Clothing Makers: How to Find Them & Negotiate for Best Deals

Clothing Makers: How to Find Them & Negotiate for Best Deals

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That initial impression will determine your relationship's future with your clothing makers, so how can you make a good one? Take a notepad with you as we go over how to negotiate the price with manufacturers successfully.

Negotiating will not always work in your favour as a start-up designer. If Clothing Makers perceive you as forceful or manipulative during the initial contact, they are unlikely to collaborate with you.

And if they do, they will not treat your production with the same amount of care they have shown to their previous clients.

Consider this. Most manufacturers have multiple long-standing (and sometimes well-known) clientele. As a result, when a new designer approaches a manufacturer, they have no idea about you. You don't have a preference for them if you don't have a project manager or recommendations, and there's no reason for them to trust new designers and negotiate pricing with you if you don't have either. Which further points out our following concerns.

If you already have credibility or you're taking a chance, follow our advice below.

Find Clothing Makers & Negotiate for Best Deals

Organise yourself, clear your priorities

Factories love to work with well-organised people! If you don't know your budget, price range, materials, or finishes, the clothing makers won't give you an exact quote.

The more information you provide, the more likely a manufacturer is to recommend different materials or finishing techniques that will allow them to meet your desired price point. As a result, be ready for your cost meeting. It would help to inquire about the MOQs (minimum order quantities) required for production since you may negotiate those.

Having this information will make you appear more knowledgeable. If a manufacturer knows you're inexperienced, they may charge you an exorbitant price, presuming you don't know any better (this has happened to some of our clients before working with us).

Demonstrate that you have a bright future.

When interacting with new clothing makers, make an effort to appear established (even if you haven't produced anything yet). Pre-orders, crowdfunding campaigns, and early-stage digital marketing are all vital for this reason. Each of these strategies gives proof of concept, allowing you to gain trust with new manufacturers. 

Be courteous and respectful.

Remember to be considerate at all times! I've worked for clothing manufacturers who were unhappy with their production relationships. They'd try to undercut factories and persuade them to embrace low-cost manufacturing. They'd provide samples without a tech pack, only to be surprised when there is a mistake during production. Rather than complying with their business standards, small design businesses ask factories to follow their rules.

The factories would usually still accept the job but would deliver late, and the quality would be subpar. In everything, including business, you get tit for tat! The manufacturer will demonstrate that your output isn't a priority if you're disrespectful and challenging to deal with. 

Make your clothing makers see you as valuable. Pay on time, stick to schedules, and provide extensive tech packs (or, at the very least, sewing instructions!) They will undoubtedly bring more tenderness, love, and attention to your product.

Operational Sustainability: Ecologically Responsible

Clothing producers can impact the environment in a variety of ways at any point in the process. A manufacturer who employs sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes/chemicals is a must-have. The process's energy efficiency and the amount of waste produced are also crucial elements to consider.

You might also want to think about wearing cruelty-free or vegan apparel. This aspect of ethical production is often overlooked, as some people believe that artificial materials are the norm. However, animal materials like fur and leather, which are still widely used in the fashion industry, are not always ethically sourced.

Be a Reliable Customer

Be a Reliable Customer

When looking for things, attempt to be the type of buyer you'd like to serve pleasantly; every company has a few consumers with whom it does not get along. Check that you are not one of those consumers. Consider the types of people you enjoy doing business with, and then strive to become more like them.

Always make timely payments.

Paying your supplier may appear to be one of the most straightforward tasks, yet some people manage to overlook it. You must constantly pay your supplier on time, beginning with the original order placement. Some wholesale providers even provide discounts to buyers who pay in advance.

Receiving a discount simply by paying on time is one of the simplest methods to negotiate a lower price—you don't even have to ask! When you pay early or on time, you are always considered as someone who pays upfront, with whom the firm will do repeat business. Some new companies will require a cash-up advance for their items, so be sure you understand what you're getting yourself into before proceeding. When you make immediate payments and demonstrate to the company that you can move their products and return for more, they will be more ready to extend you credit.

Establish a Working Relationship with Your Clothing Makers

The first step toward negotiating better costs with your supplier is to establish a connection with them. You want to be considered a friend, or perhaps their favorite customer, rather than simply another consumer. Make it a point to talk to them on the phone rather than just over email. Ask them how they're doing, and make it clear that you are aware of and appreciate, the fact that another human person is on the other end of this transaction. Asking is the essential part of negotiating. If you like someone, it's much easier to say yes to them.


Allowing a potential factory to know that you're shopping around (in a non-threatening manner) provides you with an advantage and shows that you've done your study. It also helps if they know you're looking for long-term partnerships since this lets them know you're in it for the long haul.

Fashinza, a high-quality and environmentally friendly manufacturer of outdoor clothes and sportswear, has considerable experience working with various brands. This experience provides connections and abilities that benefit the collaboration process, garment creation, and lead time. Our chief offering is our platform using which brands can place an order, track it, receive daily production updates, communicate with manufacturers, and make payment.

Whatever your requirements, we'll help you find a manufacturer that fits in perfectly. Besides, our complete ownership of the process from delivery to design will allow you to rest assured. Find out more, only on Fashinza.


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