List of Best Ready-Made Garments Manufacturers From India, China, Bangladesh

List of Best Ready-Made Garments Manufacturers From India, China, Bangladesh

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Numerous top garment manufacturing companies in Asia have also become some of the world's leading clothing vendors. They have proved to be successful in major aspects of garment manufacturing, export markets, revenues, and work opportunities for many Asian textiles sectors. The industry has contributed a significant amount to the country's GDP growth in recent years. The greatest ready-made garments producers from India, China, and Bangladesh are listed here.


Ready Made Garments in India\r\n

Here is a list of the best ready-made garments manufacturers from India

Loyal Group

The Loyal Group is among India's major textile and garment conglomerates, offering a wide range of textile and clothing products and services. Three composite factories, a single spinning mill, one dye facility, four apparel manufacturing facilities, one trade cum retailing firm, and a joint venture trading company in Italy make up the Loyal Group. This is also one of India's leading garment exporters, having received official recognition. 

Alok Industries Ltd.

Cotton yarn, clothing fabric, home furnishings, apparel, and synthetic yarn are the five major areas of Alok Industries Ltd, a vertically integrated textile firm that delivers end-to-end solutions. They are India's largest, highly integrated textile corporation, with a stronghold on the Cotton and Polyester markets. Alok's clientele includes regional and international businesses, as well as Indian garment exporters and some of the world's most well-known brands. They are amongst the global highest retailer as well as India's major garment and home textile makers. They have concentrated on world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, unwavering quality standards, and dynamic product development.

KPR Mill

KPR Mill Limited produces yarn, knitted grey, colored fabric, and ready-made garments and is one of India's major vertically integrated clothing manufacturing enterprises. With an annual production capacity of 95 million pieces, the firm boasts one of India's largest garment manufacturing plants. KPR Mill reaches out to worldwide consumers with devotion, high quality, and delivery excellence, manufacturing an exceptional product variety of textile variations like ready-made knitted apparel, melange, carded, polyester, and combed yarn.

Arvind Mill

Arvind Mills, established in 1931 by three siblings, has long been a pillar of the Indian garment industry as a maker of high-end superfine fabrics. Brands including Arrow, Flying Machine, USPA, Mega Mart, New Port, and The Arvind Store have gained market share. Arvind has expanded into several important industries in recent years, including textiles, garments, sophisticated technologies, chemicals and dyes, marketing, construction, and telecommunications.


Here is a list of the best ready-made garments manufacturers from China


Kaisiya first opened its doors in 1992. They are an experienced manufacturer and supplier specializing in garment development, research and development, and production. We now have a 12,000 square meter standard production facility that includes an office building, a renovated standard workshop, a dormitory building, and a recreation space for our employees. All of the items meet international quality requirements and are well-received on the worldwide market. The most up-to-date apparel information from across the world will be sent to customers promptly, thanks to stringent management and flexible operations. The most up-to-date apparel information from across the world will be sent to customers promptly, thanks to rigorous administration and flexible operations.

Hemp Fortex

Hemp Fortex was founded in 1999 to focus on ecologically friendly and economic textile processes. They have a distinctive role as vertically integrated producers. Hemp Fortex obtains the fibers, spins the yarn, weaves, and knits the textiles for the fashion products. To maintain its quality, Hemp Fortex mostly works with its manufacturing sites or other recognized facilities. They focus on providing consumers with textiles like Pure Hemp, Organic Cotton, Wool, and Reclaimed Fiber. It's also worth noting that Hemp Fortex doesn't offer bespoke textiles to new customers. They work with a variety of international brands, namely Patagonia, Prana, Kathmandu, Outerknown, and others.


Since 1998, H&Fourwing has been a manufacturer of women's clothing. For some years, they've been supplying mainstream high-end luxury brands. Consumer style analysis, layout, textile sourcing, and production methods are all available. HFW's main focus was on women's dresses, blouses, tops, and pants.

D&J Garment Co, Ltd.

D&J Garment was established in Guangzhou in 1995 as a women's fashion firm. Professional expertise focused on primary and secondary apparel merchandise for over 20 years. D&J's location near China's largest fabric business, the ZhongDa Fabric Market, allows them to establish new fashion trends by having access to hot, attractive textiles and items. Tobi, Quiz, Format, Dabuwawa, and other European and North American labels and clients have cooperated with D&J.


Ready Made Garments in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the best ready-made garments manufacturers from Bangladesh.

Square Fashions Limited

Square Fashions Limited is yet another well-known Bangladeshi manufacturing company. They are a member of the Square Group of Companies, which manufactures a variety of textile and garment items. They cater to clients and customers not only in native Bangladesh but all around the world. The purpose and mission of this ready-made garments manufacturing firm are to meet consumer demands. Square Fashions Limited is headquartered are in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Asian Apparels Limited

Asian Apparels Limited is a renowned ready-made garments manufacturing firm based in Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide clothing services to their consumers, as well as laundry services. In recent years, Asian Apparels Ltd has focused more on adhering to all applicable social, ethical, environmental, and quality systems in order to create a more sustainable, safe, and healthful workplace in manufacturing.

Fakir Group

Fakir Group is a company that produces synthetic knit garments, garment labels, publishing and marketing, wood and paper production, and much more. FGL has already established a reputation as the most trusted garments company for high-quality knitted apparel in a variety of designs. Throughout its industrialization efforts, the Fakir Group has placed a strong emphasis on recognizing and inventing industrial and business connectivity needs, and has taken all necessary steps to meet those needs.

At present, the Fakir Group is focusing on being one of the best and largest conglomerates in the nation, particularly in the garment sector, with over 12,000 people employed by its member firms. They offer level design, garment production, and knit clothing as part of their services. This ready-made garments company and has a factory situated in Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Opex Sinha Group

Opex & Sinha Textiles Group is among Bangladesh's largest exporters of ready-made clothes. Opex Sinha Group manufactures high-quality, complete goods and provides services in both domestic and international markets. Sinha Group has two companies in the apparels business: Medlar Group and Opex Group. The Sinha Group has created a strong backup connection facility, as well as the most contemporary and largest weaving, spinning, knitwear, and other projects. They are based in Kanchpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and distribute their ready-made garments on a large scale to the worldwide market.


The manufacturing industry's primary goal is to reach its facilities on a worldwide scale. In addition, they are attaining technical advancements in their services. Join us at Fashinza now to get access to tens of thousands of Asia's finest ready-made garments firms. 


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