How To Find A Reliable Garment Factory Online In 24 Hours?

How To Find A Reliable Garment Factory Online In 24 Hours?

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The fashion industry is growing day by day, and fashion entrepreneurs have started to believe in the power of eCommerce. The Internet is full of online product providers, allowing you to buy products from the comfort of your home. It is up to you if you want to launch new stores online or purchase a fashion collection. During the searching process, you should first make a budget and classify your needs and priorities. In this article, we will let you know how to find the best and trustworthy garment provider. 

Some steps to find an online garment factory within 24 hours

Online garment factories have many benefits for customers and manufacturers. If you are looking for an online manufacturer, then here is the solution in this article. 

Here are the benefits of buying or selling garments online for customers and manufacturers -

  • You have the freedom to get clothing produced as per your need
  • You can register your brand
  • You can sell your brand item at a higher price
  • You have total control over branding

Choose your ideal clothing manufacturers.

Choose your ideal clothing manufacturers

Where should your manufacturer originate? Are you looking for a domestic or overseas manufacturer?  If you are finalizing a manufacturer, shortlist your options and compare them. The comparison should be as per your financial and brand condition.

A domestic manufacturer is a good option if you are launching a startup because overseas purchases are uncontrollable for new entrepreneurs. Domestic and overseas manufacturers both have their rules and regulations. Select your one online garment factory and start your conversation.

Discovering a garment factory for your new startup

Whether you choose a domestic or overseas online garment factory, you need to get all the information about it. It includes some key points that are essential to know-

  • Company experience in this field
  • Price policy of the company
  • Company collaboration with brands
  • Feedback from their customer brands
  • Fashion collection catalog of the manufacturer

Choose the right garment factory

You have completed half your work after successfully searching for an online manufacturer. Now, you can visit their online store or website to collaborate. Contact them on given numbers or ask your questions on the website. In this initial stage, the company provides its catalog of designs, prices, fabrics, etc. You can also suggest your choice.

Design selection and cost decision

Even if you choose their design, you can give your suggestions. It is the main stage of the process because it will decide the success of your startup or brand. The manufacturer drafts the cost of your collection and sends you confirmation. It is up to you to reject or accept the decision.

A sampling of garments

There are two options; firstly, If you want ready-made garments, you can get them directly from the supplier. Secondly, if you need your designs, then you need a sample first. The manufacturer prepares for the pre-production process and produces some collections as per your requirement. If you find any mistake, you can point it out.

Confirmation of your order

Confirmation of your order

In this stage, the manufacturer appoints a project manager who leads your consignment. The great thing about it is that you can contact that project manager as per your requirement. It is called control over your fashion collection. The garment factory allows you to visit their site as you need. This project manager watches your project process from production to delivery.

Get your delivery and start your clothing business

Your collaboration with an online garment factory will last after delivery. Check out your clothing range and its packaging. If you find any faults, contact the project manager, and the manufacturer will solve your problem.


In this article, we try to find the best way to get your perfect manufacturer. It is all about their work and your requirements. Other than this, you can also search for their websites and place your order, but it is risky. You should check their product quality through the samples. Online garment factories give you the advantage of getting the best fashion for your startup. Fashinza is the best choice in that case because it follows the above process and provides the best service available.  


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