How To Source Chinese Clothing In The US?

How To Source Chinese Clothing In The US?

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China is one of the cheapest countries for retailers and manufacturers to source their clothing and other garments in America. China is one of the largest economies in the 21st century. Even though other south-Asian countries are entering the global clothing market, China is still on top because of its fast delivery and top quality of products. Many small and medium-sized companies have difficulty affording Chinese suppliers. But, there are ways to source those suppliers for them too. Chinese clothing holds power in the global market even with high competition. China has many options for sourcing manufacturers, and it is crucial to select the best among them!

Why is China leading the global clothing industry?

It is essential to understand why China is at the top of its game in providing the best garments worldwide. Several factors impact how China carries out its business of delivering the best quality in their goods and why Chinese clothing is the most sought after. Some of these factors are –

  • Minimal labour costs 

Clothing and garment production and manufacture require and demand a large amount of manual labour, irrespective of location. Compared to other clothing manufacturing countries, China offers the necessary amount of work at a significantly reduced cost. Lower costs reduce overhead expenses and create scope for growth in the long run.

  • Quality manufacturing methods and production skills 
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The business of clothing is quick, and that is why some organisations need a large number of garments to be manufactured in a short period. Because of this, China has developed great production processes and skill sets to meet this type of high demand from its clients. Chinese clothing is in demand because of high investment in technology and other resources. 

  • Chain supply efficiency 

The efficiency in the supply chain offered by China is the best among all. Manufacturers and producers in China provide a highly developed and well-thought stream of logistical options that helps in delivering quality goods in no time. This allows the businesses to have speedy growth. 

  • Well established product manufacturing 

China has the edge over all other competitors in garment manufacturing. It has a well-known history of creating apparel in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Chinese clothing is known to be versatile. Because of this edge, China has a lot to offer to business firms concerning their clothing demands. 

Quality of Chinese garments 

China is known to have superior quality in its manufactured goods. The quality of manufactured clothing depends on the manufacturer that a business firm chooses or sources for their clothes to be produced. It is essential to make the right call, as a large amount of money is invested in hiring a proper manufacturer. 

How to hire the right clothing manufacturer in China by an American clothing brand?

China has been in the global clothing market for way too long, and thus there are several manufacturers to source clothing from. Although, a well-informed decision has to be made when choosing the best or ideal manufacturer for a particular clothing brand, and many factors are to be considered to conclude. China has a lot of promise, because of which Chinese clothing is infamous. Here are some ways to look out for good Chinese manufacturers –

  • Hiring through third party organisations

Third-party agencies have a lot of experience in hiring and looking out for Chinese manufacturers, so a clothing brand that does not have experience in that area can easily take the help of these organisations to look for the ideal clothing manufacturer. 

  • Online clothing markets in China 

Several electronic commerce sites in China offer great business services for clothing manufacturers. Some of these sites are – 

  • Alibaba 
  • Made in China 
  • Global source 

These sites allow manufacturers to communicate with other manufacturers regarding their needs and requirements. 

  • Fashion exhibitions in China 

China is known for hosting and organizing many trade shows and various types of fashion exhibitions all around the world. These exhibitions and shows can act out as probable opportunities to get in touch with various clothing manufacturers who can be hired. 

  • Social platforms like LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the best social mediums for professional and business purposes. Clothing businesses who want to hire or source manufacturers for their garments, then using this platform can be very effective to contact experienced manufacturers. 

Tips to keep in mind when hiring a Chinese clothing manufacturer 

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Chinese clothing is doing so well in the global market because of the techniques and tricks used by Chinese businessmen in the brands that help them grow and sell globally. Here are tips a clothing brand in the US should keep in mind while hiring a manufacturer in China – 

  • Studying the rules about importation and other important regulations 

A brand looking to import clothes from the US at low prices should first educate themselves about what the country's law says about the importation of goods from China. Some nations forbid the import and export of clothing goods from one country to another country or from another country to their particular country. The US offers no such prohibition on exportation and importation from other countries. 

  • Rates of various duties and taxes 

There are many duties and taxes, such as customs duty and many import-export taxes. It is essential to know about these taxes and duties as these amounts of money will be paid during sale and purchase.

  • Acquiring licences and permits 

Similar to customs duty and various taxes, it is important to know the many types of licences and permits a business firm needs to get started in the importation process. 

  • Hiring a supplier or manufacturer from China 

This is one of the most important steps to import clothes from China. Hiring a supplier or manufacturer can make the process easy by a lot. Chinese clothing gets imported at a faster pace when a supplier is chosen.

  • Figuring out the prices and deciding the minimum quantity of import

The manufacturer offers a price, and it is important for the buyer to know the market price and if what the seller offers is too high or affordable for the buyer. The prices of Chinese clothing should be studied very carefully because they can vary, and it is essential to educate oneself about the minimum quantity of goods the seller sells.

  • Dropshipping 

Dropshipping options should be taken into consideration as this aids in avoiding a lot of expenditures such as shipping, packaging, warehousing, storage, and employee-related costs. The only factors to consider are advertising and selling costs which will come in handy.

  • Buying sample goods 

Purchasing samples of Chinese clothing is important to assess the quality that one buyer wants to import. Chinese clothes come in various shapes and sizes are generally smaller than what is sold in the US and the UK. 

  • Free shipping 

It is effective to choose a supplier or manufacturer that offers a free shipping facility as it saves the buyer’s future expense of figuring out shipping options. Many manufacturers or sellers offer a free shipping facility, while on the other hand, many suppliers don’t. A well-informed decision is necessary for this aspect. 

  • Keeping several manufacturers handy 

It is not feasible to just choose a single supplier or seller when a clothing brand is just starting. A clothing firm should expand its expenditure to hire sellers to make many options available. 

  • Selling one's goods and receiving feedback. 

Selling Chinese clothing is a smart way to observe how good or bad they are doing in a well-functioning market. Receiving feedback would directly affect the hired manufacturer, seller, or supplier's performance. 

  • Looking out for the best location where manufacturers are 

Most manufacturers in China are located in Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu. The best and the ideal manufacturer should be chosen from this available pool of options. 

  • Ensuring one’s safety while doing business with a manufacturer 

As much as goods from China are produced at low costs as compared to other countries, there is still a factor of risk present while doing business while dealing with a manufacturer. Therefore, a clothing brand needs to protect itself while engaging in business with a Chinese manufacturer. 

  • Hiring a lawyer 

It is helpful to have proper legal protection when a clothing brand decides to invest huge amounts of funds in doing business with a Chinese manufacturer. 

Conclusion Importing clothing wholesale from China is very economically feasible, and a very easy option as China is the leading economy in the global clothing market. The reason it is topping the list even around so many competitors is that it offers low labour costs and amazing supply chain efficiency. It has a good edge with logistical developments. China has great acquired experience in manufacturing and production of goods. This deep experience allows importers all over the world to trust China for the manufacture of their clothes. Fashinza is a manufacturing medium that educates and tells its customers all they need to know about production and manufacturing.


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