New-age Brides Vibe To These Silhouettes

New-age Brides Vibe To These Silhouettes

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Indian festivities and weddings are a huge bonanza of rituals. If you are to be the bride in today's era, then fear not, as there is no dearth of ideas and creativity to choose from an endless list of fabrics. Gone are the days when bridal silhouettes were restricted to certain heavy embellished and zardozi fabrics. Today's brides are experimenting with casual printed fabrics to mix and match with various fabric materials. 

If you are tired of mentally curating ideas for the perfect dress to be worn on your special day, then this guide will be beneficial to know that you needn't be restricted to the fabric material. 

Indian weddings demand so many outfits for different occasions. Brides ditch the traditional red outfits and switch to out-of-the-box colours, such as purple, yellows, and greens for the main ceremony. The traditional lehenga, an essential outfit of the Indian wedding attire, is something that cannot be changed. They have been experimenting with silhouettes and fabric materials for the same. A wedding gown design should be based on body type, fabric, and occasion. 

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If you are a to-be bride and wish to break the age-old traditional clothing norm, we have some creative wedding gown designs that are both trending and super comfortable for your wedding day. 

  1. The fish cut skirt 

The fish-cut skirt below a blouse is a contemporary option in contrast to the umbrella skirt for the outfit. With intricate embellishments, these fish-cut lehengas look classy and traditional at the same time. The fish cut is a figure-hugging silhouette to show your curves on your special day. A bride who wishes to flaunt some classy yet subtle glamour fits perfectly well. 

  1. Gowns

Straight out of a fairy tale, gowns are not restricted to western weddings. Mirror work, with flattering sleeves and sweetheart neckline, is all you need to be the epitome of grace on your wedding. Satins with heavy work or organza in peaches and pinks are the most bookmarked colours for this season.

  1. Tulle trail 

The tulle trail is an intricate tailor-made dress with an unconventional twist. The main dress can be made with varied fabrics such as velvet, heavy work, or chantilly also, but the trail is made with net or tissue organza to make it flowy. The advantage of a tulle trail is that it can also be added or separated from the main dress. Trails can be made in the same colour or contrasting colours to add more drama to the outfit. 

  1. The ballroom skirt 

Weddings are the day when brides wish to look entirely different from the rest of the crowd. The ballroom skirt is bounty full of elegance and opulence. The half skirt is detachable, and it only conforms to the main dress from the back. It creates an illusion of a gown, but it can make your outfit into a long bodycon dress if removed.  

  1. The half saree

If you don't want to be too far off from the traditional saree as a bride, then a half saree can opt. The half saree has only an extension of the drape, which resembles a saree. It can be detached, and the dress can be worn as a single piece. Traditional outfits are still a craze only if they have a hint of creativity. It makes the big day all the more special.

When going for a bridal wear hunt, keep these general rules in mind for various silhouettes:

When going for a bridal wear hunt, keep these general rules in mind for various silhouettes:
  1. Accentuating your curves will be done right with a fitted sheath design, a mermaid or a trumpet cut. The mermaid cut emphasises the waistline. 
  2. Pleated skirts, lehengas, or fuller waists will magnify your waist and make your hips look larger. So you can opt for a well-fitted waistline and allow the pomp of the skirt to swell. A true fairy tale design is what it is!
  3. An A-line wedding gown design is the best choice if you are in doubt. It makes you look taller, and a well-fitted dress never goes wrong for any body type. 
  4. The column wedding gown design is much sleeker and seamless. It is made by using taffeta or satin for a more straight (columnar look). Best suited for an athletic or hourglass body frame.
  5. The sheath design is made for a more box-type body type, as it makes a petite bride look taller. Add a waist belt or a sash to define the waist.
  6. The slip design is minimal, comfortable, and chic. Reflecting simplicity in elegance is the slip wedding gown design. You can add a cowl neck design or plain V-neck to accentuate details.
  7. You can opt for a trumpet design if you have a typical hourglass, slender body type.

Reasons for the shifting trend

  • Fashion is an ever-changing process, and most of the time, brides may not be looking for a bridal outfit. Rather they wish to use these wedding dresses on many more occasions than one. So as a bride, if you are spending money and effort to choose the big day outfit, you should be able to add versatility and adaptability.
  • The silhouettes should be inventive and suit the bride's needs. Innovative outfits are universal in terms of modernity and culture. Wedding gown designs are trending for the same reason, as they are adaptable and can be played with designs.
  • Trends are shifting, and new-age brides are vibing at the right chords with this shift. Every bride is looking for an out-of-the-box and unusual dress for their special day. 
  • These bridal dresses are for once-in-a-lifetime events, and no bride would want it to go wrong. Today's brides are in charge of their weddings, and they love to beat age-old traditions. Such unconventional designs and silhouettes make brides ditch age-old traditions and opt for something new. 


Brides-to-be are full of anxiety and excitement for their “The day.” New-age brides need a dress to be worthy enough to define the moment and make it special. This is why brides need to choose their dresses carefully yet complement their body type and occasion. Apart from the main wedding, there are multiple occasions where brides can choose different sets of silhouettes. The need for experimentation has arisen due to so many fabrics available for making ready-to-wear dresses. Organzas, chiffons, or printed fabrics- anything and everything can be turned into an unconventional bridal outfit. As a fashion designer, if you are looking out for bridal designs and silhouettes trending for the season, then Fashinza should be the go-to guide. From different fabrics that can be used to make bridal wear to choosing the right silhouette for the body type, you can get all information at Fanshinza.  


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