Find Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers in India 

Find Organic Cotton Fabric Suppliers in India 

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Summary: Demand for organic cotton is on the rise with fashion brands investing in and expanding their existing range of sustainable fashion. India, alongside Brazil and China, is among the preferred countries for procuring organic cotton fabric. Here is how you can go about finding the best organic cotton fabric suppliers in India.    

The fashion industry is one of the world's largest industries. It's a $1 trillion industry. When we think about the fashion industry, mostly high-end and couture brands come to mind. Yet, almost half of the fashion industry thrives on everyday clothing. With the rise of the sustainability movement, the fashion industry is going through an evolution. More and more people are looking for clothing that is comfortable, organically produced, and sustainable. Cotton currently tops the list as the world’s favorite natural fabric. And, India is the single largest producer and exporter of organic cotton. 

As more brands are expanding their existing clothing lines to include sustainable options, demand for organic cotton is on the rise. Clothing companies from the US and Europe are flocking to India to source organic cotton fabric because of India's high-quality cotton fiber. 

Why organic cotton is better than other fibers 

Organic cotton scores over other fibers, both natural and synthetic, for several reasons. Some of the advantages of introducing organic cotton clothes and goods are: 

  • Sustainable Farming: Organic cotton doesn’t use chemicals or GM seeds in its production process. It also uses just one-tenth of the water used in traditional cotton cropping, making it a sustainable fiber
  • More absorbent than synthetic fibers: Organic cotton beats man-made fibers hands down when it comes to heat-resistance properties. Cotton is also a far better absorbent than nylon, polyester, or rayon which are sourced from fossil fuels.
  • Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic: Organic cotton is hypoallergenic compared to artificial fibers which can trigger rashes and skin conditions. 
  • Wide variety of applications: Organic cotton can be blended with wool and other naturally sourced fibers. Fabric blends of cotton with synthetic fibers find applications in the apparel, footwear, and packaging industry. 

What to Look for While Choosing Organic Cotton Suppliers

Choosing Organic Cotton Suppliers

Here are the 5 things you must consider when selecting an organic cotton fabric wholesaler in India. 

  1. Ask for certification

When procuring organic cotton, always ask for certifications that prove the material is genuine. For instance, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a recognized industry standard for organic fabrics.

  1. Check Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Before placing an order, assess your requirements. If you are just starting, then look for lower MOQs so you can test the product out without waste. 

  1. Check the dyes used in coloring

Even if the fabric is organic and ethically sourced, dyes can carry harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Assess the dyes used in coloring the fabric and how the wastewater was treated by your vendor.  

  1. Compare texture, quality, and range 

Organic cotton fabric made on a power loom, auto loom, or handloom will differ in texture and quality. Also, find out the GSM of the fabric. Higher GSM organic fabrics are more durable but also expensive.   

  1. Procure closest to the source 

Always procure from a vendor close to the area of cotton production. This will save you overhead and transportation costs. Cotton cultivation in India is spread in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. 

Finding organic cotton suppliers in India 

There are several organic clothing material suppliers in India you can source your cotton fabric. Here are some tips to help you choose a suitable vendor. 

  1. Get a list from certification agencies: The best way to find an organic cotton fabric supplier is to check out global certification agencies such as GOTS which will readily share the authenticated list of organic fabric suppliers. There are over 270 organic fabric exporters from India listed on GOTS. 
  2. Check out the aggregators: eCommerce aggregators such as Alibaba, Fibre2Fashion, and Indiamart will help small and medium-scale brands narrow down their search for organic fabric suppliers from India. There are other platforms such as Fashinza too where clothing brands can look to find a trusted supplier. 
  3. Look for websites of reputed suppliers: Exporting vendors will have their websites to make direct contact with buyers. Suppliers like Sri Kalyan Export, Oasis International, and Jcraft have informative websites that will guide you through your buying requirement.

Organic Cotton: The Profitable and Sustainable Choice

Demand for sustainable fabrics is climbing in the fashion industry. Organic cotton demand is expected to jump 10 times before the end of this decade. So not only it helps brands grow toward an environment-friendly and carbon-neutral future but also promises significant market returns.  

Key Takeaways

  • India is the largest producer of organic cotton with a majority stake of 51% followed by China (17%). 
  • Sustainable fashion brands looking to avoid the use of chemically-treated cotton have started sourcing organic cotton from India. 
  • Organic cotton is ethically sourced and has a lesser carbon footprint than regular cotton and synthetic fibers. 

Fashinza can help you connect with the best organic cotton fabric suppliers in India. Our network of trusted vendors is connected to a universal platform powered by cutting-edge technology and AI.

To know more about sourcing organic cotton from India connect with us today. 


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