Major Activewear Manufacturers in China, India, and Bangladesh

Major Activewear Manufacturers in China, India, and Bangladesh

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Although many fashion brands struggled in 2020, new categories such as activewear and athleisure flourished. Therefore, this is the best time to establish an activewear business! The present article details some of the best activewear manufacturers

While there are different manufacturers in different parts of the world, three primary regions are now the most significant manufacturers of activewear products: China, India, and Bangladesh. These manufacturers provide quality activewear for both men and women.

Activewear Manufacturers in China

  1. Jin Jiang Well Rise Garment
  2. Dongguan Aika Apparel
  3. Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear
  4. Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear
  5. Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing

Activewear Manufacturers in India

  1. Variation Design
  2. Fashion TIY
  3. Eastman Exports
  4. NG Apparels
  5. KPR Mill

Activewear Manufacturers in Bangladesh

  1. Mars sportswear
  2. Ananta group
  3. Sunsea fashion
  4. Epic Group
  5. DBL Group

Keep reading the blog for detailed information!

1. Activewear Manufacturers in China

  • Jin Jiang Well Rise Garment: JinJiang Well Rise Garments is a professional activewear processing and manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production, and sales. They are located in Fujian, China. The company focuses on providing high-quality outdoor and sports clothing wear. 
  • Dongguan Aika Apparel Co., Ltd.: DongGuan AIKA Apparel is in Dongguan, a city in the Guang Gong province in China. They are professional OEM sportswear manufacturers who specialize in clothing for both men and women. Their products catalog includes activewear, training clothes, yoga wear, sports bras, and numerous other activewear options. 
  • Dongguan Humen Hucai Garment Co., Ltd.: Hucai Sportswear is a leader in manufacturing activewear for both individuals and corporate organizations. One can get custom activewear, custom gym wear, custom yoga wear, and much more from Hucai.
  • Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co., Ltd.: Ingor provides superior workwear and specialized sportswear manufactured from top-class polyester, cotton, and blended materials. Ingor’s mission is to meet global sports fashion needs in the market. They have always geared toward innovation in their products, focusing on the design and wearability aspects.
  • Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing Co., Ltd.: They are a rapidly emerging sportswear brand in China. Shenzhen Hongxinqi strives to design quality sportswear for men, women, and children. Furthermore, they continue to introduce new products each year.

2. Activewear Manufacturers in India

Activewear Manufacturers in India
  • Variation Design: They are a premium clothing manufacturer specializing in the production of activewear. As a top-notch activewear manufacturer, Variation Design utilizes several essential fabrics at all times. They do this so that they can cater to small quantities and high-quality orders, ensuring that any customer who purchases from the company gets the service they deserve! 

The company sells products such as yoga pants, yoga jackets, running shorts, and running shirts, which are available in different colors and sizes. The clothes are comfortable and trendy; they are perfect for people of all ages and sizes.
Variation Design offers unique pieces that one will not find elsewhere. They also make sure that their products are made with high-quality fabrics so that they last a long time.

  • Fashion TIY: A clothing company known as FashionTIY is another source of affordable and fashionable activewear in India. There is no minimum order value here, which helps businesses to reduce the risk of the investment. Fashion TIY allows more apparel businesses to buy batch material in small quantities at a time. They use an e-commerce model to give shoppers greater access to products. 

Furthermore, these activewear manufacturers have warehouses in India where most high-end brands' raw materials are located. All these factors make it easier for them to cut down on production and distribution costs and thus pass those savings onto their customers.

  • Eastman Exports: Eastman Exports is a leading manufacturer of apparel and activewear in India. To ensure high standards of excellence, they conduct systematic testing and monitor the manufacturing process from start to finish. Eastman Exports’ R&D centers and in-house labs are equipped with the most advanced testing equipment available.

Eastman Exports’ manufacturing facilities are massive and provide ample space to carry out sampling tests on their apparel and activewear. Eastman’s R&D team visits the facilities and closely monitors the testing processes to ensure that each product conforms to international quality standards. Moreover, each item is tested for its properties before it is released into the market. 

  • NG Apparels: One of the best options for finding affordable, designer activewear is to collaborate with the team at NG Apparels. Their team has significant experience designing products for international retailers and manufacturers. Further, they have a proven track record of creating high-quality products sold to customers all over the world. 

NG Apparels has worked with international brands from across the globe. They offer customers unique designs with affordable pricing. Moreover, the company also works on wholesale orders if someone wants to avail of activewear for sale in bulk.

  • KPR Mill Limited: KPR's series of high-quality activewear pieces includes options for women, children, and men. All products are made from 100% conventional and organic cotton, various cotton blends, and transparently sourced, fair-trade pure cotton. Their high-quality products are also animal cruelty-free!

3. Activewear Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Activewear Manufacturers in Bangladesh
  • Mars Apparel Limited: Mars is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality activewear in Bangladesh. Their designers are equipped with the most modern machinery and cutting-edge scientific methods to create the most comfortable, high-quality, and innovative activewear in Bangladesh.
  • Ananta Group: Ananta Group is powered by the collaboration of 4000+ employees. They are pioneers in manufacturing superior quality activewear. Moreover, they have worked with brands such as H&M, Jockey, Zivame, and Anne Summers. 
  • Sunseafashion Group Limited: Sunseafashion Group is an excellent place to start for brands looking for the finest activewear manufacturer in Bangladesh. They provide the seamless production of high-quality activewear, making them one of the best companies with which to work.
  • Epic Group: Epic Group has grown multifold recently to become a trusted brand in the activewear domain. With a focus on delivering activewear in numerous materials and designs, from T-shirts to sports bras to hoodies, Epic Group takes custom orders for products in bulk.
  • DBL Group: Brands that wish to create activewear for a clothing business need not look any further than the largest knit garment manufacturers and exporters of Bangladesh, DBL Group. They are leaders in sourcing quality fabrics. Moreover, DBL has been a state-of-the-art manufacturing company since 1991.


When buying activewear in bulk, it can be challenging to find high-quality clothes at an affordable price. However, there are some great options for brands that are looking for reliable wholesale clothes. To locate even more wholesale activewear manufacturers in India, China, Bangladesh, and other countries, connect with Fashinza.

Fashinza has an alliance with some of the most experienced activewear manufacturers who work for global brands. Some of the regions that we operate from include India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Besides, we have on-ground representatives in each of these countries. 


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