How to Source USA Made T-shirts in 7 Days?

How to Source USA Made T-shirts in 7 Days?

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If you are an online fashion house, retail store chain or print store owner looking for a continuous supply of T-shirts within the 51 states in the USA, then this article is for you. For the last two decades, the trend has been that end-users buy blank USA made T-shirts and get their own customized designs printed. Some prefer the picture of their family or friends, some prefer to get a slogan written and universities, schools and corporates prefer to get their logo and mission statements printed for branding.

Time Taken for The Shipment to be Delivered to the Shipping Address

Many USA made T-shirt bulk suppliers will help the store owners or e-commerce business owners in the USA to source T-shirts to their own stores in any of the 51 states within 7 days. The delivery speed depends on the distance from the warehouse of the T-shirt manufacturing company.

If the warehouse of the bulk manufacturer is located on the East Coast and has to be shipped to any state in the Pacific region like CA (California), NV (Nevada), AZ (Arizona) etc. it will take longer time. It also depends on the type of delivery the client chooses. Standard delivery normally takes 3-5 days, express delivery takes 2-3 days and premium delivery takes 1 day in most of the states.

If the end-customer is located in Alaska or Hawaii which is far away from the mainland USA, and connected through the Pacific Ocean, then it can take up to 7 days. Customers have access to various types of shipping modes, including by air, sea, or land. 

Different Carriers to Choose for your Shipments

Different Carriers to Choose for your Shipments

Using the right carrier and negotiating for a bulk business package for your monthly shipping needs will be an ideal solution for the garment manufacturing unit to ensure that the retail chains, e-commerce companies and fashion houses they are transacting with receive the best delivery service. The returns too should be handled seamlessly to ensure good customer service experience for them.  

This American MNC is known for its SCM (supply chain management) and logistics services. It is the largest courier company not only in the US, but across the globe with an annual turnover of $85 billion dollars USD (2020)

DHL International GmbH was originally founded in San Francisco, USA, in 1969. From 1998 to 2001 Deutsche Post acquired the shares and currently the company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The turnover was 66.8 billion euros in 2020 with operations in 220 countries across the globe. 

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee FedEx Corporation is again an MNC with a turnover of USD183.959 Billion (As per Mar 31, 2021). They have 13 Air express hubs and there 2200 office locations for the company. The services are the most expensive; however their customer-service is world class.

Paying Shipping Tax

Out of the 51 states 45 US states and Washington DC have a sales tax which any cargo passing through the borders have to pay. As per the USA Federal rules, all the states have the authority to govern their state tax laws. Hence the garment manufacturing company which will send bulk-orders to different states needs to be aware of each state's law before deciding the delivery charges for that state.

The norms were relaxed for the online sellers in the recent years, however one needs to be aware of the state laws. For example, the state of Massachusetts (MA) has given exemption to online sellers to collect sales tax on shipping charges to many categories of products.

Exemption on Sales Tax

If the garment manufacturer, instead of availing services of a carrier like UPS, DHL or FedEx, delivers products in their own vehicles, or the customer picks up consignments from the warehouse of the garment manufacturer, then sales tax may be exempt, depending on the state of sourcing. 

While printing the invoice, the logistics team needs to be aware of these rules. It is always a good idea to invest in a good invoicing software which has incorporated these rules in the backend algorithm. That will ensure that human errors are reduced and there are less complaints and escalations later for incorrect invoicing.

Some of the Most Reliable USA made T-shirt Bulk Suppliers

Some of the Most Reliable USA made T-shirt Bulk Suppliers

Needen is one of the most sought-after wholesale USA made T-shirts bulk supplier companies in America. The fashion house which is ordering from them can use the benefit of free shipping for order value exceeding $129.

T-shirts, Polo Shirts and a wide variety of selection is available with this garment manufacturer and procurer. Inexpensive blank T-shirts are the most sold items by this company. Any retail store owner or e-commerce portal owner can choose from 85 brands which this company has tied up with. The main hub is located in Southern California and they have a huge distribution network across the USA.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, this company sources multiple clothing items like sportswear, T-shirts, socks, fleece, and other accessories. The end-customer placing the order will receive a 50% shipping discount across the US excluding Alaska and Hawaii on orders exceeding $500.


The retail chain owners, e-commerce portal procurement teams, fashion houses always dread the situation when they do not have enough stock in their inventory. With the holidays coming up starting with the thanksgiving week on November 25, 2021 (Thursday) and black Friday sale, this is the last thing they would want to end up in. Hence it is a good idea to stock up the inventory with USA Made T- shirts and gear up for the holidays. 

Find out more information on sourcing USA made t-shirts in as little as 7 days, only on Fashinza.


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