21 Most Popular 80s Fashion Styles To Wear In 2023

21 Most Popular 80s Fashion Styles To Wear In 2023

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Summary: The 1980s weren't extremely fussy about their sense of style. Dramatic hairdos, vibrant colors, and a general "more is more" mentality were in style at the time. While a complete '80s comeback is unlikely, one can count on some of the favorite throwback trends returning with a modern edge.

Fashion is an art, and art is constantly changing according to the trend. In the 1980s, fashion was at its peak. People used to wear the most outstanding and eye-catching fashion items of that time. This fashion trend is now coming back in a new style.

Listed below are 21 trends from the 1980s that are most likely going to be hot in 2023.

1. Mini Skirts

The first miniskirts appeared in 1960s fashion, frequently worn with go-go (low-heeled) boots. However, miniskirt fashion peaked in the 1980s when they were paired with leggings or legwarmers. Denim and spandex were widely used fabrics.

2. Bodysuits

The advertising and sale of brightly colored sportswear clothing became popular in the 1980s, thanks to the singer Cher. Leotards and bodysuits, a practical kind of clothing, were the origins of what we now refer to as athleisure.


3. Distressed and Acid-Wash Jeans

Invented in Italy by the Rifle Jeans brand, it involves treating denim with chlorine and distressing it with a pumice stone. Acid-washed jeans from the 1980s were popular with heavy metal and rock artists and were worn with frayed or leather jackets.

4. Lacey Dresses

In the 1980s, lace was widely used, largely because of Madonna's popularity on stage and in her music videos. In the 1980s, everything could be made with lace, from gloves and headgear to transparent blouses and trousers.

5. Preppy Styles

The 1980s were also the decade when designers concentrated on creating casual yet fashionable preppy looks. Brands introduced college-inspired jackets, pants, and shirts in pastels with stripes.

Preppy Styles

6. Animal Prints

Wearing real animal skin was still popular in the 1980s. Despite this, celebrities continued to wear flashy animal patterns on every possible item of clothing and fashion. Although there is a good chance that animal welfare measures will be in place even if the prints become famous.

7. Denim on Denim

Up until the end of the 1980s, double denim jackets and high-waisted jeans were a popular combination. The clearest example of celebrity status affecting fashion trends is the 80s dual denim style craze, which continues to do so even today.

Denim on Denim

8. Stockings

Short skirts that showed your legs were quite trendy during the 1980s. In the mid-1980s, sheer-colored tights emerged, inspired by the growing fitness obsession, with many fashion companies producing vibrant stockings.

9. Harem Pants

Harem pants are wide, loose, have a low drop crotch, and are fitted at the ankles. They are another style that made 1980s fashion different and unique, coming in colorful hues and confusing textures.

10. Soft Punk Outfits

The 80s punk-style variation had a softer and more mysterious look, inspired by London's skinhead movement that transformed the 60s design.

Skinhead culture was combined with other cultures and musical movements, such as goth rock, glamor, and pop, to create the softer varieties of post-punk fashion in the 1980s.

11. High-Cut Swimsuits

A high-cut one-piece, similar to what the women in the first Baywatch series wore, was one of the most popular swimwear styles of the 1980s.

To create a longer-looking profile, the high cut was created to extend the legs.

High-Cut Swimsuits

12. Stirrup Leggings

Stirrup pants adapt to the idea of stirrups by having a textile strap that ties around the foot to keep the pants in place. Stirrup pants were popular in sports in the 1980s due to their design.

13. Legwarmers

The stars and celebrities of the era who promoted fitness and aerobic activities on television had an impact on the fashion trends of the 1980s. Legwarmers were necessary add-ons to leggings, large sweaters, athletic attire, and even women's skinny pants.

14. Power Suits

In the 1980s, celebrities and movie stars portraying powerful, power-hungry professional women started a style that was all the rage: power suits and power dressing.

15. Padded Shoulder Outfits

The shoulder pads were such a big 80s fashion influence that even dressmakers decided to use them. Innovative geometric shapes and cuts were created by adding noticeable shoulder pads to dresses and puffed sleeves.

16. Leather Jackets

The majority of leather jacket designs were worn with rolled-up sleeves and broad, padded shoulders. The stars of both music and film frequently wore them.

Leather Jackets

17. Slogan Tees

Another trend that helped define the 1980s is statement t-shirts, commonly known as slogan t-shirts. As the printed logos on T-shirts pushed up the market potential of brands such as Pepsi and Guess, they swiftly caught the trend and started printing phrases on T-shirts.

18. Polka Dots

The 80s saw a return of polka dot dresses, skirts, and tops, which were heavily influenced by 1940s–50s style.

19. Asymmetrical Cuts

Asymmetrical styles are marked by a one-shoulder corset and sloping hemlines or necklines, which are widely found in modern Japanese streetwear designs.

20. Huge Sunglasses

The majority of stylish sunglasses in the 1980s featured large frames and tinted or mirror lenses. Rayban's large Wayfarers and Aviators were among the most well-known sunglasses styles of the 1980s.

Huge Sunglasses

21. Statement Socks

Puffy socks, multilayered socks, and even socks with lacy borders were a major fashion statement for the women of the 1980s, thanks to a fitness celebrity craze that spread from the gym to the runway in the 1980s.

Statement Socks

Renewing the 80s Trends

The old trend of 80s fashion is now coming back with a new trend of clothing, accessories, and different fashion items. Including these 80s trends in your business will help it become hip. Once you reach this point, finding suppliers could get more difficult. Utilizing top technology, Fashinza connects brands with the most suitable suppliers by using data science and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways

  • In terms of fashion, trends, and styles, the 1980s hold a special place in history.
  • Many fashion icons were made during the 1980s, thanks to the influence of music and TV shows.
  • The 1980s were a decade of big, colorful, and loud fashion, with vibrant colors and textures, power suits, and shoulder pads.

Fashinza can help your brand connect with the best suppliers, most suited to your specific needs.

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