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Carry the Style in Your Stride

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Summary: This article delves into various fashion styles and attires that are thriving worldwide, their history, progression, and evolution. Style statements and tips to amp up the oomph have been delved into at length in this article. From opting for leather pants to donning the crop and wearing platforms, all have been explored at length. Ultimately, style is subjective. One can only study and observe the trends to create their own unique style.

The fashion industry boasts of being a dynamic tour de force. However, the secret to its success can be attributed to ever-changing styles and ever-evolving fashion preferences.

It's all in the aesthetics they say. Well, the aesthetic of the latter part of the first quarter of the 21st century has taken the retro-cum-lounge stance. While the basics of certain fashion trends may retain their authenticity, the way we wear and pair things constantly change with time.

So let's unwind and delve into the world of possibilities that 21st-century clothing has to offer.

Leather Glory

Leather has always held the status of a gem in the crown and why not? Leather is a versatile fabric that's all about the oomph quotient. Even plush leather has forayed deep into the closets of people. Be it the iconic black, red, or any other shade from the color wheel, leather pants project a funky gravitas. High-waist leather pants can be paired with a t-shirt, with a blazer atop. Sneakers or heels should be worn to underline the casual/edgy look. A subtle sweater can add to the flavor of the leather.


If it fits, it Thrills

Fitted shirts are for corporate sinners and fashionistas. Fitted shirts are synonymous with statement and seriousness. However, patterned fitted shirts take a detour from the land of corporate drudgery. The evolution of the fitted shirt to fit both the serious and fun narratives is a feat unto itself. Paired with trousers, a pair of jeans, flared pants, or even leather, fitted shirts are here to stay as a closet pick across genders.

Halt for the Halter

Halter tops have been chic long-staying guests in a woman's wardrobe for many years but originally, the concept of halters can be traced back to the 1930s. It was synonymous with a sense of freedom of movement and body awareness. It is an inspiring piece of clothing that can feature a top, blouse, or swimsuit. The aim is to accentuate the features of the feminine physique.

Halter tops can be paired with anything from pants to shorts and skirts. Blouses may be paired with sarees, while swimsuits can enjoy the taste of water.

Tank it Cropped

Cropped tank tops are evolved by-products. The trend started with tank tops, which are well-known as the casual choice of all, be it on the red carpet, on a walk by the beach, in bed, or at the movies. It gained prominence and visibility through western military attire as portrayed onscreen.

Cropped tank tops

A wholesome relief to the neck and arms in the heat, it covers just the right amount of skin to be a preferred choice during summers and a layer choice in any other season. Cropped tank tops and jeans make for the iconic set. However, trousers, skirts, blazers, and bomber jackets can also complement it well.

Flare Fashion

Flared pants have been the rave since time immemorial. After a slight dip in staying relevant in the initial phase of the 21st century, this retro fashion statement is currently thriving in full swing. It's interesting to note that the flared pants were a symbol of rebellion and "anti-fashion" initially before taking the shape of a full-blown trend.

Flared pants look quite classy when coupled with loose-tucked shirts, baggy sweaters, crop tops, shoulder-padded tops, and bomber jackets. The addition of sneakers, heels, or boots adds to this flavor of a chic urban hippie.

Level it up with Platforms

After the revolution of heels and boots, platforms leveled the playing field. The beauty of platforms is that they can be clubbed with any shoe. Be it sneakers, heels, peep-toes, boots, or anything else, platforms are the latest favorite of fashion town. Other than the ease and comfort of distributed weight across the feet, the height and stability of platforms are incomparable.

The style quotient owes heavily to the features of platforms. For example, flared pants, crops, dresses, and anything in vogue at the moment can be happily clubbed with platforms. In a phrase, platforms are the defining steps to the grit of style.

Wing it with Fashion

Fashion is a dynamic ecosystem that draws inspiration from and lends inspiration to the legacy of fashion. What would be interesting to note is that fashion is never one style but an average of every rendition of it. And that is the zest that keeps fashion flavorful.

Key Takeaways

Leather fashion
  • Leather is as hip as it is casual when donned in certain ways. Leather is more of an edgy fashion choice nowadays than its erstwhile serious tonality.
  • Halter tops date back to the 1930s.
  • Flared pants were a symbol of rebellion and "anti-fashion" initially before taking the shape of a full-blown trend

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