10 Questions To Ask Your Carpet manufacturers: Nail the best deals

10 Questions To Ask Your Carpet manufacturers: Nail the best deals

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Carpet solutions can be tricky to decipher, especially when someone is a novice at them. Even people who have had carpets for years tend to get confused on how to clean or buy carpets for their brand because it is not something one would do on a regular basis. The best way is to talk to a professional and hire them to do the job. However, even if a professional is entrusted with the entire job of finding the perfect carpet for a brand, there are some matters which the person concerned, as a consumer, should understand and ask before making a purchase. Ideally, these are the questions one should ask their carpet manufacturer before they make a purchase.

10 Questions to ask your carpet manufacturers

Before delving into the kind of questions one must have in mind before making the purchase, it is important to know that there is a list of the most basic needs that one needs to keep in mind. The questions would obviously differ while catering to some special requirements that one might have for your brand. This list of questions, however, serves as a checklist to all the inevitable questions that one should and must ask their carpet manufacturer before they proceed to select a rug for the brand.

1. What should be the best carpet for someone and why?

While one may have done their research and already have carpet designs in mind, it is still important to seek a professional’s point of view. It is important that one asks their carpet manufacturer what would be the best kind of carpet for their brand and what are the points one should keep in mind while choosing the carpets. However, it must be mentioned that the kind of carpet chosen would also depend on the brand’s niche target audience.

2. How to measure the size of the carpets?

How to measure the size of the carpets?

There is normally a process that needs to be followed when one measures the size of a carpet. This could be left upon the professionals who would measure the size and provide one with an idea of how much it is going to cost. However, as a carpet brand, one must have a floor plan ready for the areas they don't want to carpet, for the areas they want to re-carpet, and the areas they simply want to lay your plush rug upon. Measuring the size would give your customers an idea about how much it could cost and overall help in the process of buying and installing the carpet.

3. How much is the carpet going to cost? Will the cost include the cost of labor and all the materials required to set it up?

The price of a carpet usually depends on a lot of factors. Every carpet manufacturer has its own set of criteria against which they decide upon the price of a carpet. As a brand owner, one should be aware of things like the cost of installation, the cost of the carpet pad itself, the cost of disposing of old flooring that may have been damaged, and if the installation requires the moving around of any furniture. Apart from this, the cost of a carpet depends upon the material and the kind of work it has. It is also very important that a person asks beforehand if the price that is being quoted would include the cost of labor and the materials required for the installation. If someone is being charged separately later, it could mess up their budget.

4. Does the charge vary by square foot?

Any industry, especially the carpet selling or carpet cleaning industry, has bait and switch people. So it is imperative that one asks them prior to the purchase. Mostly, the reputable companies charge on a square foot basis. But if any company doesn’t, it is helpful to make a background check into the company.

5. How long would the carpet ideally last?

The answer to this typically depends on how much the carpet is used, how much traffic it sees, what kind of carpet is purchased, and the material that is used. It is important to ask the carpet manufacturer this question to have a professional’s point of view to determine the lifespan of a particular carpet.

6. Is there a warranty for the carpet? How long does that last?

How to measure the size of the carpets?

This is a very important question because the carpets would inevitably require maintenance. A warranty helps in gaining professional cleaning services or simply repairing services that one should provide as a brand owner if there is a problem with the carpet. So it is important to ask beforehand if the carpet comes with a warranty. We would suggest going for a manufacturer that does give you a warranty because one could be faced with unpredictable problems after the purchase. That is where the benefit of having the warranty comes in.

7. How long would it take to get the carpet installed once it has been purchased?

Normally a carpet installation takes about seven to ten working days after it has been purchased. However, several factors could slow down the installation process, including the material being out of stock, delay in shipping, or unavailability of workers. If a quicker installation is required, the carpet manufacturer must be informed beforehand to avoid future hassle.

8. What are tips for maintaining the carpet?

This is an important question that one needs to ask the carpet manufacturer. While the tips of maintaining a carpet could easily be googled and followed, only the carpet manufacturer can answer what kind of special maintenance the particular quality of one’s carpet would require. The same needs to be communicated to the customers.

9. How often should one seek professional maintenance?

Usually, one should seek professional cleaning services about two times a year. However, it could vary depending upon the material of carpet one chooses and how much traffic it experiences. Therefore, it is better to consult the carpet manufacturer and provide professional cleaning services accordingly.

10. Will the quoted price change down the line? Is the price binding?

This is very important because if the cost required is more than what was quoted, one’s finances could become messy later. Therefore it is important that one asks their manufacturer for a definitive budget that shall not budge down the line.


Ideally, these are the questions that someone should ask their manufacturer before making a bulk carpet purchase for their brand. Once these preliminary questions are covered, one could proceed to ask the questions specific to one’s brand needs. 


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