Pantone 7 Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2023

Pantone 7 Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2023

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Summary: Fashion is a reflection of the times we live in. The moods and events, along with the associated colors, shape fashion. Pantone colors for a particular year set the narrative for the fashion that year.

Colors That Shall Define Fashion 2023

Every year, the Pantone Color institute interacts with entertainment, fashion, art, travel, and design industries to introduce the Pantone color of the year. Lifestyle and socio-economic conditions are some of the factors taken into account. The color of the year further influences upcoming trends, new product development, and purchasing decisions throughout many industries. In short, the Pantone color sets the mood and narrative for lifestyle-related industries.

Spring-Summer Choice of Colors

As per the Pantone Color Institute experts, the choice of colors for Spring-Summer 2023 New York reflects how our past experiences have influenced our relationships and the colors surrounding them. Contrary to perception, a lot of free thinking goes into selecting the colors for the season, which to a common person may not make much sense at all. This year, Pantone has gone for color contrasts that bring out the quirkiness and individuality that make human beings fearless in striving for perfection.

Pantone has picked up seven colors that are most likely to float around us in months to come. There are likely to be layers of these colors finding manifestations on walls, clothes, and homes. Designers need to keep these color options in mind while trying to put together their collection for spring and summer.

Viva Magenta (P18-1750): Color of the Year 2023

Vivid and bustling with life energy, Viva Magenta is the Pantone color of the year 2023. A part of the red family, this nuanced crimson red has a beautiful carmine tone that symbolizes strength, vigor, and celebrations of life. It is a color to be celebrated throughout the year and should find expression in outfits, home and interiors, and even plastic aesthetics. There is a whole metaverse of Viva magenta to play with for designers across domains.

Viva magenta is not a color that designers have not experimented with in the past. The color has been worn with grace by Kate Middleton on occasion. Those not enthused with its brightness can play around with the lighter palette. With Fuschia dominating the outfits last year, it is no wonder that Pantone has gone for a color that is rosier than it.

Beetroot Purple (P18-2143)

Considering that after the trying times, people would need the soothing undertones of lavender purple, the wild guess was that the color would be the preferred one. However, Pantone decided to go with Beetroot purple. The emboldened Fuschia hue, denoting the "fruits of nature", is a part of the color palette that is going to rule in Spring-Summer 2023.

Gray Lilac (P18-3804)

One of the softer tones that shall find favor include a dreamy and ethereal infused grey lilac. Cardigans and sweaters in the color are already out aplenty and next in line are blazers and power suits. Going by the trend, gray lilac is certainly going to have a good time under the sun this year!

Love Bird (P13-0443)

During the September fashion month, love bird or lime green generated the maximum excitement. The zingy shade of this green that popped up in all major fashion collections of Spring-Summer 2023 makes it one of the biggest colors for the year. There are already quite a few adventurous outfits from the house of Bottega Veneta and Miu Miu in the color, including one in shimmery fabric.

Fiery Red (P18-1664)

Another bold fashion color for the season is fiery red. This vivid shade of red was hard to ignore in the latest collections worn top-to-toe, including suit dresses and hosiery. Whether it is an H&M rib knit wool jumper, a Joseph Plisse Lurex midi skirt, or Mango’s long T-shirt, the color screams for designers' attention.

Summer Song (P14-4316)

Pantone describes summer song as a clear blue tone that expresses relaxation and tranquility. Set to emerge as one of the core colors that take attention away from Barbiecore, summer song was one of the dominant colors at various fashion weeks. This soft chromatic mood infused the second skin silhouettes, making them look fluid and soothing. This blue had an influence on Givenchy slip dresses on the Paris runway with a lingerie-like effect.

Empire Yellow (P14-0756)

Neon colors symbolize a craving for summer. Fluorescent shades of blue, yellow, and green boosted the summery allure of silhouettes in the ensembles by Fendi and Balenciaga. This color can be used in evening dresses to grab attention in a shocking yet joyful manner.

Setting the Tone for Fashion 2023

As for these many years, Pantone has calibrated the colors for Spring-Summer 2023. This time the effort is to blend the contrasting feeling of escapism with wholesomeness and joy. Designers need to take the clue from the color selections and match their designs with it.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Pantone colors for Spring-Summer celebrate contrasting emotions.
  2. The Pantone color of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta.
  3. Brands can weave their collections around the Spring-Summer color choices.
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