How to Source Ginned Cotton for a Brand or Factory

How to Source Ginned Cotton for a Brand or Factory

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A cotton gin or cotton engine is a machine used to separate cotton from its seeds and dust particles. The raw form of cotton is extracted using a cotton gin. Further, the separated fibers are used in cotton goods, while the purest form of cotton is used in textiles for clothing manufacturing processes. Ginned cotton is called lint cotton, and this machine has decreased the huge amounts of labor and time required for separating the seeds from the cotton fibers. 

Sourcing ginned cotton is a tremendous responsibility for a designer. It is a crucial component for the production of clothes in their factory, as the quality of the cotton used will determine the quality of clothes produced by the brand. Sourcing is all about finding the best supplier for obtaining the fabric for the brand or company. Factories and brands should contact the best suppliers around the world and source the finest ginned cotton for manufacturing clothes.

Designers can purchase ginned cotton either online or offline. They can directly contact the wholesalers or go to the shops. Mills are also one of the best options to source cotton. Furthermore, online websites and apps deliver ginned cotton globally on order. To make their brand stand out and manufacture the best clothes in their factories, designers should carefully pick the highest-quality ginned cotton

Ways to Source Ginned Cotton 

Here are a few options on how to source the finest ginned cotton for factories or brands. 

1. Cotton Mills

Sourcing is a complex process. One must have detailed knowledge about cotton and its purity. Moreover, one should never compromise on the quality of the fiber. Sourcing ginned cotton from the cotton mills is the best option to get the purest form of fiber. 

If anyone is looking to buy tons of cotton, cotton mills are the places to go. The buyers can visit the mills and select the cotton they find suitable for their brand or company. As cotton is a natural fiber, its quality should be assessed and only then manufactured for yarn. The most competent companies look for the best quality cotton and not just the most affordable.

2. Supply Chain

Ginned Cotton

A supply chain is a network of suppliers and companies. It is yet another better option to source ginned cotton. Suppliers have their supply chains all over the world, which connect diverse companies and buyers to the highest-quality ginned cotton

Once the cotton is brought for ginning, it is transported to the cotton mills. The suppliers collaborate with the mills and supply pure cotton from there to the buyers. One can get in touch with the supplier, discuss the quality of the cotton, and place a bulk order. The supplier delivers the purest cotton directly from the cotton mills. 

Brands should note that suppliers have a massive supply chain globally, so they can select the cotton from wherever they want and place an order to have it delivered to their doorsteps. With this, the buyers get a wide range of fiber of the best possible quality. 

3. Wholesale

Sourcing involves finding not only the highest quality of ginned cotton but also good deals. Wholesalers provide the best fibers at a very low rate. They usually sell the cotton in a bulk order to the companies or factories. 

The companies profit by approaching wholesalers for sourcing the cotton, as they always have a bulk order for their company to manufacture textiles and clothes. The buyer gets cotton at a lower rate as compared to the price range quoted in cotton mills. Brands can contact the wholesaler and ask them for samples or simply visit them to select the cotton, order it in bulk, and have it delivered.

4. Online Sourcing

Buyers can source ginned cotton online via different websites or apps. It is an easy and handy process without being involved physically. One of the best online sources of ginned cotton is Fashinza

Fashinza is an apparel manufacturing platform that helps in connecting fashion brands to suppliers. We look after the entire production process, from manufacturing to delivering products such as ginned cotton. We have partnerships with several brands that place their order with one click. They can track it, get updates every day, communicate with the suppliers or manufacturers online, and pay online without hassle. 

Wrapping Up

Ginned Cotton

Now that brands know the various ways to source ginned cotton, here are a few final things to keep in mind.

  • Ginned cotton is the purest form of cotton fabric in cotton mills. So, brands should select the appropriate quality to manufacture the best clothes. 
  • Brands and factories should make sure to source organic cotton only.
  • Brands and factories should set a budget target for sourcing ginned cotton based on the amount they can pay, accounting for their yearly budget.
  • Brands should be specific about the quantity of ginned cotton and look for a supplier who fulfills their requirements. 
  • Brands should always keep track of the supply chains while ordering fabrics. 
  • Brands and factories should sign a contract with suppliers to enhance the planning reliability on both sides. They should be crystal clear in establishing their terms and conditions. 
  • Communication is the most critical factor. Brands should keep in regular touch with the supplier. They should also communicate with people who can provide advice on how to source ginned cotton.

Brands and factories that are looking for platforms to source the highest-quality ginned cotton to manufacture high-quality clothes should get in touch with Fashinza. Fashinza has an alliance with the most experienced suppliers who work for global brands. Some of the regions that we operate from include India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Furthermore, we have on-ground representatives in each of these countries. 

From menswear, womenswear, and kidswear to sportswear, we have it all. What’s more, it is extremely easy and affordable to get started on our platform. As a brand, we are exceedingly selective about the suppliers that we work with every day. That is why Fashinza is an ideal platform for brands and factories that need help with sourcing ginned cotton. We verify each vendor and follow sustainable production practices.


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