How to Get Best Deals from Manufacturers While Buying Curtains on Wholesale

How to Get Best Deals from Manufacturers While Buying Curtains on Wholesale

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Any big organization which has multiple offices in one city or multiple cities/countries needs to spend a lot of money on furnishing it. Curtains and drapes are some of the essential items which the procurement manager needs to procure at the best prices with extended credit periods.

Even hotel housekeeping managers need to buy curtains wholesale. If the hotel has a chain of properties located in multiple cities/countries, maintaining the same color and décor pattern becomes quite challenging.

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Read further to find the best tips and tricks every procurement manager should follow while buying curtains wholesale.

1. Promising regular business:

Every businessman makes concessions for their regular customers. Hence, if the procurement manager positions themselves as someone who will order curtains wholesale on a regular basis, then it will be easier for them to get the best deal. If one is into a new relationship with a manufacturer, then showing proof of purchase for the previous financial year will be a good idea. If the relationship is a mature one, a good procurement manager can get better deals from the curtain manufacturer as they already have an established relationship.

Promising regular business

2. Negotiating other benefits:

Apart from the price, the procurement manager looking for curtains wholesale can negotiate on other things too. They can ask the manufacturer of curtains to extend the credit period so that the company can make use of that cash for other purposes. If it is a new relationship, then the curtain manufacturer will request a down payment to ensure their production. A good procurement manager can build that rapport with the curtains wholesale manufacturer and get a lower down payment amount.

The procurement manager can even request faster shipping without paying extra if they need the curtains urgently. Sometimes they can even ask the curtains manufacturer to take extra time if there is no urgency in receiving the final products. This will improve the relationship with the manufacturer, which will help the procurement team in the long run. 

Asking for better discounts if the invoices are settled before the negotiated time is a good idea. Then on each invoice, the procurement team can claim discounts by paying early.

Negotiating other benefits

3. Talking to multiple suppliers:

It is never a good idea to finalize any deal without having multiple quotes. So even if the first curtains wholesale manufacturer has given a good price, still it is advisable to take multiple quotes. The procurement team should always inform the manufacturer about better quotes from the competitors. This will put pressure on the curtains wholesale manufacturer and they will end up giving a further cheaper quote.

Talking to multiple suppliers

4. Increasing down payment amount:

When the relationship is new, the curtains wholesale manufacturers often worry about receiving the money on time. If the procurement team puts 70% of the invoice value as down-payment, then the manufacturer gets an assurance. Often on those grounds, they end up offering further discounts on the balance amount.

Increasing down payment amount

5. Being stringent about quality parameters:

Curtains wholesale manufacturers often end up using inferior materials when they offer larger discounts. They want to keep their margins intact, and the quality of the curtains suffers. One needs to jot down the terms and conditions, penalty clauses in the contract.

Also, keeping the jurisdiction information clear too is a good idea. The procurement team might be in Chennai and the manufacturer might be located in Punjab. In a situation when a court case happens, whether it will be tried in the session courts of Tamil Nadu or Punjab should be mentioned clearly in the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding/Sale agreement).

Being stringent about quality parameters

6. Becoming a tough negotiator:

Even if the company procuring the curtains is new in the business, the curtains wholesale manufacturer should never get to feel that. The procurement manager should never accept the first offer they made. If the company buying the curtains has done good market research and found out about the prices and offerings of its competitors, it will be easier for them to get a better deal.

The key is in not accepting the first offer made by the curtains wholesale manufacturer. The procurement team should quote the prices of other competitors and talk about the future long-term relationship.

Becoming a tough negotiator

7. Consolidating businesses:

If the company buying the curtains is a huge corporation or hotel chain, and they have multiple curtain wholesale manufacturers for their various locations, the best thing will be to consolidate the businesses. Selecting the top three suppliers in three different regions will diversify the procurement process adequately, without putting all the eggs in one basket.

One can even tell the curtain wholesale manufacturers that they are further looking at consolidating their suppliers. Maybe in the future, if they supply good quality curtains in a timely fashion, they might get the businesses of the other two suppliers. 

One should not do this, as having only one supplier can be a risky situation. Just in case that one supplier fails to supply on time, it will cause inconvenience to the business. However, telling it to the curtains wholesale manufacturers makes them hopeful for more business in the future, and they will seamlessly send good quality materials on time.

Consolidating businesses

8. Being a good customer:

Being a good customer always helps to build a relationship with the curtains wholesale manufacturer in the longer run. If the manufacturer has to keep on following up for payments, then soon, they might not want to have you as a customer.

If the procurement manager keeps on requesting free samples of curtains but does not place orders, the curtain wholesale manufacturers would understand their ultimate motive. They might start avoiding such customers. So being a customer whom everyone wants to do business with is the long-term mantra to get the best deals from the curtains wholesale manufacturers in the market. One should not forget that such information travels fast in the market place and the reputation can be built or spoilt based on such customer behaviors. 

Being a good customer


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