How can I start sourcing from Shein Wholesale Supplier?

How can I start sourcing from Shein Wholesale Supplier?

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Do you want to create your own fashion brand? You have come to the perfect spot. Creating your own business can be a daunting task but you must start with the right resources. Getting the right wholesale supplier can be a perfect kickstart to your business. And there are many reasons why Shein wholesale suppliers have been a popular choice.

Why Choose the Shein Wholesale Supplier?

Shein gained popularity earlier because of great, affordable apparel collections for women, men, and children as well. The clothes are of high quality and most of them are priced relatively low than other websites. It’s a great fashion destination for people who love to shop and get the latest garments according to the season and trends.

Shein is a professional clothing manufacturer and wholesale supplier. With the perfect integration of design, production, and brand operation, Shein has skyrocketed to become an excellent wholesale supplier for several fashion brands. As a small business owner, there are many benefits you can get from a Shein wholesale vendor or supplier, such as,

  • You get high quality in your products with the right material and sizes
  • You get low prices for great stuff
  • Shein has a large market demand in many countries
  • Short delivery time and free delivery from the website

Shein is perfect for small businesses that are just starting out. For a business that has fewer funds and personnel, getting cheap inventory is important. It can be difficult to make something very original and custom-made for new fashion brands in the beginning.

With Shein, you can be assured about quality at low prices. You can have a good profit margin and eventually plan to expand your business.

Decide your business model

start sourcing from Shein Wholesale Supplier

As a new business, you must have planned on a business model to buy and sell clothes. There are many ways that you can go about it.

You can either purchase your products online and sell them directly from your base. You can also connect with a Shein wholesale vendor or supplier. 

The Shein wholesale supplier is the manufacturing base. You can give bulk orders according to design, style, size, labels, and other parameters. The entire processing is done with the supplier from designing to final packaging. 

Shein wholesale vendors are easier to find. They can also have online platforms. They are simply the medium between your business and the supplier. You provide them with the orders, and they manage the processing of the orders.

Each business model can have its pros and cons. Being a direct seller can save you on the cost price of your products but you will have to take greater responsibility. Having a Shein wholesale vendor can be a little pricey but it can save you a lot of time to plan and scale your business. 

Spend some time on research and find what is best available in your region. Analyze the pros and cons and you will easily find your own sweet spot.

Wholesale Pricing

If you are starting as a fashion business, sourcing from the right Shein wholesale supplier or Shein wholesale vendor can give you great benefits. 

The wholesale pricing of the products can differ from time to time and also for different regions. If you are using a Shein wholesale supplier, the pricing can depend on the order amount, the material of the products, and other factors. The pricing can be relatively low than other mediums, and hence, greater profit margins are guaranteed.

Getting your inventory from the Shein website is quite easy with frequent discounts and free shipping. The lower the wholesale price, the greater the profit margin. Hence, you should always be on the lookout for discounts and flash offers in your country.

Check discounts and flash offers in your country

The discounts and offers available in Shein are the biggest reasons why so many consider it for business. You will begin to get customized discounts from the moment you register on the website. You can also earn points with every purchase and get more discounts. This will also demand you to be very active on the website and app including publishing comments and photos.

Flash offers come up periodically in different regions so that you can get the products at very cheap prices. Free shipping is another cherry on top. With these benefits, you can count on Shein as a reliable business partner.

Consider Quality, Variety, and Benefits of Shein Wholesale Supplier

start sourcing from Shein Wholesale Supplier

Shein has been known to be a brand that provides premium fashion wear in a large variety for everyone. Whether you purchase from the website or a Shein wholesale supplier, you can be assured about the quality and designing process. 

If you do have the option, you must try to visit your Shein wholesale supplier to understand the entire process and check for any loopholes. You can check the relevant equipment for your apparel production and also the amount of staffing necessary. 

All the methods are generally standardized, from design to packaging. You can also customize the labels and choose to put your own private labels to set your brand apart.

Before you finalize your supplier, you must check the licensing and legal documents to make sure that you have a verified Shein wholesale supplier. Every supplier can have a unique payment system. Hence, you should also cross-check every detail before finalizing your deal.

Steps to start sourcing from Shein wholesale supplier

Follow these four simple steps to get started in your business enterprise:

  1. Verify your supplier

As a novice in the business world, you must take the lead to understand everything about your supplier. Beginning a business can be a big step and it is crucial that you are 100% sure about the Shein wholesale supplier you choose. All the documents and licenses should be verified. Make it a practice to visit your supplier regularly to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Choose your niche 

Once you have a supplier, it’s up to you to decide what you can sell successfully with your business. For a good business, you should work on forming a unique brand identity with some unique selling points. Choosing the right niche can set the focal point for your business to expand in the right direction.

Take a good amount of time to do market research and find out what is selling well and why. Which brands are getting more attention and what is unique about them? Is it better quality or a better price?

Your final niche choice should be a balance between what is selling well in the market and what is your interest. Starting a business can be a long-term affair so make sure that you start something that you really like.

  1. Provide the right specifications

Once you have decided on your product, you must give the exact specifications so that your product fits your imagination. The Shein wholesale supplier must be provided with the design, colors, sizes, and label options. Packing materials should also be verified according to your business standards.

  1. Check your orders for quality

High quality must be ensured by the business owner. Shein wholesale suppliers are quite trustworthy; hence, there is not much to worry about. But as the brand owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your products match the standards that you are promising to your customers as the seller. Therefore, it’s a good practice to stay in touch with the warehouse and manufacturing units. 

If you are dealing with a Shein wholesale vendor, you must cross-check the quality of the platform, before you begin your business contract. High quality will make customers keep coming back to your product. As the seller, you can also offer different perks and offers for your regular customers to preserve their loyalty toward your brand.

Tips for your fashion business

start sourcing from Shein Wholesale Supplier

Here are some final tips that you must note before you begin your business endeavor in the fashion industry.

  • When you choose your Shein wholesale supplier or vendor, go through all the documents and licenses and verify them to avoid further legal complications.
  • Choosing the right business platform is very crucial. Get a platform where you can get customer reviews and address the problems of your customers. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority. Etsy and Shopify can be considered for the same.
  • Make a website for your brand that is user-friendly. A website can be a great bonus if you are setting up a brand where customers can easily browse through all your products, your business policies, and testimonials.
  • Maintain a good delivery time and return policy for your customer satisfaction. It’s very important to choose a good delivery partner that is easily manageable. Tracking orders and returns should be made easy for the customer.
  • While the aim of your business should be to attain profit, it is also important to invest in other tools and resources for brand expansion. You can offer discounts and offers for different types of customers. Invest in marketing campaigns and social media management for better engagement with your audience.
  • Always be on the lookout for what your competitors are doing and how it is affecting sales. Collaborate with brands that share similar ideologies. Spending time in research and marketing analysis will help you make your brand more relevant and useful.
  • Quality check is a must in regular intervals but you should also invest in upgrading your quality to maintain brand loyalty. You should constantly ask your customers what they want and always try to fulfill their demands.


Setting up a business in fashion is very competitive in the present times. There are many brands and thrift stores that have come into the picture. As a new business, you must look up to the big names and try to follow their lead. Use the tools of online engagement and social media to get noticed and get sales. You will eventually find your own unique following if you maintain a good brand presence.


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