10 Best Suppliers for Wholesale Textiles - Global Shipping

10 Best Suppliers for Wholesale Textiles - Global Shipping

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India is second in terms of population size when compared to China. As a result, a wealth of untapped wholesale potential is being revealed. Compared to China, India has a somewhat smaller population of over 1.2 billion people. Despite China's technological superiority, India's economy continues to grow at a rapid pace. There is a slew of wholesalers in India, both online and off. Everything from wholesale textiles to fashion accessories may be found at the wholesale market in India.

Wholesale Mantra

Founded in India, Wholesale Mantra is an online wholesale marketplace for Indian clothing and wholesale textiles such as kurtis and lehengas. All of their traditional and Indian clothes come with a price guarantee that is lower than the competition. Indian and Pakistani communities living in nations like the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany rely on them.

Customers can also make use of their in-house bespoke tailoring services to have their outfits designed precisely to their specifications. Shipping and delivery times for overseas wholesale orders are around 4-5 days.


Jaipur mart, the parent company of E-Indiawholesale, was established in 2013 in Jaipur. One of India's major online wholesale markets, it caters largely to fashion wear and jewellery resellers and retailers throughout the country and internationally. As a result of their production facility, they can provide their customers with direct factory prices.

For Indian merchants, the minimum order amount is Rs 5000, whereas, for overseas consumers, the minimum order size is $100. They have a rare assortment of Indian jewellery and clothing that can't be found anywhere else. To expedite the shipping process, they have connections with FedEx, DHL, and Indian Post.


An online shopping platform, Shopclues has over two million products to choose from in various categories. There is a large selection of women's and men's clothing, accessories, mobile phones, electronics, outdoor tools, and a variety of other homes as well as kitchen items to choose from. Products at cheap costs for the general public have earned it a place on this list of wholesale portals.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has made a point of ensuring that distributors receive the smallest possible profit margins. For those who cannot afford to buy bulk items at wholesale prices, ShopClues offers a cost-effective alternative to retail stores.


Wholesale Textiles\r\n

A wholesale b2b marketplace, TradeIndia operates like that of Indiamart. There are an average of 20 million visitors to their website every month. A place where buyers and sellers can connect is provided by the platform. Exporters and buyers benefit from this by getting the goods they desire at the lowest price. Anywhere in the world can source textile products from buyers who issue an RFQ. In India, you can buy wholesale apparel, saris, and jewellery. Since it is free for both buyers and sellers, you must exercise extreme caution while selecting a vendor.


On-demand product sourcing can also be obtained from this company by wholesalers. The company's goal is to help small as well as medium-sized enterprises overcome their sourcing challenges by providing them with wholesale access to the most cutting-edge and high-quality products available. As of 2017, Prasun Sarkar, a former employee of Alibaba's Indian operations, founded the business. B2B and B2C eCommerce platform Milmila is supported by venture capitalists and is available to both businesses and consumers alike.

Many items in the areas of Lifestyle and Household are also for sale at good prices. A drop shipping reseller program is available to its customers, which does not require them to invest any of their funds.

Wholesale Box

For women's apparel and wholesale textiles, the wholesale box is a significant wholesale market from India. While their headquarters are in India, the company maintains warehouses as well as offices in cities like Surat and Kolkata as well as Hyderabad. eCommerce wholesale market store The Wholesale Box claims to cut the sourcing costs by 30 percent from traditional wholesale wholesalers. Ethnic apparel, men's wear, and children's wear are all included in their women's fashion range.

Surat Fabric

Surat Fabric, a wholesale garment and fabric distributor, has been around for almost two decades. Surat Fabric is a well-known wholesaler of saris, suits, and lehengas in India and around the world, based in the city of Surat, Gujarat. Each garment comes in a ten-piece package with a wide variety of party wear dresses and designer dresses as well as saris and kurtis for casual wear. Their clothing is stored and shipped worldwide at wholesale in a large warehouse. For retailers and wholesalers across India and the world, Surat Fabric is a trusted source.

Textile exports

Wholesale Textiles\r\n

Ready-to-wear clothing for every occasion and price range are available at this store. Located in Surat, they sell everything from salwar kameez to wedding dresses as well as lehengas and saris, all of which are made in India. In terms of clothing wholesale and export, textile export is one of India's largest wholesalers and exporters.

Choose the apparel you want to wholesale, and they will ship it to you the same day, and it will arrive in 4 to 5 days. Payment choices include cash-on-delivery and advance payments. Dresses come in either eight or twelve-piece sets, based on the style.


Buying women's apparel on the internet has never been easier thanks to this website. You can select from a variety of options. Everything from saris to leggings to western clothes may be found at the store. They guarantee the quality of their products, and the shipping is swift. Another fantastic feature of the website is that if you are unable to sell the things, they will return them and refund you.


A comprehensive collection of retail apparel is available on this website. It's wonderful to see that they cater to all demographics, including children and males. Following your purchase on the website, you may expect to be satisfied. Indian Tamil Nadu is where they're based. The website is ideal for those who deal in men's clothing due to its wide range of products.

Final Words

The world has entered the digital realm. Buying wholesale textiles online is one of the best ways to stock products from around the country and also the world. Retailers are paying attention to the fact that fashion in India has altered quite a deal. Both sexes enjoy dressing up, and both enjoy shopping. Retailers may now order the best products from the comfort of their own homes thanks to these websites.There is no better place to find wholesale clothes websites and suppliers in India than here. Everything you need to know about wholesale apparel in India is discussed above. People need clothes, and there is always a need for more of them. There are a lot of people in India, and resources are limited. In India, you will find many sorts of textiles, work styles, and also quality. For garment sellers, it's a vast and lucrative industry. To know more about useful information on setting up your own textile business, visit the Fashinza platform.


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