The Ultimate Guide To Technical Packs In Fashion
Tech Packs

The Ultimate Guide To Technical Packs In Fashion

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Technical packs, better known as Tech packs, are called the blueprint of the final garment made by the manufacturer. A tech pack compromises all design details and technical specifications, which makes the product stand out in the horde. The fashion industry is growing immensely; therefore, adding something unique to your garment which makes it stand out is essential. It can be anything from a cut to an establishment; all of this is a part of the tech pack. 

Essentially, manufacturers and designers regarded the tech pack as widely used to communicate ideas and the final product. Note that the actual quality of the deliverables is highly determined by how effective this communication was. Ever wondered why the fashion industry needs a tech pack when we have experts at our back? Today, in this article, we are going to give you deep insight into technical packs in fashion. So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

What is Tech Pack? 

Technical packs, also called specification sheets, can be described as a series of documents developed by a group of designers working on a particular project. The prime objective of the tech pack is to explain the design to the manufacturer for it to be transformed into a final product or a garment. Note that the tech pack is always designed by a designer. It is a plan of all minor details i.e. the length of the sleeves, stitching details, the fabric used, trims, labels, measurement specifications, colorways, and so on. It looks like a detailed sketch with colors and measurements written on it. 

When talking about outsourcing, tech pack is one of the most crucial aspects without which most contractors, as well as factories, would never take up your orders. Hence a clear and detailed tech pack is a must. It sets out all the guidelines and desired specifications, minimizing any scope of loopholes or bottlenecks. The major objective of the tech pack is to eliminate a ton of sampling during the production process. It also acts as a document containing all information about revisions, comments, and any last-minute changes. 

Importance of Tech Pack 

Here are some of the reasons why a tech pack is a must-have when designing and manufacturing a garment:

Saves money and time 

A tech pack is a rough diagram of your thoughts and vision; hence, it minimizes any chance of mishaps. As a result, it saves a lot of money, time, and effort. 

Saves money and time

Offers accurate price quotation 

A Tech pack is a detailed blueprint of the actual garment which is yet to be produced. Hence, it becomes easier for the company to suggest a price quotation based on several factors, such as the material used, time consumed, and so on. 

Improves the overall fit quality 

When the manufacturer sends a fit sample, a custom column can be added to it, known as the fitted sheet. It contains actual measurements. You can easily compare these measurements with the measurement suggested. This gives enough flexibility to adjust and improve the overall fit quality. 

Act as a point of reference for quality control 

Quality is one of the prime factors in the apparel industry. For each sample round, the customer will have to check it for materials, measurements, and construction details. In case the customer is not 100% satisfied, there is always a scope for improvement. 

Conduct collaboration with teams 


A tech pack is a document that passes through different levels and transforms into a collaborative environment where product developers, quality control teams, designers, and buyers are under the same hood working on a simple project to deliver the best results. 

Tech Pack in Fashion 

Tech pack is found in several industries. Based on the industry, its functioning may change. When talking about the apparel industry acts as a blueprint for any garment that needs to be designed and produced.

The complete list of most common information found in the tech pack includes:

Fashion flat sketches 

Also known as technical sketches, flat fashion sketches showcase every possible detail of a product from different angles, including front, back, side, and, yes, even inside. This helps the manufacturer to understand what the first sample of the product would look like in real life. As a result, they are generally designed in black and white color using Abode Illustrator.

Before starting with the tech pack, it is essential to have a complete accessor or garment sketch. Here are some points to remember when creating a professional fashion flat sketch for your tech pack :

  1. Add several views of the garment from different angles. 
  2. Add maximum details to be more precise 
  3. Avoid overcomplicating it 

Bill of materials 

Abbreviated as BOM, the Bill of materials is the second most important aspect of a tech pack, which is known as the list of raw materials to make the garment and further prepare it for shipping. For any business which develops physical products like garments, shoes, and so on, materials are outsourced for it. It is an integral part o the production process. The materials you pick decide the overall quality of the product. 

Bill of materials 

A typical bill of materials includes materials such as main fabric, secondary fabric (lining), thread, trims, closures, labels, and packaging. The BOM is generally developed by the product developer and technical designer who work together closely. The BOM is generally designed on Computer-Aided Design or CAD drawing. It is important as it helps in determining the cost of the final product, ensures that all components are well managed, and maintains consistency and quality in every batch. 

Garment measurement specifications 

Assume that till now, the style, sketch, and material page are finalized. It is time to dive into the actual garment measurement. In the tech pack, there is a measurement specification sheet that contains elaborated measurement details of all components of a product. The general measurement terms used are chest, body length, waist, armhole, hips, shoulder drop, and neck opening. Note that these keep on changing based on the complexity of the garment. 

Garment cost sheet 

The garment cost sheet is an integral part of the tech pack, which calculates the entire cost of the garment. It mainly includes the labor cost, material cost, production cost, and the cost of processing. Each of these has a different costing table. To calculate the final cost, each piece used in the garment is specified clearly. Further, a cost is calculated. 

Final words 

Getting into the world of apparel is not as easy as it may sound. It comes with great responsibilities and complexities intact. One important term in this industry is the tech pack which gives a clear understanding of what the final product will look like at the initial stage. The tech pack compromises several things which we discussed here. In simpler terms, a tech pack can be described as an instruction guide or recipe for the creation of the garment. 

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