Comparing Suppliers of Organic Cotton Kurti Manufacturers in India

Comparing Suppliers of Organic Cotton Kurti Manufacturers in India

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Summary: Organic cotton is ideal for sensitive skin, which is making it one of the most preferred fabrics for summer clothing. It’s also a more sustainable option. Brands can make a foray into the organic market with garments sourced from these renowned cotton kurti manufacturers from India 

Cotton, the fabric of life, is used extensively – in bedroom linen, in the kitchen, and in our closets. While ordinary cotton may trigger allergies in some people, organic cotton is friendlier to the skin, as it is chemical-free. For the same reason, being an organic cotton kurti manufacturer is a profitable business in today’s times.

Not only is organic cotton a healthier alternative, but it is also a sustainable fabric that is more environment-friendly. While it is the fashion industry’s most sought-after fabric, traditional cotton uses synthetic fertilizers and consumes around 90% more water than organic cotton.

If you are a cotton kurti manufacturer, switching to organic cotton can also improve your brand image as buyers are increasingly favoring sustainable brands. Many manufacturers of cotton kurtis in India already deal exclusively in apparel created from organic cotton. Read on to know more about their USPs, and what makes organic cotton their preferred fabric.

Why are Indian manufacturers turning to organic cotton? 

India is among the biggest producers of organic cotton, which makes up only 1-2% of global cotton production. As of 2018, the largest producers of organic cotton are India (producing 51%), China (19%), Turkey (7%), and Kyrgyzstan (7%).

Organic cotton is grown without the usage of any fertilizers, pesticides, or other toxic chemicals. Therefore, it requires less fuel and has lower energy consumption. It also prevents any water contamination as it goes through a chemical-free production process. Chemicals and pesticides also hamper the health of the workers which remains uncompromised in the production of organic cotton. Organic cotton helps preserve a sustainable environment. Organic cotton clothing also helps avoid allergies and skin conditions. 


Organic cotton kurti manufacturers in India 

  1. Herbal Fab: Herbal Fab is a certified organic cotton fabric supplier in India. Herbal Fab offers a variety of intricate weaving patterns in different weights of organic cotton. It is also naturally dyed in beautiful colors and most importantly, it is GOTS certified
  2. Eco Clothing: Eco Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand that gives a boost to Indian traditional handicrafts by using organic fabrics and toxin-free colors. As an organic cotton kurti manufacturer, it offers a wide range of designs in the segment. 
  3. Aarav Collection: Over the years, Aarav Collection has been known for customer satisfaction, being the sole supplier, distributor, and manufacturer of cotton products in Rajasthan. Their fabrics and garments are made from 100% cotton. One of the leading cotton kurti manufacturers in India, Aarav Collection supplies the finest nature of clothing, including hand-block Bagru print salwar suits and cotton sarees.
  4. Saranga: Started in 1993, Saranga is one of the best cotton kurti manufacturers in India. It has a plethora of ethnic wear for fashion lovers of every age group. From contemporary to traditional, there’s something for all. It provides high-quality attire delivered to your doorway.
  5. Vastrang: Another leading cotton kurti manufacturer in India is Vastrang – A House of Hand Block Printing. Being one of the most reputed organizations in the market, Vastrang receives appreciation as it has an experienced team of professionals along with a client-centric approach. It also has a competitive price structure with timely delivery, and most importantly, a qualitative range of products.  
  6. Sakhi Textiles. With a base of over 1,200 satisfied customers across the globe, Sakhi Textiles brings a wide range of quality fabric with alluring designs to add a style statement to women’s dressing. One of the popular cotton kurti manufacturers in India, Sakhi Textiles offers quality at competitive rates.

How can you check organic cotton certification? 


To differentiate organic cotton from regular cotton, certification labels are used.

  1. Organic Cotton Standard from Textile Exchange: An OCS certification means that the product contains organic material and that the journey of the raw material has been tracked from the field to the final product. However, while some products may have 100% organic products, there will also be blended products with over 5% organic cotton.
  2. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): GOTS certified not just the raw materials but the complete chain of production. To qualify for this certification, over 70% organic fibers are required. Products that have the suffix “organic” attached should have over 95% of organic fiber.

Start your organic clothing journey

Organic cotton is better than conventional cotton for both the planet and its people. You can sleep in it, wear it for luncheons, and you might be wearing it or sourcing it right now. Being a more sustainable solution, organic cotton is being preferred by more buyers now. To establish your brand for sustainable clothing, you can source organic cotton from organic cotton kurti manufacturers/suppliers in India. From clothing for babies to adults, or home furnishing, source organic cotton fabric for cotton kurti manufacturing via Fashinza

Let your clothing brand make a mark in the market with sustainable designs and fabrics. Make Fashinza your trusted partner in this journey. Ensure that your organic textiles have the Global Organic Textile Standard certification. 

Key Takeaways

  • Organic cotton is breathable, non-allergenic, comforting, 100% plant-derived, and soothing to the skin. 
  • It is better than conventional cotton for both people and the planet. 
  • Source organic fabrics from cotton kurta manufacturers to build your brand for sustainable clothing. 
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