Glitz and Glamour of 80s Fashion Returns with a Bang

Glitz and Glamour of 80s Fashion Returns with a Bang

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Summary: Fashion trends from the 80s have found a way to be back in our lives. While minimalism has been the status quo lately, there has slowly been a comeback of bold, spirited, and eye-catching ensembles from the ’80s. Nostalgia for the 80s found its way into today’s fashion.

Check out these ten trends of 80s fashion if your brand needs to cater to the retro style flavor!

Defined by vibrancy, playfulness, and comfort, 80s fashion is over-the-top, perm, spandex, ripped jeans, and neon colors. Super confident of its personality, the 80s fashion trends had nothing modest about it – 'bold, bright, and fun' sums it up best.

Let us explore the top ten most iconic looks and accessories of the 80s during this era of funk, punk, and old-school hip-hop. 

1. Bodysuits

The 80s started as a self-conscious decade post the 70s era of “flower power”. Jane Fonda created the famous fitness bodysuits. She created dance and workout fitness videos, which featured the style statement of the decade - vibrant bodysuits with legwarmers. The present-day athleisure trend started in the 80s as leotards and bodysuits. This style from 80s fashion is trendy again and looks perfect even today. 


2. Sequins

Sequinned clothing is back, but unlike the 80s, this looks chic now. In 2023, brands like Michael Kors, Nensi Dojaka, and Tom Ford among others have taken on the sequinned look. This year, sequins are causing a blinding sparkle with their high-drama look. This bold and sparkly trend is an excellent way to add an extra bit of charm to an outfit.


3. Oversized blazers with shoulder pads

Blazers with oversized shoulder pads were the professional attire in the 1980s, made trendier by the sitcoms. The added shoulder padding gave the illusion of a broader frame. This 80s fashion trend is back in 2023 with designers experimenting with boxy blazers in bright colors and loose fits. 

Oversized blazers with shoulder pads

4. Acid-washed and Ripped jeans

Conceived by the Italian company Rifle Jeans, acid-washed jeans were all the rage in the 80s. The denim even had patchwork elements and some even opted for ripped variants that had the knees torn out. This classic 80s fashion trend has been revived in 2023 overturning the basic slim fit styles. 

Acid-washed and Ripped jeans

5. Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves were statement makers in the 80s fashion scene. They were characterized by rounded detailing at the shoulder, which gave the sleeves a voluminous look. This year, puff sleeves made appearances at the Pre-Fall and Resort 2023 collections from brands like Carolina Herrera, Erdem, Gucci, and Ulla Johnson. Dresses and tops with big sleeves are here at the moment. 


6. Leggings and leg warmers - All things spandex

Spandex was a staple in the 80s. It was cool, looked great, and was comfortable. Skin-tight black leggings and colorful spandex leg warmers were the 80s thing. This comfy 80s fashion is back in 2023 and leggings are seen as smart alternatives to denim and trousers. The vibrant leg warmers with cute detailing are being loved by millennial consumers!

Leggings and leg warmers - All things spandex

7. Mini Skirts

While the mini-skirt trend began in the 1960s, it peaked in the 80s and was worn with legwarmers or leggings. Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and many other celebs of that era loved and wore this trend, influencing others to adopt it. In 2023, fashion runways are seeing the re-emergence of mini-skirt. Brands like Alberta Ferretti, Koché, Courrèges, and others presented their version of the mini in the Spring-Summer collection. 

Mini Skirts

8. Animal Prints

After peaking in the 60s, the animal print trend returned to the 80s fashion scene. It was made famous by celebrities like Bon Jovi and Joan Collins. Several designers in the Milan Fashion Week 2023 showcased zebra prints and even imagery of actual zebras, as part of their Spring-Summer collection. The animal print is back from the dead and has a promising future this year.

Animal Prints

9. Oversized Sunglasses

One of the greatest fashion trends of the 80s, oversized sunglasses ruled for a better part of the 90s decade too. In 2023, these frames are coming back in vogue and in a big way. These extra-large sunglasses pack a punch and are great for making a statement.

Oversized Sunglasses

10. Bustier and Corset Tops

Madonna rocked the MTV audience with the bustier top in her "Like a Virgin" performance at the 1984 MTV VMAs. This trend blew up in the 80s and made a comeback in 2023. Corset tops today have bright colors, shimmer finishes, and bold prints, and look chic as opposed to the corsets of the past which were designed as body shapers. 

Bustier and Corset Tops

These 80s fashion trends are transforming the style trends of today with bright colors, bold prints, and eye-popping neons. They are a must-add to your fashion label this season. 

Key Takeaways:

  • 80s fashion was about being extra, seen as a way of being rebellious.
  • Ahead of its time, 80s fashion was quirky enough to still be relevant in 2023. 

Get in touch with us to create beautiful 80s designs that are in sync with your customer’s preferences. Fashinza’s network of suppliers will partner with hassle-free and cost-effective manufacturing. 


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