Top Clothing Catalogs Templates for Making Unique, Impactful, and Classy Catalogs

Top Clothing Catalogs Templates for Making Unique, Impactful, and Classy Catalogs

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Fashion is an immortal and perennial phenomenon. It has always ruled the rich and poor alike. From the Egyptian queens to the Romanov of Russia, fashion catalogs have always been there. Top clothing catalogs are a result of great effort and creativity, and they function as an identity card for fashion houses. 

Today, fashion catalogs have become indispensable for triumphing over competitors. An eye-catching, well-prepared, and beautifully crafted clothing catalog can lead to a dramatic rise in sales. But choosing one is a mind-boggling question. Let’s have a closer look at what are some must-have features in top clothing catalogs. 

What Do Top Clothing Catalogs Have in Common?

Fashion lovers love flipping through the pages of top fashion catalogs, and therefore making one requires ample preponderance, excellent creativity, and thorough research. A good template shall have different sizes for images, wide contrast and color choices, and multiple color swatches. It shall be available for print-out in different sizes (A4/A6/US Letter) and different formats (PDF, IDD, and IDML). Following are a few must-have features in top clothing catalogs:

For the fashion industry, the dynamics and optics of the trends change very fast. Top clothing catalogs offer cloud-based features so that you can make sales and execute other functions while on the go. 

Top clothing catalogs support print-out in various sizes, e.g., A5, A4, US letter size, etc. It shall support the two most common orientations that are Portrait and Landscape.  

The addition of multimedia (video, audio, images) shall be supported. Also, there shall be a wide range of Color swatches for that optimum editing experience. 

Another very desired and now indispensable feature is SEO friendliness. Top clothing catalogs shall support SEO operations for optimum results in online marketing. Many top clothing catalogs can be embedded in web pages. 

Top Clothing Catalogs Templates to Boost Customer Traffic and Sales

Clothing Catalogs Templates

An eye-catching and detailed fashion clothing catalog with the features mentioned above can boost your online presence when supplemented with best marketing practices. The use of top clothing catalogs has become indispensable in the intense competition in this digital age. Here is a list of some of the best performing top clothing catalogs for your fashion business.

  1. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is very interactive and easy to use. It has more than 50 templates. It lets you pick and drag your files/images to make an interesting catalog that may be flipped horizontally or vertically. It lets you convert PDF files into catalogs and offers many more useful functions for driving sales. Furthermore, It lets you add e-commerce functions, embed your catalog on your website. You can also share it on social media forums with a click. It also offers free website hosting if you don’t have one. You can download your template to a local computer.  It is mobile-friendly as well, a useful feature that is desired in top clothing catalogs. It is SEO-friendly, and you can host it on a cloud-based platform as well. 

  1. Fashion lookbook Catalog

This catalog template is based on Adobe Indesign. Adobe InDesign CS4 is required to support the IDML template, and Adobe InDesign CS5 is required to support the INDD template. The Fashion Lookbook catalog supports INDD and PDF formats. It contains 25 ready-to-print templates. It also supports an additional A4 letter size template, making it very versatile. The supported color setting is CMYK.

  1. Indesign catalog Brochure

This template supports Adobe Indesign. It is highly customizable. Its versatility makes it a popular name among top clothing catalogs. It contains 14 templates and is very versatile in use. It is used not only in the fashion industry but in many other industries as well. The supported page type is A5 in Landscape orientation. However, it supports only 3 font choices, unlike Fashion Lookbook. Indesign catalog Brochure supports INDD and PDF formats. The supported color setting is CMYK.

  1. GEMINI Lookbook Catalog

This catalog provides 16 templates in A4 and US letter sizes. It is compatible with word format (.doc), an extraordinary feature rarely found in other top clothing catalogs. However, it also supports INDD and IDML format. The supported color scheme is CMYK. The GEMINI Lookbook Catalog supports portrait mode. It is easy to use and edit. It supports only free fonts. You will have to be at your creative best to make a catalog using only free fonts. It does support paragraphs, another very useful feature for SEO purposes.  

  1. Kidshion Indesign Brochure Catalog Template

Kids fashion is a very legit and high-in-demand segment of the fashion industry. Kidshion Indesign is ranked at the very top in the list of top clothing catalogs for kids. It is a very classy template with 16 elegant designs. You need Adobe Indesign CS4 or higher versions. It also supports PDF, another very remarkable feature. It supports A5 size in landscape format. The supported color scheme is CMYK. The font choice is limited as it allows only free fonts. A distinguishing feature about Kidshion is that it enables adding paragraphs to your template. It is easy to use and is a perfect excuse to display your imagination.

  1. Streetwear Fashion Catalog Template

It is very chic, modern, and minimal at the same time. It provides ready-to-print templates in A4 and US letter size paper. It contains 30 pages and uses free fonts. These templates include an index, front and back covers, and automatic page numbering. The supported file type is INDD in portrait orientation. The color scheme is CMYK. It needs Adobe Indesign CS4 and higher versions.

Template NameNo of PagesSupported File TypesColor SchemeFont ChoicesSupported Page SizeExtra Info.
FlipHTML525PDFCMYKManyA5,A4,US letterWeb HostingSEOCloud-Based
Fashion lookbook 25INDD/PDF/IDMLCMYKSufficientA4SEO
Indesign catalog Brochure14INDD/PDFCMYKAmpleA4Good Performance
GEMINI Lookbook Catalog16INDD and .docCMYKSufficientA4, US letterSupports Word format(.doc)
Kidshion Indesign16INDD/PDFCMYKLimitedA4 in PortraitEasy to use
Streetwear Fashion30INDDCMYKLimitedA4 in PortraitUS letterChic and modern

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