Style and Comfort in Pure Cotton Shorts Manufacturing

Style and Comfort in Pure Cotton Shorts Manufacturing

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Summary: Choosing the right fabric is one of the most vital decisions you make while planning your new line of shorts. Cotton continues to stay suitable for some of the most trendy kinds of clothing. Considering the market size, demand, and benefits of natural fabrics, cotton shorts manufacturers are never going to go out of business. 

Cotton is the purest form of fabric available in nature with 94% cellulose in its fibers. Cotton is one of the most preferred and widely-used fabrics in the fashion industry, though man-made fibers such as nylon and polyester are cheaper. So, why is 100 percent cotton preferred by more consumers and therefore, manufacturers?

As there is high demand for cotton shorts, cotton shorts manufacturers also go for natural fabric. The top ten benefits of manufacturing shorts from natural and organic cotton:

1. Customers prefer cotton over other fabrics 

A study conducted by Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor threw light on an interesting fact. Roughly 73 percent of consumers believe cotton garments are better than other fibers. Almost 80 percent felt cotton is more comfortable. It is the most used natural fiber. Cotton shorts manufacturers already have a customer base who believe in the comfort of cotton. 

2. Cotton shorts are manufactured from a soft and natural fabric

Synthetic fabrics are less breathable and can irritate or cause itchiness. Cotton, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic, controls moisture and insulates. Neither stiff nor clingy, it is perfectly suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.  

3. Lesser shrinkage and stretch 

Garment manufacturing is complicated with a blend of two or more fabrics. Both shrink and stretch differently due to varying degrees of elasticity. With pure cotton, the sampling and manufacturing procedure becomes easy. 

4. Better working conditions for employees

Better working conditions

Cotton is a natural fabric and is safe to harvest and process to produce in factories. Manufacturing fabric like rayon is chemically intensive with high usage of fossil fuel, while much crude oil is wasted in producing polyester. Producing and handling these artificial fabrics impacts the employees’ health, besides generating hazardous waste.

5. Durability and structural integrity of the garment 

Cotton is robust, durable, and has a high tensile strength. Cotton clothes can withstand multiple rounds of washings, even in hot water as the fiber's strength increases with moisture content. 

6. Consumers want cotton clothes despite price hike

Global cotton prices have surged during the last two years. Several cotton shorts manufacturers have started using cotton-polyester blends. Despite the price hike in Brazil, one of the main cotton suppliers, 100% cotton garments is still in high demand as shelves run out of cotton products. 

7. Inexpensive and historically easy to source 

Over the last two years, cotton sourcing has not been easy, though a temporary phase. First, the pandemic-related restrictions halted shipments. Then, natural calamities affected major cotton-producing regions. Finally, the Ukraine war added to the supply chain pressure. Yet, cotton has been easy to source due to its abundant production.

8. Switch to sustainable fashion with shorts made of organic cotton 

sustainable fashion with shorts

Eco-friendly organic cotton garments are in great demand as shoppers move towards sustainable options. This cotton variety is grown without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. They follow crop rotation practice. Most importantly, farmers do not use fertilizers or genetically engineered seeds. Cotton shorts manufacturers can shoose sustainable fashion by producing clothes made from organic cotton. 

9. Cotton shorts for all seasons and occasions

Well-fitted shorts are great for outdoor, athleisure and casual occasions. Whether it is attending a fun event, walking around the town, lounging with friends, sitting around the campfire, or going to a private party, a pair of cotton shorts is trendy and comfortable. 

10. Cotton is great for undergarments and activewear

Cotton shorts are preferred during the winter as an added layer of insulation. They are the most selected fabric for underwear, particularly for men. Bermudas made of 100% organic cotton garments are safe and hypoallergenic. Extend your range to activewear and sportswear like cycling shorts as a cotton shorts manufacturer.

Cotton Shorts Manufacturers Guide to Types of Shorts 

As a cotton shorts manufacturer, design a range of short trousers - close-cropped and cut-off or long and relaxed fit. Here are some popular shorts that are versatile and have a universal appeal.

Types of Shorts
  • Sweat shorts
  • Flat-front shorts
  • Pleated shorts
  • Cargo shorts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Chino shorts
  • Boxer shorts 
  • Golf Shorts

The final verdict

As a part of the apparel manufacturing sector, you probably already know that cotton is a preferred natural fabric. Cotton clothes account for more than half of the garments produced worldwide annually. Besides undergarments, cotton is also the first choice for shorts. If you are into 100% cotton shorts manufacturing, your garments are genuinely comfortable, and durable. They will enjoy a stable presence for decades due to the demand for sustainable fashion.

Key takeaways

  • Customers prefer brands that sell 100 percent cotton garments. 
  • Cotton shorts generate demand throughout all seasons.
  • Manufacturing 100 percent organic cotton shorts fit into the demand for sustainable fashion
  • Clothing brands with sustainabilty as their core offer will be intersted in talking to the manufacturer. 
  • Cotton garments are comfortable, last longer and are made of breathable fabrics.

If you are planning to create a range of cotton or organic cotton shorts? Get in touch with Fashinza. Fashinza can connect you with trustworthy cotton manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Our experts will guide you with the best designing, manufacturing, quality control, distribution, and logistics practices. 

Click here if you want to be sustainable, comfortable and trendy.


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