How to buy the best Poplin clothes online?

How to buy the best Poplin clothes online?

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What is Poplin Cloth?

Poplin fabric, also commonly referred to as tabinet, is knit following a plain weave. It is made of cotton, cotton/polyester blend, silk, or lycra stretch material. The weave of this fabric follows a simple over-under pattern, which gives it a crosswise rib structure, resulting in a corded and slightly ridged surface. The threads are weaved tightly and kept closely spaced, making poplin a strong material. Weaving poplin cloth follows a method that includes weft going over and under the warp alternatively.

How Poplin Originated? 

Due to its strong quality and elegant look, you will often find shirts, pajamas, and dresses made out of poplin cloth. The term 'poplin' originates from Avignon, France. It was in the 15th century when the French discovered this style of weaving. They named the fabric “Poplin” after the “Papal” house, where the fabric was weaved for the very first time. 

In those times, poplin cloth was weaved using a mixture of silk and wool threads, which led this fabric to the garment and upholstery industry. Nowadays, poplin fabrics available in the market are 100% cotton, with hints of rayon and synthetic sometimes. As the initial poplin cloth was an amalgamation of wool and silk threads, it was primarily used to tailor warm dresses and robes. But with the shift to 100% cotton, it is now mostly used by shirt manufacturers.

Characteristics of Poplin Cloth

1. Smooth and Even texture: As the weaves of poplin are plain and tight, it is very smooth to touch, contrary to net fabrics, which give you a bumpy or ribbed feeling. Due to this texture, it is very easy to pleat them to crisp lines. 

2. Lightweight: The material of poplin is very thin so it is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for summers. But that also means that it is slightly transparent, and you will be required to wear a lining. This fabric is known to absorb moisture and dry very quickly. It will not cling to your body, keeping it airy in the summers. It does not retain odors. Most of the fabrics are 100% natural, making them hypoallergenic, fit for people with sensitive skin.

Poplin clothes

3. Durable: Learning about the weave of poplin cloth, it is evident the fabric ought to be very strong. It can withstand machine wash or heavy wear. Another characteristic that makes this fabric so popular is how fairly it can hold its shape under difficult circumstances. Being wrinkle-resistant eliminates the need to iron every time you wear it. Home decor items sashes, tablecloths, upholstery fabric, and quilting are often made of poplin. 

4. Budget-friendly: It’s no surprise that manufacturers of basic clothing often tend to reach out to poplin as it is inexpensive. Whether you purchase raw fabric or clothing made of poplin, they often come cheap. The reason for this is the materials that this fabric is made of. Sellers can keep a wide variety of price points depending on the material, polyester poplin sells at the cheapest rate, and silk poplin happens to be the most expensive. 

5. Easy to dye and print: Poplin cloth takes dyes and prints very well. They are very versatile to work with, so you can expect different colors, patterns, prints, ranging from polka dots, plaid to floral. 

Cotton poplin is not a conductor of static electricity and being chemical-free, it stays neutral to any kind of allergy. Basically, it is a fabric for everyone. Even for the ones concerned about ecological footprints, cotton poplin makes for a wise, green choice. To keep it completely natural, you can color it with natural fiber dye, making it eco-friendly. 

How to take care of Poplin cloth? 

Poplin clothes

Poplin is one of the few fabrics that are 'forgiving' and an absolute delight to work with. It does not crease easily and does not slide away from your tabletop. Here are some tips to turn this fabric into a beautiful piece of clothing. 

1. It is important to prepare the fabric before cutting it into pieces. Washing cotton poplin in warm water and drying it on low heat will not harm the fabric. But it is better to send it for dry cleaning, especially if it has vivid prints. Washing might cause it to bleed. 

2. Use only water-soluble and vanishing pencils to mark the fabric instead of ink. 

3. Do not iron the wet fabric, as that will cause the poplin to stretch beyond repair. 

How to buy the best poplin cloth online? 

Poplin feels soft, but as you can not touch it physically while buying online, lookout for a little shine that this fabric exhibits. If you are aware of what you are exactly looking for and what this fabric will be used for, online shopping becomes very easy. 
Fashinza can connect you with the most trustworthy poplin suppliers and manufacturers. You can buy it by the yard or meter.


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