The Stores Proving ’90s Style Clothes are Back in Style

The Stores Proving ’90s Style Clothes are Back in Style

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Summary: From supermodels to movie stars, the '90s were a time when fashion was fun, bold, and unapologetic. In this article, we take a look at some of the most iconic outfits from the decade, including those worn by the Spice Girls, Kate Moss, and Winona Ryder. Read on to learn more about what to include in your 90s-style clothing collection.

You don't have to flick on MTV or late-night TV to see the retro clothing trend taking over. Stores across the country are hopping on board—and it's a smart business decision. For years, the style pendulum swung toward simple cuts, muted colors, and a general lack of embellishments. Who can forget the khaki-and-black-everything era? After all, the elegant cuts and "don’t care" grunge aesthetic that mark 90s style clothes have had their appeal across generations.

But what was 90s fashion all about? It was a time when denim, spirit, and attitude were all you needed to make a statement. It was a decade of iconic fashion and bold personal style. It was also a time when fashion giants like Versace, Moschino, MCM, Prada, and Gucci ruled the global fashion stage. The decade also witnessed the rise of many famous fashion designers, like Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Miuccia Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and many others.

More of these 90s-inspired clothes are all over store windows as of late. Here’s all the dope on the styles brands are going with that you should watch out for!

Cargo Trousers

Cargo Trousers

A 90s-inspired collection is not complete without a few pairs of cargo trousers. Women can take a cue from Hailey Bieber, who is often seen rocking this '90s aesthetic. Hailey’s low-waist baggy pair was by Balenciaga, but there are many more interesting variations to this trend. From Zara’s satin-effect cargo pants to Burberry’s cargo jeans, there is something for everyone in this trend. Brands can also look at khakis, high-rise cargo pants, cropped pants, and wide-leg pants for modern tweaks to the trend.

Clueless Checks

Cher Horowitz may have popularized top-to-toe checks in Clueless (1995), which are making a comeback this season, but did this trend ever leave? It seems to be a fashion faithful, once again being embraced by brands like Chanel that showcased it in their Fall 2022 collection. From miniskirt suits to pastel and bright hues, you can give the Clueless checks a modern twist in your upcoming collections. Go for neutral shades like grey, beige, or brown. You’ll find ample inspiration in the collections of labels like Karen Millen and H&M.

Cropped Jackets 

Cropped Jackets

Whether it is H&M’s cropped jumpers or Calvin Klein’s classic blue denim cropped jacket, the cropped style of outerwear has, once again, taken the stores by storm. From crop tops to cropped jackets, anything that is shorter than usual is worth investing in for your latest collections. With the bare midriff radiating very much the ’90s vibe, cropped jackets are both sassy and stylish. Check out Zara’s collection of fur, leather, denim, and padded jackets for some inspiration.

Grunge Fashion 

When it comes to 90 style clothes, it cannot go without a mention of grunge. One of the key looks sported by the likes of Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore back in the 1990s has been getting a modern makeover of late. Givenchy, the French clothing brand, dressed models in leather jackets and denim, the ideal fabrics to create the look. Brands should go for band tees, checked shirts, cardigans, and ripped jeans. Throw in a few platform boots if you are also into footwear.


The trend of flaunting the brands you owned in a big way started even before the 1990s. The big, flashy 80s were all about showing off your wealth and success through designer logos on your clothes, bags, and shoes. It peaked in the next decade, with celebs carrying their designer bags and wearing their hearts—or 1990s-style clothes—on their designer sleeves. Today, labels like Versace, Gucci, and Dior have brought back the trend, with the fashion-conscious lapping up logomania more than ever.

Branded Sportswear

Branded Sportswear

Moving a little ahead on the 90s-style logomania trend, labels are investing in sportswear that shows off their brand in style. It all started with sports brands like Kappa and Fila that were everywhere in the 90s. Now, brands like Michael Kors and Stella McCartney have joined the trend to bring out these 90s-inspired clothes as part of their athleisure collections. The 2022 Adidas-Gucci collaboration also proved that athleisure is still in high demand.

Sheer Dresses 

A runway favorite, the sheer dress never waned in popularity after the 1990s. The trend began sometime in 1993 with Kate Moss’s sheer dress. The style was revisited by Brandon Maxwell in his Fall 2020 runway, and it has been trending since. One of the most iconic 90s styles of clothing, the sheer dress, is a celebrity favorite too. Stores are stocking up on outfits designed with see-through materials like mesh and lace. Designers and brands should look at sheer dresses, tops, blouses, and the classic 90s-style slip dress.   

Celebrate the 1990s

Whether it’s branded sportswear, platform boots, slip dresses, cargo pants, or cropped tees, 90s-style clothes are back in a big way. Shaped by the first bunch of celebrities-turned-influencers back in the day, trends from the ’90s are getting the nod of approval from today’s style icons like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber. What’s more? Brands are incorporating these looks in their latest collections to revive the classic ’90s vibe.

Key Takeaways

  • Both fashion bigwigs and small businesses are turning their focus to 90s-style clothes, incorporating branded sportswear, grunge fashion, cargo trousers, and checks into their collections.
  • From grunge and baggy jeans to oversized t-shirts, 90s-inspired clothes are being seen everywhere, the red carpet and runway included.

From slip dresses to bomber jackets, and Clueless checks to athleisure wear, get all the 90s-style clothes ready for your next collection. Don’t know where to begin? Find reliable partners on Fashinza.

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