The Pantone Color Trend – Beige Dress and Fits 

The Pantone Color Trend – Beige Dress and Fits 

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Summary: Classic neutrals like Pantone Beige take the fashion spotlight this year as textile and apparel brands try to get their line-up aligned with the color that is going viral. It is time to design and source fabrics for dresses that resonate with your clients in the warm hues of beige.

Beige is one of the timeless colors which is both muted and elegant. Pantone, being the universal language of color for designers, brands, and manufacturers, brings in the everlasting warmth and softness of pastel shades with its Pantone Beige. From tan to taupe, cream to camel, and oatmeal to biscuit, the different strokes of Pantone Beige are evergreen in fashion. 

Iconic brands like Bottega Veneta, Burberry, and Valentino have used this color in fashion shows season after season. While the color Pantone Beige is noted for its minimalistic aestheticism, it is only growing more prominent with fast fashion brands taking it from the runways to the streets and social media feeds lapping up all the attention. 

Beige Is the Way to Go


In the color theory, Pantone Beige is associated to have a warm, homely, grounding, and is considered to be of a calming nature. All these attributes ensure a sense of well-being, comfort, and security. While colors are perceived differently by each individual, the Universal Color Authority handles or manages the color discrepancies with its Pantone Book. Here is how you can discover the suave looks and the subtle highlights of the Pantone Beige color.

Brimming with Beige 

The best part about wearing a beige dress is that it complements every other color from the palette, including different shades of beige. To style a classic shade Pantone Beige outfit, a neutral color dress can be paired with thigh-high tan color boots and a tan colored handbag. To layer it more, a camel color overcoat can be added for the fall/winter season.

Pro-tip: Manufacturers can design outfits with various shades of beige – starting with toffee-colored leather trousers and pairing it with a taupe trench coat. One can add cream or off-white boots and accessories to complete the chic look.

Add Texture to the Outfit 

Inspired by nature, and cottagecore, the Pantone Beige has climbed in popularity ratings to become a niche trend. Adding textured fabrics in the Pantone Beige color with fabrics such as linen highlights its aesthetic appeal. Shades such as oatmeal bring the perfect form of texture that helps in keeping the look from becoming just a one-note hangover. Christian Wijnants showcased textured pant-suits in Pantone Beige for F/W 21 collection. 

Pro tip: Style that beige-textured fabric with luxury leather, cozy cashmere, or faux fur. Add crock boots or bags to complete the look.

Say it with the Sleeves 

Neutral hues stay forever in trend. Celebs have been spotted flaunting the best of beige hues in their outfits. From Jessica Alba who matched beige outfits with her daughter for an Instagram picture to Jennifer Lawrence who was spotted on the streets adorning an oatmeal-colored dress, everyone is sporting the warm hues of the Pantone Beige. To add a dash of cool to the all-neutral beige dresses, bring in silhouettes of exaggerated puffy sleeves. This gives more volume to the dress.

Pro-tip: Designers can also include other designs in their collection with puffy sleeve tops and pair them up with slouchy trousers to keep it cool and chic. 

Maxi, Flowy, Pleated 

Pantone Beige

The neutral tones of Pantone Beige can be worn easily to parties and casual work meetings and even formal luncheons. One can mix different tones and textures to add more intensity to the outfit. 

Pro-tip: Add flowy dresses and maxi dresses during the upcoming summer season. You can introduce pleated dresses in classic beige for the perfect silhouette. 

Pop of Gold 

Pantone Beige

Gold to beige is the yin to its yang. The predominantly beige looks are going viral on social media and the runway. Kendall Jenner and Megan Fox have slayed it on the runway with their shade of Pantone Beige. The transparent nude from head to toe has resurrected the classic cottagecore vibe. The trending gold chunky chain or gold hoops is all the outfit needs. This is one of the trends that has re-emerged from the 80s and 90s. Check out other fashion trends from the 80s that are back in vogue. 

Pro-tip: To make the monotone look stand out, up the ante with some gold jewelry. Make the beige dress or outfit pop with a little sparkle of gold. 

Beige Is All the Rage 

Fashion designers and manufacturers put a lot of thought into choosing colors and fabrics for their designs. To align with the designs that are trending, take some inspiration and guidance from the Pantone color palettes. As far as the trends go, the idea of a statement dress or outfit includes shades of Pantone Beige. Give some insights into the new designs, colors, and fabrics that are in vogue. 

If you want to know more about Pantone colors or the Pantone Beige color and the designs and fabrics that you might need to design your collection and resonate with the clientele, visit us at Fashinza.

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Key Takeaways

  • The classic color Pantone Beige is timeless. It can be worn any day, anywhere, and in any season. From flowy beige dresses for the spring to beige trench coats for the fall, beige is the color for one and all. 
  • One can style the shades of beige or even go monotone. The different shades and textures of beige add to the beauty of the entire outfit. 
  • Add gold accessories for that shine to complete your look.  

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