List of Carpet Wholesalers Near Me

List of Carpet Wholesalers Near Me

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Carpets add an entirely new dimension to any space. Hence, if someone wants to give a complete makeover to a home or office without making multiple changes, hanging a few wall carpets and spreading a few on the floor will do the trick. Hence, one should keep the list of carpet wholesalers near me, always handy.

If one lives in India, this is a comprehensive list of carpet wholesalers who deliver items to most of the parts of the country. It is always a good idea to check with the wholesaler with the delivery options, time taken by them to deliver all the goods, and the time they will provide to make the payment. The basic mantra of a good procurement deal for the customer is to procure the best quality materials with the longest credit period for payment.

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  1. Anagha Mart 

Bangalore, Karnataka- Located in the heart of the city in Rajajinagar, this carpet wholesaler near me has very good return policies. If the consumer is unhappy with the quality of the products, they can return them within 7 days, and the company will initiate the refund if the payment has already been made. 

They have the bandwidth to accept bulk orders, and usually, the items are shipped within 1-2 days. The customer can opt for shipping methods- by air/by cargo. Since they accept online payments, the customer does not have to go through the hassle of creating a bank draft and couriering it. The only drawback of this wholesaler is that they do not extend the credit for a long period. However, if one is a regular buyer, they might make exceptions.

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  1. Rajendra Rexine

This company has an annual turnover of about ₹50 lakhs. Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, it is one of the most reliable carpet wholesalers in the area. They are all-India suppliers for designer rexine carpets, rexine floor mats, rexine materials, floor mats, cushion floor mats, EPS sheets, furnishing clothes, etc.

These carpets are perfect for commercial places as they are not made of polyester fiber or wool. They can be cleaned easily, and fashion stores prefer to drape their floors with the same.

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  1. Janata Textiles

This store is located in the heart of the wholesale market in Kolkata, West Bengal- Burrabazar. Samip Agarwal, the current owner, takes pride in the fact that his store was established in 1973, and for close to 50 years, they have been seamlessly supplying carpets and bedsheets to retail units. Their customer satisfaction ratio is very high.

Their customers consider them a genie and depend on their supply chain for urgent deliveries. Many reputed interior designers depend on this store for delivering their projects to the clients on time. 

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  1. Mirza Sons

This establishment sources carpets from more than 8000 authentic weavers from Kashmir valley, and anyone looking for authentic Indian carpets will not be disappointed with their products. The store was established in 1980, and the Government of India recognized it as a golden status export house. They got into the export business in 1989, and the company has a global reputation now.

Located in a posh location of New Friends Colony, this wholesaler sells authentic silk carpets crafted in Kashmir. They have many reputed international clients, and this store has received multiple awards from the Government of India for promoting Indian handicrafts and traditions.

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  1. H.S.O. Gani Carpets

How can one forget the city of Nizams while talking about authentic Indian carpets? This is one of the best carpet wholesalers near me, as the store started operations way back in 1960. Located in Bahadurpura, Hyderabad, Telangana, 

Their designs are global as they have taken inspiration from the carpet weaving industries from China, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan, India, Egypt, and Morocco.

From wool silk carpets to Hajji Jalinin rugs, Chinese wool carpets, modern Tibetan weave bamboo silk carpets to Persian carpets, and many more, they have a collection of many exclusive floor dressings. Many of their products cost ₹1 Lakh and above.

Carpet Wholesale Near Me\r\n
  1. Symphony

They sell modern-looking rugs and carpets, which are loved by the new-age businesses of today. Located in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, they supply their products only in the state of Tamil Nadu. Considering that their annual turnover is close to ₹1 crore, one can imagine what kind of client base they have in the state of Tamil Nadu. They were established just two decades back in the year 2000, and within this time frame, they pretty much became the most popular name in the carpet industry in T.N.

This carpet wholesaler near me has employed the most dedicated and capable team to meet the customer needs of their huge client base. The clients love the unique color combinations and designs which are not readily available with other wholesalers.

Carpet Wholesale Near Me\r\n
  1. Shri Balaji Enterprises

Another city that has preserved the Mughal traditions is Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Since the emperors of the Mughal dynasty gave a lot of boost to artisans creating carpets, Chikankari, and other handicrafts, this city has a huge pool of weavers who have learned the trade from their forefathers.

Shri Balaji Enterprises has expertise in supplying handmade floor carpets and machine-made printed carpets. With an annual turnover between ₹2-5 crores, they surely are very popular amongst the carpet wholesalers near me.

Carpet Wholesale Near Me\r\n
  1. Indiaz Trends

They prefer to blend modern designs with authentic Indian carpet weaving. Along with handicraft carpets, they are a popular wholesaler of leather purses, wallets, silk stoles, ladies fashion wear, bone and wood jewelry, metal and heron jewelry, spices, etc. They are located in the Northern part of Delhi.

This company was established in 1989, and they have an annual turnover of close to ₹100 crores.

Carpet Wholesale Near Me\r\n
  1. Craft Ventures

One always associates Rajasthan with handicraft items. Located in Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, this wholesaler of cotton carpets, floor mats, bed sheets, etc., is a dream come true for retailers looking for furnishings within a tight budget. The quality of the products is great, however, since they do not go for the luxurious Kashmiri or Persian carpets, the prices are very affordable.

The cotton carpets are easy to wash and maintain and do not cost an arm and a leg. The owner of this proprietorship business will happily suggest the best variants for a business owner looking to set up their new stores or store chains.

Carpet Wholesale Near Me\r\n
  1. Carpet Centre

Located in Ambanagar, Surat, Gujarat, this carpet wholesaler near me has all types of floor dressings. They have affordable flooring carpets, roller blinds, metal rolls, metal blinds, tiles, wooden planks, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) carpets, and many other types of materials in their warehouse.

Many fashion houses select them as their subcontractors, as along with floor dressings, they take care of window dressings too. They have a huge collection of room carpets, non-woven carpets, mosque carpets, wall-to-wall carpets, etc. They even offer interior decorating suggestions to the customers who need it. 

They can fulfill the demands of matching the roller blinds for windows along with floor carpets

Carpet Wholesale Near Me\r\n


This list of carpet wholesalers near me is handy for retailers of carpets who are looking to source carpets. Additionally, these contacts can be used for a successful makeover of fashion retail stores/stores and tying them together with a theme. Carpets increase the visual appeal of a store and add a pinch of elegance that attracts customers. Fashinza is a B2B platform that makes apparel manufacturing convenient for global brands Spencer’s, Forever 21, Zink London, and Indian brands like Nykaa, Libas, the souled store, etc. We provide end-to-end support from designing to delivery. Reach out to Fashinza for all sourcing needs.


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