Best Garments Factory Near Me That Produce For Leading Clothing Brands

Best Garments Factory Near Me That Produce For Leading Clothing Brands

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Since I am a creative director in a leading clothing brand, I am always searching for a reliable garment factory near me. And this is a never-ending search because, over the years, our team has identified good suppliers who can produce and deliver fabrics in bulk. The quality of the fabric has to be world-class as we export garments to many countries across the globe, including the US, England, Italy, France, Australia, China, and many others.

The credit terms that the supplier can render should be good for the business of both parties. So if the manufacturer does not have a good cash flow, they will stumble upon very fast and will not be able to procure the raw materials to manufacture your fabric. We also need varieties of materials like cotton, silk, satin, taffeta, voile, organza, polyester, nylon, etc. So I look for a good garments factory near me that can supply all types of fabrics at reasonable rates and render long credit periods.

Here’s my list of some of the best garment factories near me whose products I have been using over the years:

Fashinza has a strong network of ethical and sustainable manufacturers based out of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, and they supply great fabrics. They deliver the shipment on time and offer good-quality material. My company has been doing business with this company for a long time, and we have never faced any major issues so far.

Fashinza was founded by Pawan Gupta and Abhishek Sharma in 2019 with a vision to include women in the workforce. During a road trip to Jaipur, they realized that the country is full of talented women artisans. However, they do not have a platform to showcase their talent. The duo decided to use technology to bring transparency and traceability to the supply chain.

This company is funded by Elevation and Accel, and they have digitized the entire manufacturing setup. They have automated production management using artificial intelligence (AI) and RPA (robotic process automation). This company works with 50 highly reputed brands across the globe. They are always open to the idea of adding more talented entrepreneurs to their network.

Indo Rama Synthetics is a textile manufacturing company that was set up in the 1980s, and they are leaders in manufacturing polyester fabric. Polyester staple fiber (PSF), partially oriented yarn, fully drawn yarn (FDY), etc., are some of the fabrics and yarns they produce. This company has a very strong vision and a team of extremely dedicated staff. The floor managers ensure that the production happens as per the estimated timeframe and the logistics teams make sure that the delivery of orders is seamless.

Garments Factory Clothing Brands

ITOCHU is originally a Japanese company founded in 1858, and they have their set up in Gurugram. They have their bases in 62 countries, and you can bulk-order fabric from them. They are large-scale exporters and importers of fabric and manufactured garments.

KayBee is a huge conglomerate and has quality-conscious suppliers all across the globe. They are primarily traders with a robust supply chain. Their team ensures that they fulfill all our fabric needs on time. Our company has been doing business with them for the last five years. They always manage to procure exquisite materials like taffeta, tulle, etc., from the best manufacturers worldwide.

Biotique International has been in the business for 37 years and has created a great name for itself. It is India’s leading garment manufacturing company and design house. They cater to end-to-end needs for buyers from merchandising, order placing, overseeing production in the factories to shipping the finished goods to the large-scale national and international buyers.

This company was established in 1987, and it is a public limited company listed in BSE and NSE. Annual revenue for this company was $420 million in FY 2019-20. They manufacture multiple types of garments and have design and sales set up in the US, UK, Spain, and Hong Kong. They have design, sales, and production units in eight locations across the globe: India (Bangalore, Gurugram, Chennai), Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

For more than thirty years, this company has been exporting textiles and garments across the globe. It is a family-run business that was founded in 1985. Their factories use patented technology for knitting, fabric dyeing, printing, and their annual turnover is about $35 million USD.

This company was founded in 1979, and they manufacture and export large-scale garments for men, women, and kids. They have more than 8000 employees and have 7 state-of-the-art production facilities. This is one of the best garment factories near me I can rely on in times of need. They have experts who help us find cost-effective fabric options, yarns, and sometimes even design trends.

Garments Factory Clothing Brands

Omega Designs was established in 1995; it is a government-recognized star export house. They manufacture and export readymade kids’ garments to many prominent brands in the USA and Europe. Their annual turnover was over Rs.50 Crores in the last fiscal year, and they have four designing and production facilities in Gurugram, Haryana.I have tried to compile a list of the best garment manufacturing companies near me. Some of them manufacture only yarn and sell to big brands, while some of them are traders who source yarn from across the globe. Some of them are just manufacturers and exporters of readymade garments. However, all of them have created a name for themselves in the garment and textiles industry over the years. Their clients have trusted them for providing quality fabric/finished products on time, every time.


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