How to find an ethical and budget-friendly Chinese clothing manufacturer?

How to find an ethical and budget-friendly Chinese clothing manufacturer?

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From the days of the Silk Road, China has been manufacturing and exporting its fine fabrics to all parts of the world. If you are a garment retailer or fashion designer who wants to import quality fabrics from China, you need to follow some crucial steps to find the best Chinese clothing manufacturers. However, if you are a cloth retailer who wants to find clothing manufacturers, which are using ethical methods to manufacture clothes, you firstly need to understand who an ethical clothing manufacturer is.

Who is an Ethical Clothing Manufacturer?

To safeguard nature from the harmful end product of the cloth manufacturing units, several wholesale clothing manufacturers in China and worldwide are opting for eco-friendly methods to manufacture fabrics. The chemicals they use are eco-friendly and are not as toxic as what other clothing manufacturers traditionally use. Some of the key parameters on which you can test whether a clothing manufacturer uses ethical means or not are as follows:

GOTS Certification

GOTS certification stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. This certification is awarded on the basis of the quality of clothes and the manufacturing process. 

Blue Sign

Blue Sign

Blue Sign is a regulatory body that checks the quality of chemicals used in the manufacture of clothes. So if any of the Chinese clothing manufacturers have passed these regulatory bodies, you can mark them as ethical clothing manufacturers.

Fashion Positive

It is a certification process that certifies a company based on the raw materials they employ while manufacturing their products. If a company uses sustainable materials for their manufacturing process to produce a recyclable cloth, they will get certified by this institution.

Power Source

The power source used by the clothing manufacturer should ideally be a renewable source of energy, such as solar or wind power. 

Along with these parameters, there are some government and private organizations in China that will help you locate all the ethical wholesale clothing manufacturers in China

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

MIIT of China has released a list of all the Chinese clothing manufacturers. All the factories in this list are marked as green factories. You can also access this list from their official website and contact the type of factory you want for your retail business. 

Green Trade Fairs

These trade fairs are an interesting way to interact with all the companies producing sustainable clothes in China. In this fair, delegates from every sustainable cloth manufacturing company come together to exchange fashion ideas.

How to Pick Budget-Friendly Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China?

There are a lot of ways in which you can locate budget-friendly clothing manufacturers in China. All you need to do is to follow these steps to find the right factory for yourself, which is budget-friendly but also does not compromise on quality:

Find Their Product Specialization

Before you make the final call, you need to ensure that the factory you are choosing for your business has good knowledge of the kind of cloth you seek to manufacture. Therefore, you need to check their quality certifications to find the category of clothes they specialize in. 

Check The MOQ

Check The MOQ

Almost all the wholesale clothing manufacturers in China have a minimum number of units of clothing that one must buy to get their order accepted. So, you should ask the manufacturing units about their MOQ, and if your budget allows such a huge purchase, you can move forward with the proposal. However, some clothing manufactures also offer discounts on large orders. So if you are visiting China to buy clothes, ensure that you have a large requirement to avail a fair discount on the price.

Quality Of The Fabric

For several cloth retailers, the quality of the fabric is of prime importance, and to ensure that you get the right quality of the fabric, you should ask the clothing manufacturer for some samples. Although this is a long drawn process, it will surely give you an idea of the quality of cloth based on your budget. 

Look For International Audit Reports

Some international regulatory bodies work to examine the quality of cloth and the manufacturing process of a particular clothing manufacturer. This body ensures that the manufacturing unit is not misusing its workers and resources and is producing good quality fabric without inflicting any major damages to nature. BSCI and Sedex are the international bodies responsible for assessing these companies and releasing the audit reports.

Negotiate The Cost

Before you make the final call, you should at least negotiate the cost of each unit with the clothing manufacturer. Chinese clothing manufacturers in different cities of China will offer different costs per unit. This difference in cost is due to several reasons such as:

  • Transportation costs
  • Quality of cloth produced 
  • Strength of labor force a manufacturing company has
  • The number of units ordered
  • Quality of raw materials used
  • Import duty that particular company needs to pay

Some Of The Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in China

In China, there are a lot of clothing manufacturers, but the following clothing manufacturers top the charts:

  • Ali express 
  • Chinabrands
  • Alibaba
  • DHgate
  • Yaaku 
  • SheInside
  • Zaful
  • Banggood
  • TBDress.com
  • Tomtop
  • Maxuce

All the above-listed clothing manufacturers have an active network of international retailers and facilitate good quality clothes with cheap transportation costs. However, if you want to buy clothes from the Chinese market, you can either visit Futian or Guangzhou wholesale market. 

If you want to get ethical Chinese products, all you have to do is follow these above-mentioned steps and parameters. However, if you are still not sure which clothing manufacturer is ideal for you, you should get in touch with Fashinza. Fashinza helps clothing brands to manufacture their collections by connecting them with suppliers. We overlook the entire production process from design to delivery - our partner brands only need to place the order. 


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