Guide to Fabric Sourcing: How to Find Fabric Suppliers & Manufacturers

Guide to Fabric Sourcing: How to Find Fabric Suppliers & Manufacturers

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Summary: Any clothing business is dependent on the availability of quality and cost-effective fabrics. Managers keep looking for suppliers and manufacturers who can deliver them the best-in-class products at competitive price points. Wholesale fabric suppliers come with several advantages including a wide range of organic and cotton fabrics at wholesale prices

If you are looking to procure fabrics for your clothing brand, there are several questions that start to swirl in your mind. Where can you source quality fabrics from? How much does the fabric cost? What are the qualities of a good wholesaler? These questions can be overwhelming but you need not worry. We have got it covered for you with this ultimate guide on finding and selecting the best fabric suppliers and manufacturers. 

Where to look for a wholesale fabric supplier 

A wholesale supplier is naturally a preference for most fashion brands as they come with cost advantages and the benefit of upscaling. Here is how you can go about finding a good one.

  • Assess your scale: If you are a small to medium-scale enterprise, you can look for wholesale fabric suppliers online. There are homegrown US-based suppliers and global chains that offer online bulk buying. If you are a large-scale operation, connecting directly with a fabric manufacturer is the best move. You can look to source from countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and India that offer competitive rates alongside China. 
  • Nature of business: Your selection of a fabric supplier will depend on whether you are a B2B or B2C venture. If you are a reseller or a retailer, then your options will invariably be a fabric wholesaler.
  • Sustainable fashion: Since sustainable fashion is in demand, it would also be wise to invest in naturally sourced fabrics. Ask for silk, wool-based, and cotton fabric wholesale prices when dealing with a supplier. You might actually end up getting a great deal.   

Style meets substance with wholesale fabric suppliers 

wholesale fabric suppliers

The first step to sourcing fabrics is to look out for a good wholesaler who has a substantial range backed by adequate stocks and offers timely supplies. Here are some of the key advantages of working with a wholesale fabric supplier. 

  • Savings: A wholesale fabric supplier can bring cost advantage to your label compared to retail prices. Look for cotton fabric wholesale prices to expand your search with organic fabrics
  • Faster turnaround: Wholesale manufacturers are able to process large orders more efficiently. Their ability to scale production up and down means you have flexible procurement options and quick turnaround time. 
  • Wider fabric selection: Fabric manufacturers will most definitely offer an exhaustive range of fabric colors and types. Other than fabric blends, you can check out cotton fabric wholesale prices to diversify your clothing range.
  • Improved profitability: The competitive prices offered by wholesale fabric vendors and suppliers can help increase your profit margins and risk appetite. They also make available organic and cotton fabrics at wholesale prices, which is necessary in sustainable fashion.  
  • Procedural insights: Fabric manufacturers can guide you with the local tax laws, shipment routes, and turnaround times. These insights are very valuable in scaling operations and timely procurement.  

The art of picking the best fabric suppliers for your brand 

best fabric suppliers

Once you have identified a bunch of suppliers who meet your criteria, follow these handy tips in finalizing your manufacturing partner.   

  • Evaluating a supplier's scalability

Scalability of your suppliers helps in determining whether they have the capacity to accommodate changes in order size. As a medium to large-scale enterprise, it is advisable to analyze the scalability of your supplier before making a deal.

  • Requesting return swatches from a fabric manufacturer 

Sometimes, bulk orders can turn up entirely different from the claims made by a supplier. Having a return swatch helps you make notes and also keep a sample proof in the event the supplier ships a fabric that does not match your specifications. 

  • Testing the fabric 
Testing the fabric

Test the return swatches for color and material consistency. Testing organic fabrics is essential as their quality differs from region to region. Cotton fabric at wholesale prices is different for those sourced from Brazil and the ones from China. 

  • Find out stock position before placing a bulk order

Make sure to inquire about the supplier's stock position before bulk buying. For instance, if cotton fabric at wholesale prices is good, you can order in bulk. Since these are organically grown, their supply can be seasonal and limited. 

  • Check client feedback and industry certifications 

Check for client feedback on publicly available mediums such as online sites. You can ask for industry certifications and awards, if any, from the supplier. These help you in background checks.

Wrapping Up

To stay ahead of the competition for a fashion brand, it is important to consider the scalability and quality of your supplier. As a fashion brand, you must also find out whether the manufacturer can provide you with ethically sourced materials like cotton fabric at wholesale prices. Sustainable fashion is the way ahead for clothing companies and your supplier should deal in organic fabrics. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Finding the right fabric supplier depends on your scale of operations and your budget. In both scenarios, it is always better to go for a wholesaler who can get you the best fabrics at the lowest rates. 
  • Before finalizing a supplier, check out the background by asking for past transactions and clients. Find out if they have the capital to scale up operations. Ask for return swatches.

Fashinza can help connect you with fabric suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. Our exhaustive network is connected with AI-powered logistics that help you connect, procure, and track shipments remotely. Find out more about ethical and econimic sourcing today.  


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