How To Source Products From American Carpet Wholesalers?

How To Source Products From American Carpet Wholesalers?

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For those who own a carpet business, choosing to source products from wholesalers is one of the smartest decisions they can ever make. Cost-effective products, great variety, and excellent coverage are some advantages of sourcing from wholesalers. It also helps businesses stay abreast with the latest trends and stay at the top of the game.

Apart from this, the backing of at least two to three wholesalers will also ensure the smooth delivery of products and raw materials. It will further help companies scale up their business operations in the coming times. Here is a six-step guide to buying products from American carpet wholesalers for the businesses that are new to sourcing.

Steps to Source Products from Wholesalers

Sourcing products can seem to be an overwhelming task initially. But these steps can help make the entire process smooth and easy.

Product Research

Product Research

First and foremost, businesses need to identify the products they would like to source from the wholesalers. However, they must ensure that they source products that will help drive their sales.

Keeping the current trends in mind and consumer preferences will help them pick the best products at the best time. Apart from this, businesses should also use tools to forecast upcoming trends and identify products accordingly. With all this data, businesses can make better and more informed decisions.

Contact Potential Suppliers

It is one of the most crucial steps of product sourcing from carpet wholesalers. Businesses need to use their networking skills to reach the best American carpet wholesaler. They can attend trade shows, business fairs, and trade publications for this purpose.

Moreover, businesses can also use online directories and other platforms to identify potential suppliers who can supply high-quality and cost-effective products.

Ask for Samples

Finalising a wholesale supplier without knowing the quality and variety of their products can cost businesses dearly in the long run. Therefore, experts recommend asking for samples before signing any papers.

Moreover, testing and discussing the sample results with the team members will ensure that the best supplier is hired for the business. Many leading carpet business houses also share these samples with the customers to get their feedback.



Many businesses prefer to go for a trial run before finalising the products. It is a smart way to assess product quality and consumer reactions. This trial run is usually conducted on selected stores with maximum footfall. And the buyers are asked to pick products only from the supplier’s lineup.

They need to determine and explain their buying parameters and KPIs (key performance indicators) during the trial run. The information collected here will help businesses pick the best products for American carpet wholesalers.

Evaluate Wholesalers

Once the trial run ends, it is time to evaluate the wholesalers who participated in it. Quality, packaging, and performance of products should be considered while making this decision. That’s not all. Was the product successful in meeting business goals? What was the reaction of the buyers?

Did the shipment or delivery arrive on time? And are buyers willing to go ahead with these products in the future as well? These are some questions that will also help businesses reach the right conclusion. On a professional note, businesses should give constructive and honest feedback to every wholesaler who participated in this trial run.

Keep Supplier Options

Buyers expect to see their favourites on the store shelves on every visit. And not finding what they want can be a massive blow to their trust in the brand. Many businesses make a mistake by selecting only one wholesaler for their stores. Depending on a single supplier can backfire during uncertain times.

Therefore, experts recommend keeping supplier options to ensure seamless product supply throughout the year. And the best way to do it is by selecting at least two to three wholesale suppliers. This simple decision will ensure a smooth product supply 24*7. It will also offer a hassle-free buying experience to the customers.

Bottom Line

Sourcing products from American carpet wholesalers single-handedly might seem overwhelming initially. Experts recommend trusting the best in the industry to ensure 100% safety in dealings. It is where Fashinza comes into the picture.

It is a leading B2B apparel company that aims to bridge the gap between brands and wholesale suppliers. Fashinza connects businesses with the best suppliers in the market. It also lets them track orders and receive daily manufacturing updates. Connect with them today and get rid of all your supplier related issues.


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