10 Amazing 80s Fashion Trends And Outfit Ideas For Women

10 Amazing 80s Fashion Trends And Outfit Ideas For Women

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Summary: The 1980s was the decade that changed fashion forever. The high-end designers of that decade created trends like power dressing, shirt dresses, and jogging suits. It was also the decade that gave us the notable fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. However, the most popular fashion trend of the 80s was the fashion of empowerment. Here we are listing 10 of the most popular trends from the era which can be recreated.

The Blast from the Past

The era of 80s fashion was waltzing high on the beats of bright hues, shimmer, and everything OTT. The palette included neon hues, blues, pinks, gold, plum, and bright wines. The era is internalized by the two iconic musical muses, Madonna and Michael Jackson. All the folks from this era were seen taking notes from their fashion diaries and emulating them as well. The very "street urchin" look inspired by the pop songstress included fishnet gloves, an unkempt hairdo, lace ribbons, and short skirts teamed with leggings.

Not only this, people were going gaga over the songstress's "Like a Virgin" ensemble, which comprised of junk jewels, tulle skirts, brassieres worn as tops, lace gloves, and a boy-toy cinch. The era also flaunted the whims of ruffles and shoulder pads. The folks from the era were also obsessing over the aerobic wave and, hence, the craze of sweatpants, tights, velour tracksuits, and sneakers or trainers was extremely in vogue.

We have witnessed the sudden reemergence of these not-so-old fashion trends making a rage in the current fashion scenario. The trend boards have been flooded with code black 80s fashion. From sequined dresses to sheer tights and acid-washed denim, there has been a surge in the 80s trend recently. It's a great opportunity for you as a designer to hop on a few of the ideas from the 80s trend to sketch your upcoming collection. Let's get into a detailed analysis of the top ten 80s women's fashion trends for you to draw inspiration for your next collection. Read on to explore.

1) The Oomph of Harem Pants

Back in the 1980s, baggy, comfortable, and low-drop crotch-fit harem pants layered with psychedelic hues and dizzying prints were popular. The unforgettable trend by the Parisian designer Paul Poiret has made a comeback lately and has been creating a buzz among fashionistas.

Harem Pants

2) The Etched Elegance of Ruffles and Padded Shoulders

Defined padded shoulder silhouettes with unique geometric fits and cuts were very much adopted by women back in the 1980s. Delicate ruffled dresses and tops were also one of the defining trends of the 1980s that have made a comeback. You can pin these trends to your inspiration board for your next line of creation.

Etched Elegance of Ruffles and Padded Shoulders

3) Love for Leotards aka Monokinis:

The functional form of fashion dipped in bright and bold hues was pioneered by Cher and Jane Fonda for women with a penchant for dancing and fitness. The trend has seamlessly seeped into today's fashion pages, and the runways and the influencers are already obsessing over it.

Love for Leotards aka Monokinis

4) Denim, but Acid-washed and distressed

Once the muse of heavy metal and rock bands back in the 80s, the trend originated in Italy from the design house called Rifle Jeans. The distressed and faded appearance of the denim was achieved through a chlorine wash and pumice stone.

Denim, but Acid-washed

6) The Snug Leg Warmers

Back in the 1980s, the trend was the finishing touch to the aerobic ensemble. With its neon spiffy shades, it was a statement fashion that ruled many hearts and closets back then.

The Snug Leg Warmers

7) The Polka Party

Sported by the tinsel divas and the royalties, it seems everyone just loved basking in the polka party back in the 80s. The trend has its roots in the 40s and 50s fashion and was reintroduced by the French design house Emanuel Ungaro in their 1985 spring ready-to-wear collection. The trend has been running its legacy since then.

The Polka Party

8) Acing the Asymmetry of the Silhouettes

The best illustration of the trend dates back to the 1983 spring collection of Thierry Mugler, which was later glorified by the actor Molly Ringwald. Since then, the uneven hem silhouette has been stirring up the fashion streets now and then.

Acing the Asymmetry of the Silhouettes

9) Sheer Tights on Fleek

Instigated by the fitness craze among women during the 1980s, the trend of colorful sheer tights came into being. Later, the style was very much flaunted at formal events and even at cocktail soirees.

Sheer Tights on Fleek

10) The Grace of Lace

Madonna set the ball rolling for the trend of lace with the ensemble she graced in her chart-topping song "Like a Virgin." After that, the trend was heavily emulated back then and till today.

The Grace of Lace

The Journey of Creation

Until now, your creative nerves would be brimming with new ideas inspired by the 1980s. Start sketching them for your upcoming collection, and get all the help and support you need from our AI-driven platform. From getting in touch with the manufacturers to finding the best distributors and logistics, Fashinza is all you need. Visit us to book a demo now.

Key Takeaways

  • The 80s was a decade full of big hair, big jewelry, and big fashion trends. And while some of those trends are best left in the past, there are plenty of others that are making a comeback.
  • Acid wash jeans, harem pants, and padded shoulders were all the rage in the 80s, and now they're back in style.

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