Denim of Dreams Became a Reality in Lee X H&M Capsule

Denim of Dreams Became a Reality in Lee X H&M Capsule

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It would have been difficult for H&M to find a more legendary denim company to collaborate with than Lee, the company that introduced the world's first-ever zip fly jeans. The two brands have collaborated for a sustainable line. To add to this, they are also taking advantage of the customers' mentality of everlasting melancholy and longing for older times. 

What Is the Lee H&M Collaboration?

The Lee H&M collection is influenced by the decade of the 1990s. Several famous Lee designs served as the foundation for the collection. This includes the Rider and Loco jacket, Bib-overall, Dungarees, Carpenter pants, and so on. Aside from denim, the line also has some crucial jersey outfits and accessories. They're all created from environmentally friendly materials.

Denim outerwear, dungarees, repurposed cotton jeans, art tees, and sweatshirts are among the modernized workplace necessities for men and women featured in the project. Wide-leg jeans are available for their supreme casual-cool look. The slim jeans in a mid-blue hue go with a traditional button-down and a casual shirt to give a chic vibe.

Accessories such as hats, purses, belts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts are available. Although a pair of Lee jeans typically cost approximately £90, this collaboration allows the business to access a new market with considerably lower prices, in the £35-40 range.

Why Is the Lee H&M Collection Special?

Denim of Dreams Became a Reality in Lee X H&M Capsule

This collection is unique because it includes old basics reinvented for the current buyer instead of the exquisitely subtle and escapism-friendly Simone Rocha line. The two organizations have collaborated to create a comprehensive partnership that integrates sustainable practices at every level of design and manufacturing, drawing on Lee's denim-making expertise. The collection includes H&M's first-ever fully upcycled cotton jeans. It is produced from 80 percent industrial garbage and 20 percent consumer garbage. 

Cotton isn't used in this collection of denim. Instead, it's composed of water-saving colors and renewable manufactured materials. The purposeful invention, on the other hand, does not end here. Non-leather back patches consisting of cork and jacron paper, along with a recovered cotton jersey, are also available. This gives you a few co-ord or matching possibilities, making complete ensembles highly feasible in this collection. 

Water-saving pigments and relatively low impact denim washes will also be third-party certified, revealing the precise water amount used, CO2, and energy footprint of each denim item in the collection, from start to finish.

Hence, H&M will provide Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) statistics on hm.com for the first time, revealing the water, CO2 & energy effect of every denim item from natural resources to end of consumption, ensuring complete transparency. Large stores like H&M reconsidering their environmental impact is a positive indication, and we hope that more businesses follow this example ahead.

What Is the Apparel Range in Lee H&M Collection?

Wide and baggy trousers with a 90s vintage feel are a part of the women's collection. At the same time, Lee's famous Rider jacket is revamped in an enormous cocoon form. TexloopTM RCOTTM Recycled Cotton jersey apparel completes the Lee H&M style. Additionally, denim corsets offer a delicate edge, while dungarees and overshirts can provide a utilitarian workplace look.

Comfortable fit five-pocket jeans are produced from 100% recycled cotton. The relaxed carpenters' denim is made from 100% TencelTM Lyocell cellulose stitching threads and water-saving colors. To round off the sustainably driven collection, there are many workplace dungarees, denim bucket headwear, and tote handbags, along with heavyweight jersey outfits. 

Denim of Dreams Became a Reality in Lee X H&M Capsule

With loose jeans, dungaree skirts, pants with cargo pockets, knit pieces, accessories, and the classic Lee Rider Jacket fashioned in a somewhat cocooning form, the kids' line has a playful '80s and '90s vibe to it.

Availability of the Collection

From the 28th of January, the Lee H&M collection was made available in select shops and on websites. The kid's collection is accessible solely through H&M online. Some of the pieces were immediately sold out, so a vendor or website that wants to get their hands on any of those collaborative styles will have to act quickly. 


It's a collaborative effort that includes advancements at every step of design and manufacturing. With the debut of their Conscious brand, H&M has always been careful about its economic impact. This Lee H&M partnership is yet another example of how large companies may help to correct the fashion industry's flaws.


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