Innovate To Stay Afloat In The Burgeoning Athleisure Clothing Market
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Innovate To Stay Afloat In The Burgeoning Athleisure Clothing Market

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The athleisure trend has given birth to a new industry of products that blends high fashion with fitness clothing. The category is getting a lot of attention from leading fashion designers that see the opportunity to dominate one of the fastest-growing segments in apparel. 

As consumers want to feel like they can be active in their workout gear and also feel stylish, athleisure is also an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to innovate this new category. And the brands are doing everything they can to meet those needs. With consumers now being more informed than ever, the brands that stand out will be the ones that can differentiate themselves from the pack.

Keep reading to find out how fashion brands can stay afloat by innovating athleisure wear.

What is Athleisure Wear?

Athleisure is a fusion of athletic and leisure. Athletic wear gives the comfort of athletic clothes and a casual look of leisurewear. It has gained popularity because it can be worn at various events, from the gym to dates. 

Athleisure is not just about yoga pants, but leggings, sweatpants, gym tanks etc. But how exactly are they different from activewear?

Difference between athleisure wear and activewear

Difference between athleisure wear and activewear

Athleisure wear is more comfortable than activewear. It is multipurpose. One can wear it at the gym and for outings. 

Athleisure apparels are more breathable and lightweight than sportswear. 

Recently, many brands have introduced athleisure wear that is sweat and odour resistant, more stretchable and protects from dirt. It sets them apart from activewear.

Athleisure wear has gained popularity during the pandemic. Many people were working from the comfort of home. And it has increased the demand for comfortable yet aesthetic clothing. Many brands chanced upon the opportunity and started producing athleisure wear. If fashion brands want to stay in the market, they must innovate athleisure wear

Athleisure wear is a trend to stay. Here are some reasons why fashion brands need to innovate athleisure wear.

Why should fashion brands innovate athleisure wear?

The pandemic has changed the lifestyle of many people. People are more conscious of their health and fitness than a few years ago. But more than that, they are looking for clothing that will not only keep them comfortable while they exercise but also keep them stylish while they go about their day-to-day lives. That's why the market for athleisure wear is booming. People are more inclined towards comfortable clothes. If fashion brands want to sustain the market, they must start innovating athleisure. Brands need to realise the demand in the market for athleisure wear. 

It does not just mean more customers but more competition as well. Fashion brands can set themselves apart by innovating athleisure wear. 

Though the primary reason for innovation is demand, brands should also consider authenticity and inclusivity to innovate athleisure wear. Brands need to produce athleisure wear that will appeal to more people of all shapes and sizes.

But how do fashion brands innovate athleisure wear?

How should fashion brands innovate athleisure wear?

Fashion brands need to explore different ways to stand out and stay afloat in the market. Here are some factors to consider.

Create more sustainable athleisure wear

With the increased consciousness about the environment, many people choose durable, high-quality clothes. Fashion brands can bridge the gap by producing sustainable athleisure wear.

Fashion brands can use recycled material to produce sustainable athleisure wear. This way, brands can attract customers who prefer a sustainable lifestyle.

Use more colours

Workout clothes need not be just black, grey and blue. Fashion brands can consider producing vibrant and colourful athleisure wear to suit everyone's needs. 

Inclusivity and diversity

Brands can make athleisure wear in different shapes and sizes

Gone are the days when fashion brands produced clothes in limited size options. Brands can make athleisure wear in different shapes and sizes. It will also help brands reach the masses and gain popularity.

Bring back the organic

Many activewear is made of synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon. They are neither sustainable nor suitable for some people. Fashion brands can attract such people by producing organic clothing. Organic cotton and bamboo are organic fibres for making sustainable athleisure wear. 

Use more skin-friendly methods and materials

Sensitive skin is easily irritated by sticky clothes. Fashion brands can produce more skin-friendly athleisure wear. Modern technologies and fibres will help brands create clothes that absorb sweat and do not stick to the skin while working out. Clothes with anti-microbial properties are always in demand.

Create and tell the brand story

Every brand has a story to tell about how they came up with ideas and innovation. Brands can create stories around it and tell the customers. It will attract people who relate to brand vision and principles. 

Bring in exclusivity

Why would customers buy products from brands when every other brand sells the same?

Fashion brands have no choice but to bring exclusive collections. 

Bottom line

Athleisure wear, or workout clothes that can be worn casually during the day, has become a massive trend in the industry. Athleisure is essentially a fashion trend becoming even more famous for consumers, particularly for millennials. Many brands have been slow to react, but the market is beginning to see brands creating more athleisure wear options to appeal to more casual and fashion-forward consumers.

These are all the reasons fashion brands need to innovate their athleisure wear and keep it current so that consumers will continue to buy it.
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