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Summary: When it comes to plus-size travel clothes, women find the market woefully short of their expectations. Brands have shied away from having a full-blown ensemble for curvy women for various reasons. But this trend could be changing with a few brands such as Reformation, Nike, and Good American entering the fray with fresh collections that address a more diverse audience.

The apparel market, through all these bustling years, had been indifferent to the rising demand for plus-size clothing. This growing and engaging community has been complaining through their social media feeds that there are not enough interesting plus-size travel clothing options that would make their outings really worth it. The boom of e-Commerce has created space for plus-size outfits, yet the market remains underserved.

Large Market, Fewer Brands

As per Fortune Business Insights, the travel retail market stood at $55.74 billion in 2022 and is expected to nearly double to $96.11 billion by 2029.

Plunkett Research found that 67% of American women fall into the plus-size category, whereas only about 18% of manufactured clothing was plus-sized, according to NPD Group, another research firm. The market has been hesitant about bold moves on plus-size clothing as it is considered to be fraught with risk. Moreover, making larger cloth is always more expensive, and higher costs cannot always be passed on to consumers.

The Change Ahead

If the scenario for larger-size clothing is not encouraging, forget about the travel clothing for curvy women, which is a niche segment. “We have fat money but nowhere to go,” is the common complaint.

However, a few brands have realized the potential of this market and have come up with sexy plus-size clothes for women. Brands such as Reformation, Loud Bodies, and Henning have enviable large-size travel clothing for women.

travel apparel

The best choice for travel apparel should be lightweight, crease-free, breathable, and quick-drying. Consumers have preferences for apparel that fits well to the silhouette, has innovative designs, and, above all, is comfortable for long-duration wear.

Let’s look at what brands are currently offering and how can others fill the gap in the segment and make hay while travel shines.

All-day Rompers and Jumpsuits

Plus-size rompers are a must for any travel capsule. H&M offers a collection of jumpsuits and rompers that are generally minimalistic and can streamline the silhouettes. The material used here is a cotton blend or plain cotton.  There are some interesting options from Macy’s such as the walkthrough rompers in attractive colors. Ava & Viv have come up with a denim collection of jumpsuits that have quite a few takers.

Easy, Breezy Activewear

For outdoor activities, brands such as Fabletics have a great variety of yoga pants and track pants made from a stretchable material that gives the wearer a feeling of comfort even in humid conditions. Their plus-size outfits are made considering the specific needs of large-size women.

Sassy Plus-size Dresses

Nordstrom has come up with a collection of plus-size dresses that are silhouette-hugging and can be head-turners for an evening out for a cozy dinner. The range can be quite wide from lounge long slip dresses to ribbed maxi and tank dresses. For travel wardrobe, women prefer comfort and if it is matched with creating drama, there is nothing like it. SHEIN's plus-size dresses also stand out for their lucid lines.

Comfortable Swimwear

Swimwear is essential if one is headed to the beach for the holidays. Curvy women often find their choices limited when it comes to swimwear that matches aesthetics with oomph. Torrid has some interesting offerings in plus-size bras and bikinis.

Comfortable Swimwear

Show-off Tops

Most of the travel tops are already there in everyone’s closet. Yet the ones that are lightweight and wrinkle-free find favor with travelers. A blend of bright sleeve blouses, polo tops, and tank tops in a material that does not make suitcases heavier is the preferred outfit. Garments made with sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, tencel, or Merino wool are an ideal choice for travel clothing.

On-trend Sweatpants

The sweatpants are great for travel days, and a zipper pocket for extra security is an added attraction. The plus-size pants made of a cotton blend with sustainable fabric can be slightly expensive but scores heavily on comfort. Encircled has come up with an eye-popping collection that is meant to last longer. This makes it a good investment for many travel journeys.

Flattering Jeans

It is quite a task to design a wide range of sizes of jeans based on body size and fit. Good American seems to have aced the game with a variety of trendy jeans of various sizes. Similarly, Madewell jeans come in various lengths and flatter the hips and thighs without leaving a gap in the waist.

Flattering Jeans

Head to the Road in Style

For various reasons, brands have shied away from plus-size clothing, though there has been a ready demand for such outfits. Some start-ups and new brands have ventured on to fill the void with bold and interesting offerings. Considering the huge market out there, established companies need to get over the cost and price hitch and be a little creative with plus-size clothing. They can begin by offering an engaging curvy travel ensemble.

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Key Takeaways

  • Plus-size clothing has a huge demand across the globe.
  • There are only a few brands that are seriously catering to the market.

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