2023 is going to be the year of Grunge 2.0

2023 is going to be the year of Grunge 2.0

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Summary: As far as fashion trends are concerned, 2022 witnessed the re-emergence of Boho, then Indie Sleaze made a gallant comeback and the timeless obsession with the 90s and Noughties continued. So what is in store for this New Year? Fashion brands better be ready as Grunge 2.0 is all set to find a glorious spot in the wardrobes.

Remember the nineties when song lyrics from Grunge artists always had the underlying theme of social isolation, anti-consumerism, and being misunderstood? For music aficionados, the baggy apparel with mismatched patterns and faded fabrics worn by the iconic couple Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is still a sight to behold. This essentially is Grunge fashion, which stands for on-the-edge living, carefree existence, and a somber attitude.

Many rock artists in that era, when they were starting out, saved money by shopping at thrift stores where the fashion of choice used to be flannel shirts and leather work boots. This kind of fashion style was used to give, an "I-am-not-even-trying" vibe and, at first,  was considered anti-fashion.

What is Grunge 2.0 in 2023?

Although the Grunge era got over, its timelessness is here to stay. It got a new definition in the nineties. Grunge 2.0 in 2023 is all set to bring in the same angsty spirit of the 90s grunge look, but there is polish being added. For instance, for the spring season, the plaid shirt would be in vogue, but not the borrowed-from-your-neighbor kind. It is going to be clean and crisp and will be fashioned from the thinnest leather. It is going to be the kind of apparel worn by Kate Moss in the recent Matthieu Blazy catwalk.

How can fashion brands incorporate Grunge 2.0 into their collections?

While at their drawing boards for designing Grunge 2.0 collection, fashion brands need to comprehend that whenever any trend re-emerges, they are not completely similar to the original style. The Grunge trend of the 90s was all about ripped denim, velvet, bandanas, beanies, plaid flannel, baggy sweaters, baby doll dress slips, and of course, ripped tights. Version 2.0 celebrates the inspiration of the 90s grunge look while embracing modern contemporary fashion. Ultimately, the grunge look is effortlessly cool, nonchalant, and casual.

Key style statements that brands can add to their collections

Roomier jeans

Roomier jeans

Fashion brands can start with a pair of jeans. They have to be faded, frayed, distressed, and pre-ripped. Alternatively, a vintage pair can be offered for a more authentic look. The comfortable baggy jeans are going to have an extended year in 2023.  Brands have to keep going back to the 90s grunge look for fashion inspiration.

Graphic tees

Graphic, as well as plain T-shirts, work very well for 90s grunge look-inspired collections. During the original grunge era, the trend was more inclined toward rocking a band T-shirt from concerts, and many people headed to these sorts of concerts to get a tour T-shirt. Even today, grunge-inspired graphic T-shirts are trending and brands can definitely add them to their collection.

Double-it-up Denim

Double-it-up Denim

Denim-on-denim is on its way to being the next "it" combo. The versatility that this combination offers to both designers and customers far outweighs the lack of novelty. It is no longer just about the standard jeans and a jacket labeled as Canadian Tuxedo. For the spring season, designers are skipping blue denim and are getting adventurous with colors like orange, yellow and green. Denim bralettes, corsets-up tops, maxi skirts, and miniskirts are all in offing.

Brace up for longer Jorts

Ultra-long, especially baggy, jorts became a defining trend for the summer of 2022. It was a common sight to see fashion girls dressing up in grandpa-esque style with heels and tube tops. Jorts have the potential to expand into something which is very versatile. For instance, slimmer long shorts in different fabrics, colors, and fabrics which can be worn with sneakers or business casuals should not be beyond the reach of a designer’s imagination.

The macho leather jacket

leather jacket

If there is one fashion element that gives out the rock star vibe with sure-footedness, it is undoubtedly the leather jacket. Leather jackets have remained timeless in their appeal. Not only they are warm and practical, but they go along with any outfit also. For a 90s grunge look-inspired collection, a leather jacket is a must-have.

Adding finesse to the grunge trend

Maximalism had been the mainstay for fashion brands for a while, but if recent trends over social media are to be taken as indicators, "back to basics" is making a strong comeback. Designers have to bear in mind that a staples boom is in the offing but it needs some tweaking to have the desired effect. Jeans should have standout details such as contrast stitching or cargo pockets to take them to dressier territories.

Fashion brands need to upgrade their staple offering as grunge is taking a new avatar in the year 2023. They need to visit their drawing boards keeping key elements of this fashion trend in mind. From denim-on-denim to the original arsenal of leather jackets, the entire range is going to trend. By adding a bit of polish to these fashion elements, brands can go for the kill and make their consumers happy.

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Key Takeaways

  • The grunge fashion of the 90s will be a major fashion trend in 2023
  • Brands can do well to add finesse to the trend for contemporary appeal

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