Five Timeless Outfits by Jil Sander X Uniqlo Collection 2020

Five Timeless Outfits by Jil Sander X Uniqlo Collection 2020

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Jil Sander and Uniqlo fans were disappointed with the pause of the two-year cooperation between the two brands in 2011. Uniqlo released Uniqlo +J, its highly-anticipated relaunch of the Uniqlo x Jil Sander partnership, after an original announcement earlier in 2020. 

Jil Sander Uniqlo 2020 introduced the new collection for both genders that include timeless engineering, knitwear and sportswear designs. It became available on 12 November 2020. The collection, as expected, builds on the first collaboration from 2009-2011, with a variety of versatile pieces that combine exquisite tailoring with sculptural forms and dramatic silhouettes.

What was the collection?

Jil Sander Uniqlo 2020 collection comprises hybrid down designs, utility-inspired coats, military blousons, wool mix coats, tailored outerwear, gabardine trousers, luxurious oversized shirts, cardigans, long knit skirts, and expressive skirts, as well as four accessories. The excellent quality of compartments, zippers, sewing, panels, and contrast fabric, as well as the immense volumes, showcase both brands high-end features.

Timeless outfits of the collection

Jil Sander, the legendary designer, makes a comeback to Uniqlo with her trademark contemporary style. Jil Sander Uniqlo 2020 collection includes excellent items with numerous styling possibilities, all inspired by fashion minimalism.

Uniqlo +J cashmere-blend Chester coat

Price: $250

There is an innate beauty to cashmere in a high-quality coat. The fit is more modern and cozy.

Cashmere mix is both high-quality and beautiful. The cloth is double-faced, which contributes to its unique look. The garment's arms and back are lined, making it easy to put on and pull off.

It is lovely to wear and is of excellent quality. You can just decrease one size for an oversized fit and decrease two sizes for a regular fit. The coat is on the longer side and the rear belt adds to its trendiness. 

Women +J wool slim pants

Price: $100

These are high-quality woolen pants with a good fit and a professional appearance. Fantastic quality and highly recommended for anyone with a more up-and-down/boyish physique. These are without a doubt the most elegant pair of trousers anyone could possess. 

The cut and fit are at once classic and cutting-edge. Instead of a full lining, these trousers have a lining along the waistline and front thighs. The fabric of the pants, on the other hand, isn't bothersome at all. It is a sharp, structured fabric that's ideal for the design.

Women +J extra-fine merino turtleneck sweater

Price: $50

For a more fashionable look, this turtleneck sweater has an openwork stitch. Made with top-quality fabric, it has a silky and lustrous shine, as it is created from 100% 18.5 ultra-fine merino wool. The designers altered the weaving process for the upper torso and arms for an attractive mesh-like pattern on-trend. The arms are pretty broad, and the wool is soft. Jil Sander's design is essential and traditional, but with a twist, which fans like. The fabric is soft and non-itchy and the fit is a tendy boxy shape. 

Men +J merino-blend V-neck long-sleeve cardigan

Price: $60

This lovely cardigan is composed of luxurious merino wool with extra stretch for maximum comfort and attractiveness. An extra-fine 18.5-micron merino wool strand is used along with nylon for elasticity and comfort. It is thickly woven, yet it's also quite comfy. With a distinct smoothness and a lovely shine, it is a straightforward design that complements any aesthetic.

Unfortunately, the majority of the inventory disappeared in a matter of hours. It is stitched in pure merino and is a well-cut outer garment with a stylish JS silhouette. The wool might have been a little heavier, and the somewhat boxy/oversized form doesn't fall as neatly as it should on an actual Jil Sander sweater, but the price is hard to match. 

Men +J Supima cotton regular-fit long-sleeve shirt

Price: $50

The fabric, interlining, and stitching methods were all meticulously developed for this traditional, elegant shirt. It is composed of Supima®cotton, which is 100% premium. The designer was cautious about the stitching method and interlining utilized for this clean and sleek shirt. They made a substantial fabric with an attractive and delicate appearance using a densely woven fine-thread technique.

Excluding the printed tag on the inside of the shirt, there is no branding or trademark. The body length is excellent, hitting mid-fly, and the arm length is also ideal. The sleeves also hug the biceps just nicely without becoming restrictive. 


 Jil Sander Uniqlo 2020 has provided a whole wardrobe's worth of elegant, stylish and highly wearable basics at extraordinarily affordable rates, just like Sander did the first time around. As expected, this collection was immediately sold out.


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