Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Websites To Source Clothes From

Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Websites To Source Clothes From

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One of the most crucial things that affect a clothing business is the source from where it is procuring its supplies. If the source of clothes has a strong network of personnel, it can replenish the inventory in no time. However, there are a lot of wholesale clothing websites out there, and one needs to tread carefully. Here are some tips that one can use while choosing a wholesale clothing website for their business. 

Five Things To Know Before Choosing A Wholesale Clothing Website

Finding an excellent way to source clothes among hundreds of wholesale clothing websites is like finding a needle in the bush. And to make that process easier, here is a short checklist that one can follow. 

Additional Discounts 

If a clothing wholesale offers some additional discounts on bulk orders, it will save a lot of money sourcing the cloth. The more one buys from here, the more profits one makes on their purchases. Furthermore, such wholesale clothing websites also tend to conduct flash sales which will only help a business cut down their procurement costs. 

Jack Of All Trades

One should always choose a website that has more options than its peers. This allows the buyer to explore more colour, size, and design options. In addition, this lets them pick the perfect range of clothes that suits their customers. 

Durable Clothes

When choosing a wholesale clothing website, do remember to check on the quality of their products. Do look for the number of checks that the manufacturers make on clothes before listing them on the platform. Consider only those websites which have a dedicated quality assurance team to monitor the quality of their listings. 

Affordable Investment

Nowadays, many wholesale clothing websites offer good quality clothes at cheap rates when bought in bulk. Furthermore, some websites also provide additional services such as logistics help and employees to load and unload goods. 

Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Websites

Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Websites

Now that we have discussed how to spot an excellent wholesale clothing website, here is a comprehensive list of all the top wholesale clothing websites. 

  1. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the leading B2B platforms that help businesses all around the world fulfil their inventory needs. It has an extensive network of clothing manufacturers on its website. However, Alibaba may not meet the needs of a clothing business looking for something more than basic and casual attire.

Furthermore, Alibaba also offers a unique feature known as “trade assurance service,” which means that the website ensures timely delivery of all the products. And if the delivery does not reach on time, Alibaba will give a full refund of the order value. It also has a quality assurance team and offers bulk requests for quote features to its buyers. 

The website also allows clothing businesses to look into the seller's profile. They can see the ratings and reviews from previous buyers, their productive capacity, and most importantly, the quality of products they offer. These insights will help one find a reliable wholesaler on the website. 

  1. Global Sources

This website is a wholesale market space that allows clothing businesses to contact the manufacturers directly. The sellers on this website carry a verified badge provided by the platform that marks a seller as a verified one. However, this website does not offer services like adding an item to the cart and placing a buy order on the go.

Instead, one needs to get in touch with the supplier to inquire about the availability of products, delivery, shipping, and other essentials. Although it does not have advanced features like Alibaba, it has an extensive directory of wholesalers who are verified by the website. 

  1. Alanic Clothing

Alanic Clothing is a platform that connects buyers which top fashion and sports apparel brands around the world. Very few wholesale clothing websites have a global presence like Alanic clothing. It has headquarters in the USA, Uk, Canada, Australia, and many more countries. In addition, the website lists many fitness clothes, including leggings, sports t-shirts, and other sports essentials. 

Furthermore, the website also allows clothing businesses to order custom clothing that they can sell under their brand. Anyone can get a quote for their order from any seller by clicking on the Request for Quotation feature. Fill out the get a quote form, and the seller will revert with the quote. If a brand wants to procure good quality sports and fitness clothes at affordable prices and low shipping fees, Alanic clothing is ideal for them. 

  1. DHgate 

This wholesale website has no minimum order quantity on its platform. It has no minimum order quantity on its platform. The price of the order decreases as one increases the units of the item. This tiered pricing structure tells buyers how much they can save on bulk orders.

It also has various badges which are used to determine the quality of the sellers on the platform. Some of the badges that are available on the platform are as follows - 

  • Top merchant - This indicates that this wholesaler has a high volume of sales with top customers on the platform. 
  • China brand - This tag shows that the wholesaler deals with high-quality Chinese products.
  • On-time delivery - This badge tells buyers that the seller has a reasonable shipping and delivery record. 

The website also offers discount coupons and assured full refund if the product does not reach the buyer or is replaced with the wrong product. 

  1. KKAMI

This Korean wholesale website offers good quality clothing options for kids. KKAMI regularly updates its collection and brings the latest clothes from Korea to the buyers. All the brands listed on this website are monitored for the quality of their product and the reliability of their services. All the brands on the platform fulfil the following criteria.

  • Proven bestsellers
  • Have an original design
  • Excellent quality products
  • Offers a unique style of clothes 

All these checks ensure that only high-quality products are listed on the website. Unfortunately, this means that if a buyer chooses this website to replenish their inventory, they need to have substantial capital to afford these clothes. 

  1. Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box includes every category of clothes, whether the buyer is looking for ethnic wear, lingerie, modern clothes, or high fabric clothes. This wholesale supplier from India distributes its product worldwide and offers very competitive rates in the B2B eCommerce trade. When sourcing with these distributors, it is guaranteed that the sourcing cost will get reduced by 30 percent on bulk orders.

Moreover, the Wholesale Box warehouses are in India's prominent trading cities: Surat, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. This website directly brings the manufacturer's clothes, delivering high-quality material and fabrics. Moreover, it supports easy and quick return facilities with a secure mode of payments. 

Top 10 Wholesale Clothing Websites
  1. Tasha Apparel

This marketplace for buying and selling wholesale products has been at the top of the trendy clothing list. Since 2005, Tasha Apparel has been one of the best wholesale clothing websites. It has to offer great deals to its customers and retailers like boutiques, online clothing stores, Amazon sellers, eBay, etc. Tasha Apparel delivers:

  • Best in class online customer service
  • Extensive product selection 
  • Economical prices
  • High-quality products
  • Wide range of fashion 

Tasha Apparel is the most appealing website for customers or retailers looking to source clothes in bulk with a wide selection of sizes, styles, and fascinating colours. It offers free shipping on orders and provides the best HD quality images for selection. This way of marketing encourages the customers to buy their products. 

  1. Topshop 

This website is a UK-based street clothing chain. Though it is not a worldwide clothes supplier, businesses in the UK can benefit from this wholesale clothing website. Topshop has the brick and mortar store section to explore wholesale clothing. This website has a vast collection of clothing brands, including big names like Calvin Klein, Adidas, Champion, Disney, etc. Retailers targeting niche jeans will find excellent options on this website. In addition, this clothing website offers students an approximately 10% discount and free delivery service. 

  1. Gamiss 

It is one of the top international wholesale clothing websites from where numerous retailers and shoppers source their products in large quantities. The primary reason it is popular among various countries is that Gamiss's website supports almost more than a hundred languages making it inclusive for shoppers from multiple countries. 

Furthermore, it accepts payment from the various modes of payment and delivers products to businesses within 3 to 4 working days after the payment. 

  1. Sugar Lips Wholesale

It is one of the largest wholesale apparel manufacturers in North America. If a business is looking to source good quality clothes in bulk across North America, this website will be the most reliable choice. These websites have an extensive collection of the most fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

Sugar Lips Wholesale offers hundreds of designs and stylish pieces available to deliver worldwide. Various boutiques and departmental stores choose this website for sourcing, as they provide high-quality fabrics, materials, and the latest elegant collection of clothes. 

These were some of the best wholesale clothing websites that a clothing business can use to replenish its inventory. However, if one is looking for a B2B apparel manufacturing platform that offers hassle-free deliveries to companies across India, then Fashinza will be a good choice. Brands can use their platform to place manufacturing orders for their collections and have them delivered, with options to track, communicate, make payments along the way.


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