Upcoming Exhibitions to Showcase Your Designer's Portfolio

Upcoming Exhibitions to Showcase Your Designer's Portfolio

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The fashion industry comprises manufacturers of different types of fabrics, designers of fashionable garments and footwear, retailers selling fashion items, and people responsible for brand promotions. Therefore, it is important for all these people to be connected, and reap profits for all. Fashion designers need a platform for boosting their business prospects, which they get in Fashinza. When fresh fashion designers want to showcase their talents to their potential customers, a fashion exhibition is the best option in this regard. Fashinza is a prime selling site for clothing brands, which has gained huge popularity now.

Most popular fashion exhibitions covered by Fashinza

The Portugal Fashion Fall-Winter 2021

The Portugal Fashion Fall-Winter 2021 was held from October 15th-17th, where 171 individual fashion designers attended and displayed 1986 collections of fashion products. A total of 143 companies from the global fashion industry also joined this long-awaited exhibition. The exhibition highlighted the collections of young designers to encourage them to create more trends. This prestigious show was held at Alfandega do Porto Hotel and will be streamed online after the footage is edited, as the number of audiences was restricted due to the prevailing pandemic situation. 

The Vancouver Fashion Week 2021

The Vancouver Fashion Week is another prominent exhibition that has been very popular since 2001. Fashinza declared the dates, time, and venues of this exhibition beforehand for the benefit of fashion designers. In 2021, it was held on October 24th and 25th at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Great Vancouver. Museum and Archives in Vancouver was another venue for this Canadian fashion exhibition. Several talented fashion designers and famous fashion brands participated in this exhibition. They all proudly displayed their collections of different kinds of fashion products, which can be desired by any fashionable man or woman. 

The Seoul Fashion Week 2021

The Seoul Fashion Week is a bi-annual exhibition that holds importance in the fashion industry. It is organized by the Seoul Design Foundation and its events are hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This year, it was held in March and again between 7th–15th October 2021, attended by the topt fashion designers of Korea. This exhibition was held in Gyeongbuk Palace, a landmark of Seoul. 

Meta Gala 2021

The 2021 Meta Gala in New York was held on September 13, 2021. The theme of this fashion show was chosen to be “In America: In Lexicon of Fashion ''. Since youthfulness is the motto of the USA, all celebrities attending this show wore bright-colored attires. All guests were vaccinated and also wore masks to prevent COVID-19. Fashinza featured designer dresses displayed by celebrities here, to further popularize the creators of those beautiful garments. Some people also wore dresses as a part of political or social propaganda, by writing messages on their designer dresses.  

The Paris Fashion Week 2021

The Paris Fashion Week 2021 was scheduled to be held on June 22–27, July 5–8, and September 27–October 5, 2021. Menswear, Haute Couture, and Womenswear were the categories in which dresses were displayed during these three sessions respectively. As Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world, the fashion exhibition held here is regarded with the highest importance. This famous fashion show was delayed due to the pandemic and finally started in the summer of this year. It is the exhibition that all fashion lovers look forward to, from where they can pick up the best fashion trends of this year. 

Fashion exhibition of 2022 as informed by Fashinza .

Fashion exhibition of 2022 as informed by Fashinza .

The Paris Fashion Week 2021 will be extended to 2022 as well. It is scheduled to be held on January 18–23, 2022 for the category of Menswear. Then it will continue from January 24–27 for displaying items of the category Haute Couture. This fashion exhibition will be again held on February 28–March 8, 2022, for the category of Womenswear. The exhibition will be again organized in summer to showcase Menswear items from June 21–28, 2022. The high-end fashion design of Haute Couture will be displayed during the exhibition held from July 3–7, 2022 in Paris. Lastly, Paris Fashion Week is again scheduled to be held on September 26–October 4, 2022, to display fashion items under the category of Womenswear. 

Though many people voice for a virtual fashion show, it is better to attend these upcoming fashion shows in person. Eminent fashion designers will be present with their amazing creations, providing a chance for customers to interact with them face-to-face. 33 luxury brands in the fashion industry will display their collections physically in these fashion exhibitions. So, it is a win-win situation for both fashion designers and common customers to attend such a fashion exhibition. However, a few reputed brands have also decided to participate virtually in this show and will display their products online.

The Paris Fashion Week will be held in multiple venues in this city. Hotel de la Marine located at Place de la Concorde, the Musee Rodin museum, the La Samaritaine department store, and the Bourse de Commerce contemporary art museum are the venues selected for this fashion show. All these iconic venues increase the interest of common people to visit these exhibitions, as it is an opportunity for them to be in such places. These fashion shows will boost the fame of Paris in the global fashion industry. 

Fashinza is the best platform that provides all the required benefits to fashion designers worldwide. It finds suppliers for dress materials very fast and even matches the quoted price as per the limited budget of new fashion designers. It is connected with more than 400 manufacturers of dress materials. Thus, fashion designers from different countries, like the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, UAE, India, and Singapore, are depending on the services offered by Fashinza. They are benefitted from its services of contacting manufacturers, getting the materials delivered in time, and checking the quality of products ordered online by fashion designers.

Therefore, new fashion designers now get plenty of chances to prove themselves in the fashion market, despite tough competition from reputed designers and famous fashion brands. So they look forward to attending such a fashion exhibition to showcase their best creations. 


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