How to Buy and Resell Wholesale Clothes? List of Suppliers

How to Buy and Resell Wholesale Clothes? List of Suppliers

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The Indian market is rich in clothing and apparel manufacturing. It is the fastest emerging apparel market in the world. A fascinating feature of this clothing market is the wholesale and retail market. Emerging and successful business people in the clothing market gain the majority of their profits from the wholesale and retail markets. Several sites claim to offer legitimate sources on how to buy and resell wholesale clothes but prove to be fake many times. It is better to go through various blogs, websites, apps and explore the physical market to choose the correct source of suppliers for your apparel business.

The Business of Retail Clothing 

When the manufacturing of the clothes is completed, the next step is to sell them in the apparel market. Those who are thinking about establishing a business that resells clothes bought from wholesalers should be passionate, but at the same time, careful while selecting their source. Retail means buying clothes from a manufacturer and further selling it to the customer. The businessperson should have a detailed plan of action to achieve success in this business. Things that take priority before establishing their business are: 

  • Developing a good sense of fashion apparel
  • Being in touch with the latest fashion trends
  • Learning about important business concepts such as sourcing, marketing, retailing, etc. 
  • Comparison of prices at different wholesalers 
  • Finding a perfect location for targeting the audience

Whether the person aims to open a boutique with the latest trending products, launch a business of screen printing that creates custom-made clothing for customers with specific interests, or sell apparel with their designs and craft emblazoned in it, a retail clothing business is a great way of earning in this digitalised world of interconnectivity.

Besides gathering related knowledge, learning business concepts, and developing marketing skills, the person needs to have patience, zeal, and commitment in the field of the retail clothing business.

How to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Bulk to Resell While Starting a Business?

How to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Bulk to Resell While Starting a Business?

The basic steps that the person needs to follow while trying to buy wholesale clothing are:

Develop a plan of action

There is a saying that goes, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." This especially hits home when the person wants to start a business. No matter what the dream or ambition one has, it is critical to come up with a plan and a roadmap. Developing a plan of action will help the person create a clear vision for their endeavour and establish a layout to achieve their goals or make their dreams come true. Think of what the business identity should be, where will the business be established – physically, online, or both, what will be the clothing niche, how will the business compete with similar established businesses? Sell products as per consumer demands and the core values of the brand. Come up with a clear vision and start executing it step by step.

Take care of the legal aspects of the business

Taking care of legal documents and other aspects of the business is one of the most (if not the most) important parts of establishing a business. Obtain all necessary permits and licences for establishing a business in the area. If the business is an online clothing store, make sure to get the necessary permit or licence to do so. Ensure the website is secured and it follows the legal protocols.

Decide on the target audience (i.e., the clothing niche)

Decide who the primary customers would be and develop strategies or products to respond to their demands. For example, if the target audience is a group of environmentalists, the business needs to have products from green brands, that is, brands that offer environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing. If the target audience is sports enthusiasts, the brand should stock apparel from sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas, or Reebok.

Find the right and appropriate wholesalers to buy clothes in bulk

Choosing the right wholesaler will boost up one’s business, while the wrong one will greatly impact business in all the wrong ways. Conducting thorough research, physically checking out the stock, and establishing good working relations with the suppliers are essential for a smooth-running business. There are several places to find an inventory. To buy wholesale clothes in bulk from a specific brand, visit their website or try contacting them. Set up an in-person meeting and check out the materials they supply.

Set prices and start selling

Once one has completed the preliminary steps to start the business, one can start selling their products while focusing on quality and earning profits. While reselling the clothes bought in bulk, make sure that the selling price is profitable but not too high, so customers don’t feel they are being robbed off.

Potential List of Suppliers with Impeccable Services to Buy Clothes in Bulk

Choosing a B2B marketplace is the right choice in this age of digitalisation. With everything going online, it has become quite easy to locate and vet a supplier for wholesale products. Let us check out some of the influential names in the list of suppliers to buy wholesale clothing.

  1. India MART: As an international marketplace, they sell products to domestic and overseas customers. India MART has dress suppliers listed who provide modern and ethnic wear in every price segment and category. From children’s wear to fancy ladies’ attires and from men’s clothing to fashionable dresses, you can get every fashion article from top to toe. 

Link: http://www.indiamart.com/

  1. Textile Infomedia: Textile Infomedia is an online platform where dress suppliers, traders, manufacturers, and wholesalers showcase their products in various ranges. Dresses and designs from every state are available for bulk buyers and suppliers. They deal especially in designer suits, Anarkali suits, embroidered salwar kameez, printed dresses, Rajasthani dresses, Kashmiri ethnic wear, etc. 

Link: https://www.textileinfomedia.com/

  1. Alibaba: Alibaba wholesale has sophisticated and casual attires from every nation and city. Alibaba is an international platform where buyers can get designs from all over the world available at a wide range of exclusive offers. Alibaba wholesale provides many design elements that can raise the style quotient of your brand. Fashion designers, wholesale suppliers, and even individuals trust Alibaba for their clothing materials.

Link: https://www.alibaba.com/

  1. Wholesale2b: Wholesale2b is a pioneer at distributing wholesale clothing, focusing on offering exquisite and easy-to-use products for different users. Wholesale2b is a market leader in wholesale drop-ship products. They offer product sourcing, the realisation of orders, and list import tools for the online market. Quality clothing suppliers are available who offer trendy and innovative designs. You can drop-ship good quality women's clothing like mini dresses, party wear, tops and tees, maxi dresses, and bottoms. 

Link: https://www.wholesale2b.com/

  1. Wholesale7: Wholesale7 is an online wholesale clothing store with an extensive range of high fashion clothing for customers of all genders and age groups. If you are looking for a reliable source of clothing, Wholesale7 is the largest online boutique that serves a wide range of high-quality fashion apparel to the world. Wholesale7 is a China-based online platform that deals in women’s dresses like skirts, tops, two-piece outfits, rompers, and leggings. This platform also supplies men’s clothing, shoes, bags, and other stylish accessories. 

Link: https://www.wholesale7.net/

  1. Trade India: You can look at Trade India for apparel and fashion manufacturers, wholesalers, and sellers for buying all types of clothing in India. All products are produced using the finest quality of material and modern technically advanced machines. This is the one-stop destination for all types of fashion apparel. Here, one can find the list of apparel and fashion manufacturers, both wholesale and retail, for buying in India at agreeable prices. For example, you can find 8,425 different designs of sarees and varieties of fabrics, 7,655 different designs of Kurtis supplied by reputable manufacturers. 

Link: https://www.tradeindia.com/Seller/Apparel-Fashion/

How to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Bulk to Resell While Starting a Business?


To establish an apparel business, one needs to buy wholesale clothes sooner or later. It will require diligence, research, study, and vetting wholesalers from various sources. Choosing the correct supplier from whom the business is going to buy clothes in bulk will need a lot of screening, but it will be worth it once the right one is found. After all, they will supply the person with products as per their and their customer's requirements. For more information or such insights, visit Fashinza.


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