How to Source Burlap Tablecloths in Bulk at Low Cost

How to Source Burlap Tablecloths in Bulk at Low Cost

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We know ‘rustic’ is your thing, and you have that classy and unique gift for thinking up pleasing decor to beautify any room. And you already know that a burlap tablecloth artfully draped across the dining room table is almost impossible to beat in its attractiveness. Likewise, a simple table-runner is often eye-catching and may completely transform the mood of a place. There is no shortage of the variety of table-runners you might choose from if you are into rustic. 

Burlap may embellish the ambiance of a room with remarkable grace and beauty, giving a very unique and distinctive touch to the entire decor. In addition, many people enjoy combining burlap with lace, combining the rough texture of burlap with the delicate and gentle touch of lace. 

This article takes you through all the essential facts and information you need to know for sourcing burlap tablecloths at no additional cost.

What makes burlap tablecloths attractive?

Jute burlap tablecloths are a premium-grade, tightly woven fabric with smooth edges that can add a rustic touch to any table’s decor. Burlap tablecloths are incredibly versatile and innovative and may be used for various occasions and purposes. This makes them a huge hit among customers who use it to add the final touches to table settings, mix and match different color combinations of tablecloths to achieve an earthy effect, and light up the room. Burlap is extremely versatile as a decor item.

Burlap features

  • Burlap is made from the skin of the jute plant, which grows primarily in India. It is commonly called Hessian in many countries like Canada and the US. The jute plant grows between 10 and 12 feet high and is biodegradable. Jute is used to make ropes, nets, and similar products.
  • Burlap is considered a breathable fabric. The elegant and chic Burlap tablecloth is perfect for a woodland, barn, and vintage look. Along with tablecloths, Burlap makes curtains, gift bags, wreaths, bunting, cushions, and much more.
  • Versatility is again a distinctive feature of burlap. It comes in different sizes, lengths, weights, and construction. As a result, it can be used to make multiple products, of which burlap tablecloth is much loved!
  • Burlap can stand repeated wetting and drying without any significant loss of strength. 
  • 100% environment-friendly product that is completely biodegradable and recyclable, making it much loved in the fashion world.

Best sources to procure burlap tablecloths

With their distinctiveness, burlap tablecloths can add richness and character to any dining environment. Burlap table-runners are available from various sources, including the staple BurlapFabric.com.

Other than that, you can get pretty good deals on Amazon.com, daybag.com, alibaba.com, and bbcrafts.com, to mention a few. You can buy burlap in bulk rolls as well.

Key pointers to look at before buying burlap tablecloths in bulk

1. First, decide whether you want to buy from a wholesaler representing numerous brands or wholesalers selling only one brand in bulk. If there is a worldwide supply chain issue with one brand or a particular fabric, you can buy another brand in a similar material already in stock. If you don't have a favorite brand, a company that sells a variety of brands can assist you in experimenting to find the ideal fabrics and pricing for your artistic and financial goals.

2. Make sure that the websites you're comparing are legitimate before comparing prices. While this may appear to be a no-brainer, hundreds of websites pose as authentic to capture credit card information for orders that never come. It's easier than ever to create a genuine-looking website, making it difficult to distinguish genuine sites from frauds.

3. Confirm that the domain name of the wholesale apparel distributor matches the name of the store, ideally one that you recognize, to ascertain the authenticity of the wholesaler.

4. Check for an SSL certificate on the website.

5. Examine online reviews to ensure that the website is legitimate.

Burlap tablecloths are simple to order and arrive swiftly and reliably. They can be purchased in bulk or individually at reasonable prices, but make sure to examine all details, including price, substance, and appearance. On the other hand, direct sourcing from factories will help you save money on procurement.

How to contact wholesalers

An excellent wholesale clothes supplier will usually work with you to suit your requirements. Therefore, professionally approaching them is crucial. Part of this entails explaining what you want rather than assuming the provider will know what you require. Here are a few pointers on how to approach a wholesaler:

  • Before approaching, be aware of your source strategy. For example, you want to buy wholesale if you don't want to dropship and don't want to private-label your products.
  • A seller's permission or a business license is required. Some retailers will not even ask for permission, but having one or obtaining consent may enable you to purchase free of tax, depending on your state's tax laws. 

Shop eBay, Amazon, or department store sales

Before you go this route, keep in mind that eBay and Amazon vendors aren't always well-vetted, so make sure your seller has a legitimate selling history as well as, if possible, a website. You can't rely on reviews alone because they're sometimes false or paid for. Otherwise, both Amazon and eBay have many vendors who sell high-quality bulk apparel. Several Asian markets also use these kinds of websites to sell globally.

Sizes and dimensions for burlap tablecloths

Burlap tablecloths are created from high-quality, natural jute materials that effortlessly add charm and refinement to table settings. When manufactured using the correct color choices and innovative equipment, burlap can be worked on in various ways and can completely transform the aesthetic of any venue. It is available in the following dimensions:

  • Round burlap tablecloths are available in two sizes: 90 inches and 120 inches, and are perfect for creating a lovely and rustic atmosphere.
  • Rectangular burlap tablecloths are available in three sizes: 90 x 132 inches, 90 x 156 inches, and 60 x 126 inches, and have a refined and rustic look.
  • Square burlap tablecloths come in 60 × 60 and 72 x 72-inch sizes, with a resilient fabric that may be tailored for a lovely look.
  • Various color, design, and size options are available at any online store, including black, red, purple, natural burlap, white, imitation burlap rolls, and many others.

Returns and shipping

Burlap tablecloth orders are shipped via UPS, and the cost of UPS shipping is passed on to the consumer. All orders are typically shipped within one to three business days, subject to the delivery location. 


Is it possible to see a fabric color in person before placing an order?

We strongly advise you to do so! Pick up a free sample to view the exact fabric color in person. 

Is it possible to place an order over the phone?

All standard (non-custom) products must be ordered online. Customer service representatives may help you process and place an order online.

Is it possible for you to accept purchase orders?

Your order may be qualified for Net 15 Terms if you are a government organization (state or federal) or an academic school/college/university. In the case of Net 15 terms, the customer must pay within 15 days. There are terms also like Net 30 and Net 60 subject to what is acceptable to the vendor. 

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Depending on the products selected, most orders will ship within one to four business days depending on the chosen products. Larger orders may require extra processing or handling time.


Burlap tablecloth is manufactured from the finest Jute and can transform any event, wedding, or ambiance into a rustic and chic look. It can be easily procured in bulk, but you need to ensure the vendor is authentic and the fabric is of top-notch quality. Check on pricing being offered against the market price, packaging, shipping, and other related terms and conditions. 


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