Fashion Designer Daniel Lee Talks About Change In Luxury Fashion Due To Lockdown In British Vogue

Fashion Designer Daniel Lee Talks About Change In Luxury Fashion Due To Lockdown In British Vogue

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Fashion is an ever-evolving affair. The pandemic also played an appreciating role in bringing forward some of the overlooked matters in question. This includes sustainable and recyclable fabrics and re-stocking of clothes that are more comfortable and cozy to wear.

Eminent names such as Daniel Lee, and Jane Goodall couldn't keep themselves from addressing these concerns in their talks with the British Vogue for September 2020 edition.

Here in this blog post, we discuss how luxury fashion labels are modifying their work model as per the new normal.

Top 3 changes that lockdown drove in the fashion industry due to restricted movement

1. Premium loungewear is the new-in

With restrictive and limited movements, the world has sought an alternative in virtual meetings. Be it a board meeting, product launch, or celebrity interviews, everything has shifted online. With this, the demand for comfortable yet chic premium loungewear has soared.

Daniel Lee Luxury Fashion Vogue

The British Vogue September 2020 edition epitomizes how British actor Riz Ahmed believed "apocalypse doesn't mean final destruction, it means revelation." This pretty much aligns with everything, including fashion.

In April 2020, Google searches for keywords like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein jumped by 18%, and the reason was nothing but their premium sweatpants and tees collection perfect for lounging.

In his interaction with Sarah Harris for British Vogue September 2020, Daniel Lee indicates that there is a need to ditch the concept of 4 big fashion moments in the year and suggests how only 2 are enough. This can be a spring/summer and autumn/winter collection. As per a quote picked from the magazine, Lee believes, after getting stuck within the walls of your house, you would want to slide into your comfy clothes to feel cozy and safe. 

2. Sustainability is the new factor in fashion

Daniel Lee Luxury Fashion Vogue

With growing awareness in society, the majority of luxury, as well as non-luxury brands, are inclining towards the "sustainable and reusable fashion" model. The need for sustainable fashion was recognized much before the pandemic. However, it has intensified since that.

Today, many buyers look for tags that read 'sustainable' or 'environment friendly' rather than checking out the price. Labels such as Vetta and Bodden top the list when it comes to brands concerned about the chemical waste produced in cloth manufacturing.

In British Vogue September 2020, Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned English primatologist and anthropologist highlights the concern of the multiplication of the world's population. As per United Nations, by the year 2050, numbers can grow as large as 9.7 billion from the current 7.8 billion. She says, "Our planet can’t keep up, and it’s the richest 10 percent who are causing half the damage.” She calls this a wake-up call that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Numerous fashion labels are planning to associate with merchandisers and manufacturers that function consciously for the environment's sake. Fashion is a platform that has been standing as a connecting bridge between brands and suppliers. We at Fashinza help you establish a mutually beneficial bond for effortless and consistent production.

The time is to jump back to the basics of fashion - simple, beautiful, and unique.

3. Digital stores

Now more than ever, it has become essential to establish the presence of your fashion label on online platforms, irrespective of your venture size. Over the years, luxury brands were dwelling hard on in-store shopping only. However, due to domestic as well as international travel restrictions and as a means of precaution, shoppers are relying on online shopping apps, and this has pushed even labels like Dior to build virtual platforms lest their sales chart may shrink down drastically.

Also, some of the luxury and A-class brands have taken support of pre-existing eCommerce websites. This model will keep their sales chart spike up ineffectively while still allowing them to stop selling products online once the in-store trend resumes. This will save the investment that goes into building an app from scratch.

The newly launched Amazon Luxury Stores is one such model dedicated to high-end and expensive fashion brands. Before the pandemic hit the world, the luxury fashion industry had overall revenue of $24 billion; however, these figures are expected to inflate to $51 billion by 2023, and the credit goes to the millennials worldwide.

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