How Can I Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers?

How Can I Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers?

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Clothing manufacturers have always been high in demand. However, the main question is who exactly are they? To put it simply, a clothing manufacturer is someone who creates finished clothes from raw materials. Manufacturing clothes is not a simple process. In fact, it’s a process that involves various steps.

There is a multitude of clothing manufacturers around the world. As a consequence, the competition among them is intense. One of the most prominent names in this field is that of H&M manufacturers. Let’s dig deep into learning more about H&M manufacturers and how you can source clothes from them.

About H&M Manufacturers

The H&M group is a big family involving various businesses and brands. The aim of H&M is to ensure the availability of great innovative design to everyone. H&M always tries to make its process as sustainable as possible. 

The fashion industry is one that constantly changes. A new fashion style enters the market, dominates for a period of time, and then gradually fades away with the advent of a new fashion style. As such, the industry is always in need of producing more clothes and no one understands this better than H&M

This is why H&M stresses digital development and integration. What they try to ensure from this is a smooth customer experience, whether on a digital channel or a physical channel. Undoubtedly, the fashion giant must have a reliable manufacturing unit ready to produce clothes for all seasons of fashion tirelessly.

Overview of the H&M Suppliers

Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers

H&M believes in establishing formidable relations with its suppliers. Stability in relationships ensures transparency. This is not a mere claim, rather there is evidence for it in the form of a suppliers list.

The company has made it a priority to release the H&M suppliers list since 2013. This proves that they are transparent and have nothing to hide. The H&M suppliers list reveals the details regarding their tier 1 suppliers. You will also learn about the various processing and manufacturing locations of its suppliers. The company also reveals, without hesitation, information regarding the number of workers and the types of products of their suppliers. 

By the end of 2021, H&M intends to disclose the locations of their garment printing and dyeing as well. You can also have information, if you so desire, regarding the locations of Tier 2 mills. The vast majority of H&M’s clothing comes from these Tier 2 mills. 

You don’t have to worry at all about the authenticity of the H&M suppliers’ information. This is because the company makes efforts to update the information on a monthly basis. So, whenever you access the information, you can rest assured that it is latest and reliable.

Types of H&M Suppliers

There are three different types of suppliers involved with H&M manufacturers. Below is a brief description of them on the basis of how they operate.

  • Fabric Mills: They are responsible for providing fabrics. Such suppliers have a high level of minimum order requirements. 
  • Jobbers: These suppliers carry a limited fabric stock. This is the fabric that is leftover or unused from mills or convertors sold at lower costs.
  • Converter: These suppliers purchase unfinished products from the fabric mill. Then, they finish the fabric before selling. This finishing can be done by various processes like washing, printing, and dying.

Where to Source Clothes from H&M Manufacturers 

Sourcing fabric in person is much more advantageous than other means. This is because in-person engagement allows you to actually see and touch the materials yourself. However, such traditional means of engagement can be time taking and difficult to identify. 

The good news is that you can locate clothing suppliers online, which is much more convenient than traditional methods. This way, you can review the samples of fabric at your convenience, whether that be an office or a studio. A fee will be charged for this and it shall depend on the fabric mill. 

Below is a discussion of the various ways of sourcing clothes from H&M manufacturers.

Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers at Trade Shows 

Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers

Trade shows have many rows of booths that belong to suppliers who you can meet and see the materials they have to offer. Although it can be overwhelming and confusing meeting all of the suppliers and manufacturers participating, it ensures variety.

In spite of the high level of competition, a good brand always stands out. This is especially true when it comes to H&M manufacturers. The quality of the clothing product of H&M manufacturers speaks for itself. 

There are many types of fabric trade shows where H&M clothes are featured. Two of the very popular trade shows are Texworld and DG Expo. Besides these two, there are various other fabric trade shows where you can find H&M suppliers.

Online Sourcing of Fabric from H&M Manufacturers

Fabric trade shows are not easy to discover and can be missed. Sometimes, the location of a fabric trade show may be too far away. 

There is another suitable alternative available for you in the form of online trade shows. That’s right, if you can't reach a fabric trade show, you can access a trade show website. This is a great option that allows you to access the offerings of H&M manufacturers without having to physically visit them. 

Search engines are an effective way of finding clothing manufacturers. You can go to the official website of H&M to contact them. 

Industry Meetups for H&M Manufacturers

Industry meet-ups are another brilliant way by which you may source clothes from H&M manufacturers. These are a type of local event where you can find H&M manufacturers and talk with them. People often visit the meet-ups to find the right kind of manufacturer that is suitable for their needs. 

You will also be able to meet industry experts while attending these meet-ups or local events.  These people are important individuals who have connections in industry and can often connect you with the best clothing manufacturers. 


Directories contain information regarding various clothing manufacturers. As such, you will be able to find information about H&M manufacturers too in these directories. 

There are a lot of clothing manufacturers directories available online. However, not all directories are of the same quality. The best online directories are Sqeth and Maker's Row. Another good option is a directory known as Kompass. When you reach out to H&M manufacturers, explain to them your clothing requirements. 

Social Media

Source Clothes From H&M Manufacturers

The advent of social media has proved really beneficial for clothing manufacturers. H&M manufacturers can easily be identified and followed on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

H&M puts a lot of emphasis on the power of social media to attract people and businesses. You will be able to receive fashion style advice, inspiration, and other clothing information from the social media feeds of H&M. 

Old-Fashioned Research

The old-fashioned way of asking people involved in the clothing industry about H&M manufacturers can also help. There will always be people who can make you familiar with behind-the-scenes information about H&M manufacturing.  


H&M is a reputable brand in the fashion clothing industry. The team of H&M manufacturers values quality above anything else. If you are just starting your own clothing line, you may get in touch with H&M manufacturers or manufacturers who may be just as good (or even better!). If you wish to get in touch with some experienced and well-established apparel manufacturers, your one-stop solution is Fashinza. We are a leading fashion platform connecting fashion designers and labels with high-quality manufacturers. We are an efficient team of dedicated individuals who go to great lengths to search for a manufacturer that fits your needs. Whatever your requirements, Fashinza will help you. Elevate your clothing label by contacting Fashinza today.


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