thunberg is an 18-year-old girl who catapulted to fame because of her passion for climate change. It earned her three Nobel Prize nominations. Her powerful voice, online sparring with former US President Donald Trump, and no-nonsense approach have earned her a spot in the limelight. Now, Greta can add another feather in her cap: she's a Vogue magazine's fashion cover girl.

Greta on Vogue magazine fashion cover page 

Greta is seen on the Vogue cover stroking a horse while sitting in a lovely setting wearing a modest patterned dress and a light brown long coat against the foreground of a forest. She was included in Scandinavia’s first edition of the Vogue magazine.

Greta Thunberg discussed a variety of topics in her interview, including her thoughts on the fashion industry's role in the ecological and climate crises. She also discussed fashion’s influence on communities and workers throughout the world, many of whom are exploited to serve the culture of fast fashion.

Greta Thunberg Fashion

So, let's look at some insights from Greta's exclusive interview with Vogue.

  • Greta’s thoughts on fast fashion 

“If you buy fast fashion, you are contributing to that business, pushing it to grow and maintain its destructive practices,” she explains. “Of course, I recognize that fashion is an important element of how certain individuals express themselves and their identities.”

Greta is aware that her remarks may quickly spread throughout the world, and that another scandal could overwhelm her. Because she is fully aware that almost anything may be misinterpreted, she talks with an off-the-cuff eloquence but with restraint, mindful of her remarks.

  • Greta’s take on people who criticize her 

Greta does not criticize people who have publicly assaulted her. Rather, in the Vogue magazine fashion interview, she mentions, “I never feel dissatisfied with people as I try to see things from those people's perspective, and then I realize why they do what they are doing. You have to look at it from a different angle.”

She expresses herself quite philosophically. “Why are they writing stuff like this? It's because they believe we're being too vocal, and try to quieten us, whether by threatening or intimidating us, or by spreading doubt about us so others don't believe what we're saying and don't take us too seriously.”

“And they accomplish this by disseminating falsehoods, hatred, ridicule, and so on. So, in a way, that is a really encouraging indicator that we are having a significant impact,” she adds. “They are not wicked; they simply do not know any better. At least, that's what I'm attempting to think.” 

  • People’s perception of activists and Greta

According to Greta, there is some misinformation regarding activists, particularly climate activists. In the Vogue magazine fashion cover interview, she states that people believe activists are only pessimistic, and that they are simply whining and spreading fear, but this is not the case. 

She goes on to say that they are doing this because they are optimistic that they will be able to make the required changes. She states, "If we didn't feel we could make this change, we would not be here. We are the people who haven't given up, who haven't lost all hope, who haven't given up optimism.”

  • Greta’s thoughts on the climate crisis and the changes she has adopted in her lifestyle

Greta has decided to make lifestyle choices. She avoids meat and dairy, prefers to travel by rail or public transport whenever feasible, and claims she hasn't purchased anything in three years. She claims that no one stops traveling, eating, or becomes vegan to reduce their own personal carbon footprint.

She has made these adjustments in the hope of influencing others around her. She believes that the world is in the midst of an emergency, and when people are in an emergency, their behavior changes. 

She claims that when one person begins to do something, it has a snowball effect and spreads to those around, encouraging them to question the person's motivations for doing what they do. This can generate impact and real change. 

Talking about her Vogue magazine fashion cover interview she wrote, “Many are making it appear as if the fashion industry is beginning to take responsibility by spending ridiculous amounts of money on campaigns in which they portray themselves as ethical, sustainable, green, fair and climate neutral.  But, to be clear, this is nearly always true greenwashing. As the world is now constituted, it is impossible to mass create fashion or consume sustainably. That is one of the numerous reasons why a system upgrade is required.”

Greta Thunberg Fashion


If you are a brand that believes Greta Thunberg’s vision and wants to help save the environment, you should consider introducing genuinely sustainable clothes. If your views are aligned with Greta’s, you can collaborate with Fashinza to create sustainable, eco-friendly, stylish and accessible apparel with our best-in-class professional manufacturers.


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