Guide to Shipping Products & Making Sales During Festival Season

Guide to Shipping Products & Making Sales During Festival Season

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Festive seasons vary all over the world. For businesses, festivals are the perfect time to market and distribute products and attract clientele. From Ramadan to Christmas, there are several festivals celebrated all over the world, all year round. This article aims to guide businesses on marketing and sourcing products and making more sales during festive seasons.

Festival seasons allow businesses to make huge profits, but only if they ensure timely delivery. The sourcing staff needs to speed up to create the end-product faster, and the logistics team needs to work smoothly to ensure safe and on-time delivery, even at peak rush hours. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help businesses increase their sales ratio during festive seasons.

Marketing products for festival sales

Businesses need to implement different marketing and promotional strategies to increase the festival sales ratio. Here are some tips fashion brands can incorporate to attract customers and make a positive impression on them.

Ad campaigns for product promotion

A business needs to provide customers with reasons for choosing them. One way to do this is by highlighting how useful their products can be during festivals. For example, a Ramadan Campaign was launched by several clothing companies. Such campaigns featured ads showing families rejoicing in their newly-launched clothing lines, which were a perfect fit for the occasion.  

The promotions team of your brand should be tasked with creating innovative and catchy ad campaigns. These campaigns should include clear and non-controversial references to the specific festival.

Special promo codes and discounts

People are excited about buying new products for themselves and their loved ones during festival seasons. However, customers look for attractive offers and discounts and shop with the brand that gives them the best benefits and deals.

Businesses can release promo codes, offer free samples and discounts to attract customers. They can also curate combos and hampers, offering buyers convenient and attractive gift choices.

Host offline events and pop-up shops

Pop-up shops are a great way to cash in on the crowds during the festive season and increase festival sales. People like participating in games and giveaway contests, which can help boost a brand’s popularity. Entertainment and shopping events act as recreational outlets for customers and a sales platform for businesses like these.Now that businesses know how to market the products to increase the festival sales, they should implement some strategies for shipping products to accommodate the sales rush.

Shipping products during the festival season

Despite offering great products and marketing them widely, a business can tarnish their brand image by not delivering them on time. Thus, businesses need a reliable and efficient shipping partner, especially during the festive season. 

The factors affecting the shipping process include:

  • Sourcing time and packaging time
  • Order collection and assignment of shipping labels
  • Handing over parcels to the logistics team

Let us look at some tips to decrease the time needed for each of these processes above and ensure timely shipping:

Maintain effective communication

Effective communication and continuous order-status updates can help businesses gain buyer trust. Keep customers in the loop and they will appreciate that customer satisfaction is the priority for your brand. 

An added benefit is that customers will feel more secure with their purchases. As a result, they may make more purchases from your stores in the future.

Source supplies and stock tour inventory

Sourcing materials during the rush season is quite an effort. This makes preplanning a must-do business strategy. Moreover, the price of raw materials increases before the festivals, decreasing the profit ratio. Make sure that your business has enough stock to last the whole season. It will help reduce the chances of delay in product delivery.

State the shipping rates on the social media pages and websites

Most customers prefer being aware of additional charges like shipping costs before purchasing from a store. It is better if a business declares these details beforehand so as to foster customer trust.

An added benefit of such transparency is that it will save time and effort in answering customer queries regarding shipping rates. Offering free shipping on a minimum purchase amount is also a popular and effective way to ensure good profits.

Thus, it is clear that the business needs to streamline the marketing campaigns, sourcing, and shipping process to ensure higher festival sales.


Customer satisfaction helps generate revenue. It is the ultimate goal of any business. Maximise and utilise brand resources efficiently to ensure exceptional festival sales. The given strategies will help businesses garner more customers and gain their loyalty. To eliminate any sourcing issues, contact Fashinza experts. We can oversee the entire production process and take the burden off your shoulders!


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